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June News

Welcome to our June Newsletter 

 Welcome to the latest edition of Jellybean News. One must ask where has this year gone? Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their prompt reply with the Childcare Subsidy Letters, hopefully the outstanding letters will come in over the coming days. If you have not yet received your letter please check your MyGov account. With the financial year lingering I would just like to remind everyone that your fees must be kept one week in advance at all times. If your Direct Debit bounces back for some reason please remember you will need to make this payment on your next day of attendance. Our Kindy Photos will be taken next week on Tuesday and Thursday, if you don't attend on these days please feel free to bring your child in so they can have their photo taken. Payments are made by cash or credit card once  you have viewed your child's photo. If you are in need of an extra day please let me know as we have a few spots across the week available at the moment. 

Pyjama Drive

Jellybean Childcare Centre would like to support the Pyjama Foundation with a basket full of new pyjamas for their Pyjama Drive. PJ's can be either winter or summer and range in sizes from 0000 up to and including adults. Please bring your donation in by the 30th June 2018 and place it in the basket located in the foyer. 

 Hello from Nursery 2

The year is flying by so fast and it is very exciting to watch the little ones progress so rapidly with their development and celebrate special moments with them.

It was sad to say goodbye to Leighton and Abigail who moved to Toddlers. I am sure they are enjoying their new rooms. We are very happy to welcome Louis to our room who moved from Nursery 1.

At the moment we are concentrating on helping the children further develop their fine and gross motor skills. This is achieved by encouraging them to do simple insert puzzles, stacking large pegs in peg boards doing drawings using crayons, textas and also doing a variety of paintings. For those children who are nearly walking we are encouraging them to use the walkers and those who are competent walkers they are having fun on the slippery slide, riding bikes and crawling/climbing through the tunnel/fort.

The children's language skills are starting to develop so we are encouraging this by reading stories and singing songs. Watch as our "Old Mac Donald had a Farm " display takes shape on the wall. This encourages the children to recognize and verbalize animal sounds as we sing and to name the animal.

Winter is finally here. As the days are quite warm please send some lighter weight clothes to change into during the day as the warmer winter clothing is to hot. We can put the warm clothing back on in afternoon as it cools down again.
Cheers from Miss Margaret and Miss Nittaya

Storage King Color In Competetion

Would you like to win this awesome Crayola Gift Pack? All you need to do is grab a color in sheet from the foyer, color it in and return it to the Centre with your child's name on it. Entries need to be returned by Friday 29th June 2018 for judging. We would like to say special thanks to Storage King @ Durack for the wonderful donation.  

Nursery 1 Room

Madeleine enjoying riding outside
Tent Play

 Hello, all our lovely parents and families!!

Wow, we are already half way through the year!!

Time surely does fly!

First of all, let us welcome our new friends Amelia and Ella and their families to our Nursery 1 room. We are thrilled to walk this amazing and meaningful learning journey altogether.

A Big HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Maddie and Connor on this June. We all hope you have fun and enjoy your special day!!!

Most of our older babies are displaying knowledge of routine and confidence with simple self-help skills such as holding their milk/water bottles, eating finger food by themselves and walking confidently to the bathroom without holding hands.

Our younger babies are showing their strengths in physical movement rolling over/ back, crawling around and standing by pulling themselves up using some furniture.

We also noticed that babies are really loving and enjoying our nursery rhymes and songs every day particularly, "Twinkle, twinkle, Baby shark, and Open shut them."

Just a little reminder, lastly, please label all your child's belongings and pack spare clothes, and warm jumper/coats for the chilly weather.

Please feel free to chat with either of us regarding your child and their progress.

Many thanks for your support and take care.

From Jasmine and Pam

Car Park Safety 

The safety of you and your family is very important to those of us here at Jellybeans, so I would like to remind everyone of the importance of car park safety. When using the car park please be vigilant in how fast you are travelling. Our car park is not a speedway. When reversing please be mindful of other cars, watch for children and families that are moving around the car park and open car doors. Finally when you are accompanying your child from the car to the front door, please hold their hand.

 Hello and welcome to the Toddler Room News. Firstly we would like to welcome all of our new families that have recently joined us. We hope that you guys enjoy your time here making special memories with your children. It's great to see the new things the Toddler's learn each day they come to the Centre. A special highlight this month was when Miss Sharon returned from her holidays and the children all ran up to hug her, such a special moment. Most of the Toddlers have been amazed by the chickens, although some are still a little reluctant to hold them. We all enjoy visiting the big room to visit the chickens. The Toddlers have also enjoyed visiting the big yard with the slide but in particular the animals that are in the gardens, they appear mesmerized by them. We would just like to remind everyone to place some warm clothes in their bag each day they come as its getting quiet cool now. If you have any concerns please feel free to come and have a chat. Until next time

Sharon, Sein, Carly and Maree  

This has been a very busy month for us in Junior Kindy. We have been learning our colors, shapes and counting and the children are doing very well.A way you can help with this, is when dressing in the morning, ask your child "what color clothes are you wearing?" On driving to Kindy, point out different shapes for them to see like the lights are circles ,signs can be square or rectangle as well you can count the cars as they pass, this is a fun way for your children to learn these things.

