July News!

Welcome to July's News! 

Wow! Who can believe it's nearly the end of July already, one must ask themselves where has this year gone!  Before we know it, we will be organising our end of year events - Graduation and Christmas Parties. Do you have any suggestions with either of these events, obviously if COVID has not gone anywhere we would need to ensure it is a COVID Safe Event? 

At Jellybeans we are always looking for feedback that can further enhance our relationships with our Families and Children, is there something that you would like to see Jellybean implement or incorporate? A special event or day? Has your child enjoyed a particular event we have done in the past and they would love to participate again? 

Due to the recent COVID restrictions we feel need to reach out and make us all feel alive again, so I certainly am looking forward to your thoughts and ideas. Let's make the remainder of 2021 at Jellybeans count! 

 QR Code and Mask!

QR Code!

 This is a quick reminder to ensure that you are using the QR Code and scanning in daily on your arrival at the Centre. If you have not yet downloaded the App, please ensure you do. From personal experience you can save your details so you don't need to add them each visit. A big thank you to everyone for their ongoing commitment with keeping us all safe and well, please continue to wear your mask until we get further direction from the Health Department. 

New Menu! 

We are eagerly awaiting the release of our new Centre Menu! This will be released the first week of August, so please keep an eye out on EDCUA for the updated Menu. The Menu alternates across 6 weeks and it caters for all Dietary Requirements. In the event that your child has a Dietary requirement or Allergy please ensure that you let us know so that this can be recorded. 

Educator News!

Thank you!

Please help me congratulate the following Educators on their years of service! 

Miss Alena has completed 7years with Jellybeans and Mr David 12.  

What an awesome achievement for both of these Educators! 

Jellybeans certainly appreciates the on-going commitment you both have given the Centre over the many years! Your personalities certainly bring quite a few laughs to the Centre!  

Centre Closed - Public Holiday! 

Brisbane Show Day!

The Centre will be closed on the following day due to the Public Holiday for the Brisbane Show!

We hope that you all enjoy your day off.

Wednesday - 11th August 2021 - Public Holiday  

Visitor's QR Code! 

Visitor's QR Code!

As we are moving forward and getting away from paper, we have designed our very own QR Code just for our visitors. Each visitor is requested to sign in when they arrive and sign out when they are departing. Once you open the QR Code using your Camera App you will be asked to fill in a few details, including the purpose of your visit. 

Happy Birthday! 

July's Birthday!

The following children and Educators have all celebrated their Birthdays during the month of July.

Valentena, Arya, Tegh, Aiden, Vivaan, Willow, Cruz, Ajooni, Aria, Elijah, Halle

Miss Shaileen and Miss Cristina  

Colds and Flu! 

Colds and Flu!

Just a friendly reminder that if your little one is suffering any cold and flu like symptoms, Jellybeans is not the place for them. 

When your little one is not feeling the best the best place for them is to be with Mum and Dad where they can get the extra snuggles and attention they need when feeling a little off.  

Prep 2022! 

Is your child starting Prep in 2022? Have you selected the School that they will be attending? If not now is the time to start the ball rolling. Please keep in mind that the majority of our local schools all have catchment zones, you will need to contact the School of your preference to ensure that your child is eligible to attend. 

Please let Miss Carla know which School you have decided on, so that when the local Schools contact us, we can share relevant information with them.