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June News

Welcome to our June News! 


Hello and welcome to our latest edition of Jellybean News! We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new families that have joined us over the past few weeks. We certainly hope that you enjoy your time here at Jellybeans. 

The Centre Photo Session was a huge success, the photos should be available to purchase over the coming weeks. Please keep an eye out for notices around the Centre for when they are available. Payment can be made by Credit Card or Cash. 

We are in the process of implementing some innovative ideas around the Centre and we need your input. Is there anything in particular that you would like to see around the Centre? Please share your thoughts. 

Henny Penny has arrived......If you are keen to re-home some of the chickens please let Miss Carla know. They will be available at the end of next week. 

Happy Birthday  

Happy Birthday!

Please join me in wishing the following Educators a very Happy Birthday! They have all celebrated their birthday in the month of June. Happy Birthday to you all, we certainly hope that you had a wonderful day!

Miss Stephanie     Miss Ha

Mr David            Miss Cristina  

Nursery 2 

Hello from Nursery 2.

Wow it is hard to believe that the first half of the year has gone. Firstly I would like to welcome Dante and Nicholas and their families to our room. Its great to see all the children meeting their individual milestones. All the Nursery 2 children are now walking and having a wonderful time exploring the room environment.

We have been doing some interesting art work to help celebrate Ramadan, Reconciliation Week and Astronomy week. These activities help the children to become aware of different cultures around us.

Dancing to Wiggles has become a popular activity along with using the musical instruments. The children create some great musical sounds using the instruments.

Duplo is a popular activity as well. The children become excited when they are able to successfully join the blocks together. They have a ball outside riding the bikes and red car and climbing in and out of the fort.

If you have any questions regarding your child please feel free to come and have a chat.

Until next time

Miss Margaret

Nursery 1 News  

Hello, all of our lovely parents and families!!

Here we are nearing half way through the year, how fast the year has gone. Time surely does fly!

We firstly would like to start off by giving a warm welcome to our new friend KiKiope and her family to our Nursery One room. We hope you enjoy your time with us.

We would like to say a big happy birthday to Evelyn, Summer and Lachlan who have turned one this month.

It is exciting to see some of our babies stand up and taking their first steps. We will be encouraging this skill by using the walkers whilst outside and holding educator's hand to walk to the bathroom.

In Home corner and with the babies, the children are learning to socialise and communicate with each other. Role play and imaginative play has been enjoyed by all of the children this past month.

Everyone enjoyed the wet and cold paint sensory activity. We painted using recycled material and the babies loved finger painting on the bubble wrap. It was such fun.

We have also been doing a lot of musical and movement activities in our Nursery room. We have continued to work with the children during our group times to do singing and dancing together on a daily basis.

Finally, I would like to remind you to name all of your child's belongings and since the weather is changing please bring a warm jacket or cardigan that we can put on and off during the day when needed.

Thank you for your ongoing support and take care.

Miss Jasmine and Miss Ruby

WOW where has this year gone I can not believe we are half way through already. We Have had so much fun in Toddler One exploring life on the farm with our farm theme in the room. From doing amazing art work with the different animals that live on the farm to getting messy with all different types of sensory play from making mud for our farm animals, playing with dinosaurs in rice and mixing food colouring with shaving cream. We have now finished with our farm theme and now will be doing a Dinosaur theme. We have had so much fun going out to the bigger yard and climbing up the fort and taking turns to go down  the slide. I would like to say a warm welcome to Kylian and his family who have recently joined us.

Please can you remember to name all of your child's belongings, this way it is easier for the staff to keep an eye on everyone's belongings to make sure they go home with the correct child.

If you have any questions about your child or the room please feel free to come have a chat. 

 Hi all and welcome to another newsletter for Toddler Two. It's crazy to think that we are already half way through the year. We would like to give a warm welcome to Chi, Ella, Giovanni, Eric, Ada and Alisha. We are all excited to have our new friends start in our room.

The children have really been enjoying group time each day. The children's favourite books to be read are lift-the-flap books. One book we read a lot is 'Dear Zoo'. The children enjoy seeing the different animals hiding behind each flap.

Over the past month, the children have had a caring nature towards the babies. Each day you can find the children feeding a babies, patting a baby to sleep and even changing the babies nappy. From this we have incorporated washing babies and doctor's play with the babies.

We have recently started our dinosaur theme. Over the coming weeks you will see the room transform into a dinosaur sanctuary. Over the last week have started to introduce different dinosaur experiences that the children have really enjoyed. We have a dinosaur sensory table set up. Everyday you can find the children there playing with the dinosaurs and moving them around the table. We have also planned play dough play with dinosaurs. The children really enjoyed stomping the dinosaurs through the play dough and creating the footprints of the dinosaurs in the play dough.