We had so much fun being gardeners, we put dirt into small pots then planted Calendula

flower seeds into the pots and watered them, they will start to sprout in about 10 to 14 days so we are so excited waiting to see the first plants to appear, every couple of days we are watering them to help them grow.When the plants are big enough, we will plant them in our garden bed in the playground and wait for the flowers to grow.We will keep you up to date with their progress.

We are very fortunate to have one of our families celebrating Ramadan and has been kind enough to share this with us to help us understand this celebration.The children painted lanterns which are hanging around the room as this is part of the celebrations also we have painted the moon which you can also see on our wall.While the children play, we listen to a beautiful song that is sung during this time.The following is information about Ramadan to help us understand this celebration.Thank you for our family for sharing this with us.

"Based on the verse from the Quran, we as Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan.As we follow the lunar calendar, the month of Ramadan begins and ends with the sighting of the new moon.For the entire month, we abstain from food and drink from dawn to sunset and try to increase in good actions like charity and helping the poor and needy.We also try to spend the night in prayer.Lanterns have no religious significance but have come to be symbolic of the festivities of Ramadan as it is also the time many families and communities gather to break the fast together.At the end of Ramadan, Muslims look for the new moon which marks the end of the fasting and the day of Eid which is a day of "feasting", communities and families coming together and the poor and needy should also be provided for."

We would like any other families that would like to share part of their culture with us, to let me know and we will incorporate this in our program.

We celebrated a wonderful Mother's Day with Mia's mum joining us for morning tea also doing a collage as well as having a picnic with the other children and their dolls.We celebrated Mia's third Birthday with a yummy cake thanks to Mia's mum.

The children had so much fun making swirling colours, we used milk, food colouring and dishwashing liquid, we put the milk and food colouring into a tray and the kids touched the food colouring with cotton buds dipped in dishwashing liquid and watched the colours come to life and swirl through the milk making so many pretty patterns.

Veronica and Shaileen

 Hi and welcome to another Kindy newsletter.

The children have continued to be extremely busy this month as we finished off our Dinosaur unit and started doing Henny Penny activities that will help us understand about the chicken's life cycle.

The children have all been really excited with the arrival of the chickens. Each day we venture up to the Pre-school Room to have a look at the chickens that have hatched and those that still remain in the incubator. What a great experience as this has allowed a little bit of the country to come to the city! When visiting the chickens the children have enhanced their turn taking skills by waiting patiently for their own turn to have a hold.

As it is now getting cooler please ensure your child has a jumper of cardigan in their bag in case they get cool in the afternoon.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child or the learning which is occurring within the room please don't hesitate in talking to either Cristina or myself, we are here to help and work together with you and your child.

Until next time, Cheers!

Pedeta and Cristina

 The last couple of weeks in Snr Kindy has been a great success!

The children have done a great job of adjusting to our daily routine, while we continue to review classroom rules and practice our indoor voices.

We continue to enhance our physical activity through yoga, and now the children now remind me which pose is next. This is awesome!

We have started to focus on 'what does my name start with' and extending our cognitive thinking when drawing 'discuss and breaking down' "what would you like to draw, what would you need to draw first".

The chickens are here and it has been an eventful experience so far. The emotions and excitement that the children display is cute and some what comical. We have been looking at and discussing the life cycle of a chicken and the children have really surprised me with their understanding and interest.

Just a small reminder could you please pack a number of spare clothes, a light blanket and socks as the cold weather is picking up.

Until next time

Julie and Stephanie 

Pre-School Children discussing the Farm Yard

 Hello again,

Well hasn't the year just passed us by so quickly, who can believe we are in June already. Since our last newsletter we have been busy little Pre-school children. We have learnt about Dental Hygiene and were lucky enough to have a visit from the local dentist. We also learnt and celebrated National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week. Another important day on the calendar was World Environment day. Again, for our Pre-school children to have a deeper understanding of these special events we had class discussions, looked through books or watched videos.

Henny Penny arrived this week and the children have enjoyed watching them hatch and run around in the cage. The arrival of the chickens has allowed for an increase in our verbal communication between the children, Educators and peers. While the chicks are here we will be learning about their life cycle along with other farm animals.

Finally, if you would like to take the chick's home please let us know by Wednesday 20th June.

Until next time

Miss Carla, Miss Alena and Miss Zoe 



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