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June Newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of Jellybean News! 

Wow! Who can believe it is mid June already, tax time is just around the corner! The year is passing by ever so fast. I hope that everyone is keeping well and that you have not been effected by COVID-19. We can only hope that with the recent changes life and restrictions being lifted that life will return to normal sooner rather than later. 

I would like to remind you all of the importance of maintaining our hygiene levels and restricting your child's attendance if they are unwell. If your child has any Flu like symptoms - runny nose, temperature, cough, rash they should not attend. By enforcing the restrictions we are maintaining a safe environment for your family and our Educators. I thank you all for your co-operation with this matter. 

When opening the main door to the Centre please remember to use the Pin Pad and enter the code you have been given that operates the door. All to often we are seeing families pull on the door and force it open. By doing this you are creating a potential hazard where you, your child or someone else could potentially get hurt. If you do not know the code please knock on the door and an Educator will assist you. 

When moving throughout the Service please ensure you close any door that you open and please do not let any child that is not your own accompany you into a room without an Educator. 

The Centre carpark is designed for all of our families to use when dropping off and picking up their children. When entering and exiting the Carpark please refrain from using excessive speed, be on the lookout for other moving vehicles and children and in particular car doors that are opening. Nothing is more scarier than trying to get your child in or out of your car and another vehicle tries to park right beside you, please lets all be a bit more cautious with our vehicles. 

Until next month.....Take Care 

Arrival Times! 

Arrival Times

For your child to benefit from the whole Program it is beneficial for them to arrive by 9am. This way they benefit from having some outside play before moving inside for Morning Tea. Quiet often we are seeing children arrive after 11am and this is causing the children to become upset as they are arriving around lunch and rest time. Any child that is not here at the Centre before 10am will be marked as absent. Please ensure that you use the KIOSK located in the foyer to sign your child in and out each day they attend. 

Educator News! 

The following Educators are celebrating their Birthdays in the month of June! Please join me in wishing them a very Happy Birthday! We hope you all have a wonderful day! 

Miss Stephanie - 18th

Miss Ha - 20th

Mr David - 22nd

Miss Cristina 24th 

Happy Birthday!


Do you have access to the EDUCA site? When you enrolled you would have been sent a link to the EDUCA site, please accept this link. On this site you will be able to access what your child has done during their day here at Jellybeans plus any observations, evaluations and extensions that the Educators have planned for your child. Please feel free to add comments and ask questions, this is a great way that we can interact and communicate with our families. You will be able to see any upcoming events on this site as well. 

Senior Kindy Fun!

Extra Days! 

We have had quiet a few families request extra days moving forward into the new financial year. If you are reducing your days once the FREE childcare period is over please let us know so these days can be allocated to those that are on our waitlist.  

Fun in the Sun!

Direct Debits! 

From the 13th July all payments will need to be made by Direct Debit, no other payment method will be available. All accounts are required to be in advance at all times, therefore if you are requesting fortnightly Direct Debits your account must reflect you being a fortnight in advance. Please double check the bank details we have in our system to ensure they are correct. Failure to pay your account will result in your enrolment being suspended.  

Room News!  

Due to Miss Hayley commencing Maternity Leave, we have made the decision to combine the two Toddler Rooms for the present time. Miss Stephanie, Miss Shaileen and Miss Ha are available if you have any concerns.  

Family Contact Details! 

Update your Personal Contact Details!

Have you recently moved house or changes your mobile number? If by chance you have please let me know so we can update your personal details in our system. It is vital that all of our contact details are correct and up to date at all times.  

Please double check your Email Address is correct as Statements are emailed weekly to the Email Address that is listed on the Account Holder. 

Lunch Boxes, Breakfast and Late Snacks! 

Anaphylaxis Info

For those of you that bring in any of the above mentioned items it is vital that you remember that here at Jellybeans we have children that are Anaphylaxis to particular food items. To ensure that we are keeping all of our children safe the following foods are deemed acceptable to be brought into the Centre:

Breakfast Cereal - This must not contain Eggs or Nuts


Sandwiches - No fillings that contain Eggs or Nuts 

Yoghurt  - Please refrain from chocolate flavoured ones 

Please refrain from sending any of the following items: Chips, Biscuits, McDonald's, Fruit Bars, Chocolates, Fruit Bars, LCM Bars and any item that contains egg or nuts. 



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