Until next time,

Miss Steph and Miss Nav 

Welcome to Junior Kindy June Newsletter. Where has the year gone,  I cannot believe we are half way through the year already. We have been very busy over the last month. We learnt about Ramadan which began on the 5th May. We listened to beautiful Ramadan music while making lanterns also painting the moon. The first day of Ramadan is traditionally marked by the sighting of the crescent moon and is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. At the end of Ramadan a three day celebration is enjoyed by all Muslims.

We read "Alpacas with Maracas" for National Simultaneous Storytime to promote reading in Children. Everyone across the Centre read this fun book at the same time to encourage children to enjoy reading. We celebrated Astronomy Day by painting astronaut pictures as well as making cookies in the shape of stars and the world. We ate them for afternoon tea.

While Miss Vicki was away enjoying her holidays, we had so much fun making different afternoon teas. We made tea cake, iced biscuits, buttered saos with butter, jam and vegemite also made pikelets. Then we were able to enjoy these for afternoon tea.

We celebrated National Sorry Day by painting a Sorry Day picture and discussed what the meaning behind this day is. National Sorry Day is an annual event that has been held in Australia on 26th May, since 1998, to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of the Country's Aboriginal People.

Due to so many children suffering from allergies these days, we celebrated Allergy week by discussing what foods/environment causes allergies. We also painted some pictures showing foods that cause allergies and how we can avoid them and what we can replace these foods with.

As everyone knows, the children planted Pansy seeds and enjoyed watering them and watching them grow. We were almost ready to plant them in our garden when Miss Veronica accidently left them in the sun which was not the best thing for them. To avoid disappointment of the children, Miss Veronica bought some violet plants which we planted and now we have some lovely plants to keep watering and waiting for flowers to appear. These are in the playground near the sandpit if you would like to have a look.

The children are improving so well with recognizing colours, shapes and counting. We have been practicing "choosing a friend and saying their name" to help with language skills and to say their friends names. This was hard in the beginning but the children are coming along extremely well with this activity.

Veronica and Shaileen

Hi and welcome to another Kindy newsletter.

The children have continued to be extremely busy this month as we come to the end of our Welcome to the Zoo unit as the children have been creating and learning about a variety of animals and their habitats.

From Monday we will begin to focus on Henny Penny activities that will help us understand more about the chicken's life cycle.

We are so excited about or educational experience of "Henny Penny" chicken hatching program where the children have experienced firsthand the life style of chickens. This has included looking at eggs in an incubator which hatched into chickens, the children have experienced live chickens emerging from their shells followed by the hatched chicks playing and feeding in a large brooding pen. What a great experience that allowed a little bit of the country to come to the city!
During this time we will be discussing the chickens life cycle and complete activities relevant to this while also creating artwork which also has a chicken feel so keep an eye out for your child's work around the room.
We also be encouraged and reminded the children to use their co-operation skills with their peers while waiting for their turn with the chickens as only small groups visited at a time as it become too stressful for the chickens if we had all the children wanting to see them at once.
A small group will also allow your child to get up close with the chickens and hold them.
Housekeeping - As the winter months are approaching could you please make sure that your child attends the service with a jumper and shoes so that they do not get a chill outside of a morning or afternoon and enough spare cloths if your child is toilet training Please don't forget to label these items with your child's name so that they can be returned.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child or the learning which is occurring within the room don't hesitate in talking to either Cristina or myself, we are here to help and work together with you and your child.
Until next time, Cheers!
Pedeta and Cristina

Welcome to the first month of Winter, we have been looking at our weather chart each morning and talking about what day it is, what month, season and the type of day we are going to have.

Shape recognition is coming along, the children are completing shape activities without any help.

Fantastic job to all.

As the year is coming along we are trying to think of more challenging activities to expose the children too, this will also help strengthen their development, if you have any ideas to share with us it would be great.

Scissor cutting has become a once a week activity, set on a different day each time so all children can enjoy the experience. This will build hand eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and how to safely hold the scissor.

The chickens are here the children are so excited, getting to hold a chick shows different feelings - feeling scared, not so sure and hand it over and let me squeeze 😊. When we visit the chicks the children are fascinated when watching the eggs in the incubator hatch and the other chicks run around the pen.

"They are so cute and fluffy." This is what I hear from the children the most.

Please remember extra clothes, a hat and a blanket for rest time and thank you for send your children to day care with socks on as it can be a bit cold for their feet without them.

Until next time take care.....Miss Julie and Miss Maree.

We can't believe it's June already, and we have been busy learning about transport (you can see some of the children's artwork on the wall), the children have also focused on their name writing and letter recognition .A few weeks ago, we received some new toys which the children have really enjoyed. The children have enjoyed the new wooden playground, fire station and barbies. Next week the chickens will be visiting the Centre and will be in our preschool room (the children are very excited). While the chickens are here, we will be taking care of them, learning about life cycles and farm life. To help the children develop an understanding of chickens we will look at posters, books and have class discussions. Finally, if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to come and see us.

Until next time,

Carla, Zoe, Alena and David



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