​Firstly we would like to welcome all of our new families that have recently joined us here at the Centre. We certainly hope that you enjoy your time here. I would like to remind you all that Wednesday the 16th August is the Exhibition Public Holiday and the Centre will be closed. 

Staff Changes

​We have made a few changes around the Centre and one of those changes was to place a permanent Assistant in the Pre-school 2 Room. Miss Maree will work alongside Miss Pedeta in the room as the new Assistant. As our Nursery Room numbers have grown significantly we are happy to announce Miss Chrystal will be re-joining us permanently in the Nursery as the Assistant.  Miss Hayley will commence maternity leave as of the 8th September, Miss Sharon will replace her until the end of the year. If you have any concerns please feel free to come and have a chat. 

Nursery Room News

A huge welcome to all the new children who have joined us recently. They have all settled very well and are enjoying their time in the Nursery Room. 

We would like to wish the following children a big Happy 1st Birthday.......Cruz, Evie and Hudson. Happy Birthday we certainly hope you have a wonderful day. 

Over the past few weeks the children were really curious when they were exploring sensory activities: finger painting, bubbles, sensory bottles and other textures. Lots of smiles were displayed as we explored these different textures. 

As your babies grow please remember that their daily food intake will change. Keeping this in mind please bring in sufficient food that will keep your baby going throughout the day. If you need suggestions for different food varieties please see the Educators in the room that are only to happy to assist you. You will also notice in the foyer area we have information available in the wire rack.

Miss Jasmine and Miss Ha

Toddler 1 News

We have finished our farm theme and we now working on our transport theme. Over the coming weeks our daily program will be based around transport. This will be incorporated through art, stories, songs and general play in and outside of the room. 

The children really enjoyed the biscuit decorating activity that we recently did. We had so much fun trying to spread the icing and eating the lollies before we put them onto the biscuits. I'm sure we have a few little master chefs in the making. 

At the moment we are spending quiet a bit of time outside so please remember to bring your child a hat each day they attend.

if you have any concerns please feel free to come and have a chat.

Miss Hayley and Miss Sein


​From everyone here at Jellybean Childcare we would like to congratulate Miss Shaileen on achieving 10 years of service. Please join us in congratulating Miss Shaileen on this fantastic achievement. 

10 years of service
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Bathing Babies

Hi all! We would like to start off by giving a warm welcome to Arian, Liyah, Hayden and Willow who have all started in Junior Kindy and are enjoying their time in their new room.

We have had lots of fun learning our colours, transport and looking after our baby dolls.

The children enjoyed learning their colours in many different ways, through song, colour books, flash cards and various colour activities – sticker matching activity.

From colours we have moved on to transport. Over the month of August we will be learning about the different types of transportation through books, songs, flash cards and art work. The children have enjoyed playing with the dump trucks in the sandpit and also incorporating cars and road signs into our playdough play.

Baby play has been a big interest for the children this past couple of weeks. We have all enjoyed caring for the babies by bathing them, feeding them, changing their nappies and putting them to sleep after a long busy day. We have also enjoyed turning some boxes into baby swings for the children to push while outside.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate in talking to myself or Carly.

Until next time,

Miss Steph and Miss Carly 

Our beach theme

Hello to our Kindy families. We would like to welcome Ethan, Chelsea and their families to our room. We hope you enjoy your time as much as Miss Aimee and myself do. Over the past few weeks the Kindy children have been looking at weather and the seasons of the year. The children have showed interest and enjoyment during weather yoga - swaying like trees, trickling like the rain and inhaling and exhaling like the wind. Making rainbows cupcakes was so much fun. We really enjoyed taste testing and mixing all the different ingredients into our own bowls. We all took turns pouring the mixture into the cupcake tins, after they were cooked in the oven we had a yummy treat for afternoon tea, they were so nice. The children happily engaged in group time as Miss Julie read from her IPAD. The children's favourite story was Peppa pig at the beach. To further extend on the story we had an outside day at the beach. We have been exploring our sensory and texture development through arts and craft making raindrop playdough, dot painting on Autumn leaves and snow science play. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our families for letting us enjoy the time we spend with your children. 

