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June Newsletter - 2017


Firstly we would like to welcome all of our new families and friends that have recently joined us here at the Centre. We hope that you make wonderful new memories that you will look back on in many years to come. As the weather is quiet unpredictable at the moment and you never seem to know when it is going to change, please place a jumper in your child's bag each day they come. The weather has finally allowed us to get our Centre Photos taken and I must admit what I have seen looks amazing. For the children that have missed out Kevin the Photographer will be back on the 11th July between 7:30 and 9:30 to photograph the children we have missed. 

From everyone here at Jellybean Childcare we would like to wish Miss Sharon, Miss Stephanie and Miss Ha a very Happy Birthday! We hope that your day was surrounded by love, happiness and lots of laughter.


From everyone here at Jellybean Childcare we would like to say a big congratulations to Miss Vicki for achieving 10 years of continuous service! We certainly appreciate all of the time and effort that Miss Vicki puts in to make the magnificent meals she prepares daily. On that note if you have a favourite recipe that you would like to share please feel free to do so. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting meals to prepare for the children.  

Nursery Room News 

Can you believe it is already June, half way of the year!!! Time flies when you are having fun, and we sure have been lots of it!

We firstly would like to warm welcome our new friends Chelsea, Cruz, Hunter and Vivian who joined us in the Nursery.They are settling in very well. We also bid farewell to our friends Cooper, Esme and Lottie who moved up to the Toddler room, we will miss you!!

Over the past few months, we have seen so much learning and development from our babies. From crawling to walking, growing confidence and independence. Some are now able to use a sippy cup and put their drinks into the basket by themselves. Our children have really blossomed!!!

This month we were focusing on settling our group by building nurturing relationships and friendships with the educators and our friends.

We have also been doing a lot of musical activities and movement in our Nursery room. Our children seem to be very musical oriented as they are excited when we do singing and dancing together.

Thanks for your support, and take care.

Jasmine, Chrystal and Margaret.

Gecko from Revolution Learning

Firstly I just wanted to say that I can't believe that it's the middle of the year, where has the time gone? Secondly I wanted to introduce myself for those of you that don't know me my name is Carla and I have been the preschool teacher for the last few years. I'm looking forward to teaching playing and growing with your children over the next few months and getting them prepared for prep.

Over the past few weeks we have having been looking at the  letters s,a,t,I,p, n, we have used Jolly Phonics which incorporates a catchy song to help learn the letter sound. We have also looked at name writing, scissor cutting and number recognition. A quick-tip to help with letter recognition is when looking at books/catalogues is to point out letters that are familiar to your child e.g. the letters in their name.

We currently have the Henny Penny chickens in the room. The children have enjoyed watching them hatch and grow and learning about the life cycle. The children have looked at books, completed life cycle puzzle and posters to help with their understanding.The children have also been treated to a show recently by Melinda and Gecko (Revolution Learning) to teach the children about music, nature and storytelling.The children were shown a variety of instruments ranging from a didgeridoo to a hollow tree branch and shown how these items from nature can be used to make music. The children also participated in singing and dancing.

Finally, if you have any questions about your son/daughter please come and see me and we can arrange to have a chat.

Miss Carla, Miss Alena and Miss Carol

Gabriella, Caritas and Chloe admiring the baby chicken!

Firstly I would like to welcome Lottie from Nursery into our Toddler One Room. Lately we are learning our colours and animals at group time using flash cards.  The children are getting to know the different animals and the sounds they make.

We have really enjoyed the Henny Penny Chicken experience. Some of the children were a little reluctant to hold the chickens but we all really enjoyed looking at them. 

In Toddler one we are currently working on our farm theme. We have enjoyed painting and drawing the different animals and fruits and vegetables that belong on the farm. At group Time we read farm books  and love playing with the farm animals on the mat. 

If you have any questions at all please feel free to come and have a chat. 

From Miss Hayley and Miss Sein

Hayden patting the chicken
Andrea making the Chocolate Crackle Mixture

We would like to welcome Cooper, Esme and Locklan to Toddlers. I'm sure they are going to have a wonderful time with us as do all our toddlers.

The chickens arrived in the Preschool room last week. We have enjoyed going for walks to see them and have also enjoyed being able to hold them.

We have finished off our Under the Sea theme after reading some wonderful stories: The Shark who was Afraid of Everything, 10 Little Fish and singing new songs, like Slippery Fish and Five Little Fish.These counting books and songs are a great way to teach the children to count to 5 through reading and singing.

Our new theme is going to be about gardening/food and healthy eating, so we are reading stories about this and learning new songs.We will also be planting flowers and vegetables in the weeks to come. We had a fun cooking experience making chocolate crackles, these were delicious.

If anyone has any ideas they would like to contribute please do not hesitate to talk to myself or Cristina.


Miss Veronica and Miss Cristina 

Junior Kindy Children eagerly waiting for the volcano to erupt!
Keely helping Miss Stephanie stir the ingredients

Hello everyone! It's crazy to think we are half way through the year already! We have gotten up to some pretty exciting things this month.

Over this past month, we have enjoyed dress ups/role play, cooking as a group, being mini scientists and of course Henny Penny.

Dress ups and role play experiences have been a big part of the children's play this month. We have enjoyed dressing up as doctors, police officers and different personalities that our imaginations allow us to. We have also enjoyed cooking in home corner and using our role modelling skills when cooking.

We have enjoyed cooking various types of muffins, biscuits and also damper. We would like to invite our families to recommend any recipes you believe the children would enjoy cooking.

We all enjoyed being scientists this month and watching and wondering why things are happening. One of our favourite experiments to do was Apple Volcano's. Our favourite part of this experiment is when we pour the vinegar into the baking soda and watching the bubbles form and 'explode' like a volcano.

The children have really enjoyed visiting Henny Penny and getting to interact with the baby chicks each day. We all love sitting in a circle and letting the chicks explore and come to each child as they please. We have all loved learning the life cycle of the chicken and watching this process each day.

Until next time,

Miss Steph and Miss Carly J

Nathan holding a baby chicken
Helen with the baby chicken

The chickens have arrived and the children are really excited. We have been going on little walks up to the Pre-school Room to have a look, pat and a hold. We have witnessed lots of different emotions from the Kindy children. The children and educators have had the opportunity to engage in great discussions "They are small, yellow,brown, black, soft and fuffy, Chickens make a "cheep cheep" noise. We have been taking lots of photos and doing learning activities to really embrace the experience. For the last few weeks we have been exploring the world of insects and bugs. Children really enjoy discovering different visuals around the room and outside while looking through magnifying glasses. Our science table has lots of different insect and bug books as well as plastic insects in containers to look at. We have been singing songs, reading books and enjoying the art activities throughout the day. A big welcome back to Miss Aimee as she comes back from Maternity leave on the 26th June. Even though Miss Nittaya will still be assisting us in the room during the day we would like to say a special thanks to her for the time she has spent with us while Miss Aimee has been on leave.

Miss Julie and Miss Nittaya

Wow we have all been thrilled the last couple of weeks to experience "Henny Penny" chicken hatching program, where the children have experienced first hand the life style of a chicken. This has included looking at eggs in an incubator which hatched into chickens, the children have experienced live chickens emerging from their shells, followed by the hatched chicks playing and feeding in a large brooding pen and experiencing what it's like to touch a chicken. What a great experience that allowed a little bit of the country to come to the city!

During this time, we discussed the chicken's life cycle and completed activities relevant to this while also creating artwork which also has a chicken feel, so keep an eye out for your child's work around the room.

This also allowed us time to encourage and remind the children to use their co-operation skills with their peers while waiting for their turn with the chickens, as only small groups visited at a time as it becomes too stressful for the chickens if we had all the children wanting to see them at once. The small group has allowed your child to get up close with the chickens and hold them.

The children have continued to be extremely busy within the room developing their hand dominance and pencil grips through writing. This is done when writing their name and the letter of the week which is also the letter or phonic, both alphabet and name recognition is coming together quite nicely.

These skills and concepts are developed through play and structured activities along with learning colour, number, shape and scissor practice. This will continue to be our main focus throughout this month as practice makes perfect and it allows the children to develop the necessary skills to move into the Pre-School room next year.

Housekeeping - As the winter months are approaching could you please make sure that your child attends the service with a jumper and shoes so that they do not get a chill outside of a morning or afternoon. 

We still have some children not bringing in sheets for rest period, drink bottles or hats for throughout the day, this does make your child upset when they discover that they do not have the appropriate belongings needed for the day.

Also when placing your child's bags into the lockers please get your child to place their name on it, this is to help your child recognise their own belongings and name. We ask this as part of a self-help skill for your child in recognising their name which also helps when doing different daily activities in the room. Please encourage this self-help skill when coming into the room as the children enjoy seeing their own name, as it allows them to feel important and loved.

Don't forget that if you have any questions or concerns about your child or the learning which is occurring within the room don't hesitate in talking to either Teresa, Alena or myself, we are here to help and work together with you and your child.

Until next time, Cheers!

Pedeta, Teresa and Alena



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