Miss Julie Miss Aimee

Stamping Numbers

Hi and welcome to another Preschool 2 newsletter, wow this year is passing us by quickly with your children learning many different skills and concepts in a variety of learning areas.
This involves play based learning activities that is not only programmed by myself but also incorporating the children's ideas and interests from home including parent input and those created during play with peers at Jellybean's.
They have access to a lot of educational resources and toys that foster fine motor, gross motor, problem solving and creative skills.
We are currently looking at the numbers 1 to 10 through counting, artwork, learning activities and games whilst also writing the numbers as part of our literacy concepts. You can help develop your child's counting skills at home. Some easy ways to do this is when setting the dinner table by counting out cutlery for all those present in the household or when grocery shopping counting individual pieces of fruit required for the week. These simple activities can promote your child's love for mathematics and help them develop relevant skills and concepts.

Once we have finished our number topic we will be looking at a variety of different ways we can express ourselves through art whilst using and revisiting past topics of colour scissor cutting, names and shapes.

Miss Pedeta and Miss Maree

Dot Paint Activity
Aboriginal Investigation Activity Table

How quickly has the time gone, we have been very busy in the preschool room.The children have enjoyed playing in the pizza shop.Through this they are learning literacy, social and maths skills as they take orders, payment for the order and turn taking as they wait to take on the different roles.

As well as this the children have also taken an interest in insects after finding ladybugs and moths in the playground.We have learnt about different insects and you can also see the artwork the children had fun creating hung up around the room.The children have also had access to a variety of books to learn about insects and even point out ones they have seen here or at home.

Last month we celebrated NAIDOC week were we introduced the children to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander culture.The children were shown a power point to introduce NAIDOC week and its meaning. They looked through books and completed a variety of artwork. The children were very interested in the table we had set up and they enjoyed looking at the Aboriginal symbols on the rocks and understanding the meanings.

Over the coming weeks we will start preparing for the Mini Picasso Art Show. I will be handing out the prepaid forms for parents interested in purchasing their child's artwork and attending the night to be held in late October. Just a quick note for parents unfamiliar with the art show the children complete 2 pieces of art which the parents can purchase prior to the show, and they are displayed for everyone to see on the night. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and see me.

Until next time

Carla, Alena, Carol, Zoe


Toddler 2 News

It has been a very busy couple of months following our gardening/healthy eating program.Firstly we planted some beautiful flowers which you can see on the fence near the shed also in the tyre near the sandpit. The children love watering them and looking at the different colours of the flowers.We also watched some potatoes grow then we planted them and hopefully we will have more potatoes one day.

We have been very creative using different foods to paint with instead of brushes.We painted with capsicum, apples, celery, potatoes, sweet potato and carrots.This was a great activity to help children identify the different foods while having fun painting with them.These are up around the room for you to look at.

We also collaged using leaves, used food stickers to stick on plates and made leaf prints in the playdough using real leaves.This was a very successful activity with everyone enjoying looking at the different patterns in the playdough.

The children had fun with our science activities, they put celery in different food colouring and within days the celery changed to the colours of the water.

They also put white flowers into food colouring and the same thing happened, turning the white flowers, red, blue and yellow.

We had a great time icing biscuits, the children used plastic knives and spread icing over their biscuits and then sprinkled coloured sprinkles over their biscuits.These were to be for afternoon tea but they were so yummy and inviting, everyone ate their biscuits after they iced them so Miss Veronica had to ice some more later for our afternoon tea.

At mat time we have been reading stories that revolve around food, flowers and gardening, the children have really enjoyed these stories as some have pull tabs and under these tabs are different pictures, they get excited to see what the picture is underneath the tabs.

The favourite is The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the different food it eats.We have been singing a butterfly song, also Wash Your Face in Orange Juice, which the children find extremely funny.We have food cards, to help children recognise and say the names of different fruits and vegetables.They have improved greatly since we began this at mat time.

Over the coming months, we will focus on learning about transport so keep an eye out for our transport theme.

Miss Veronica and Miss Cristina

Decorating Biscuits

Father's Day

​On the 1st September we will have a breakfast on the run to celebrate Father's Day. Breakfast will be available from 6.15am until 8.30am. Miss Margaret has been really busy dispersing the Father's Day Raffle Tickets out to the rooms, please return your tickets and money by the 31st August. 

Dates to Remember

Come dressed as your favourite Super Hero on Monday the 4th September

Early Childhood educator's Day is Wednesday the 6th September - Bring a plate to share

Pirate and Princess Day is Tuesday the 19th September - Rob the Pirate Show