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November News

Welcome to our latest edition of Jellybean News!  

Who can possibly believe Christmas is only 5 weeks away! One must ask where has the year gone? Here at Jellybeans we have celebrated our 12th Birthday, revamped our rooms with new equipment and shelving, seen families depart and new ones enroll but most importantly we have had the pleasure of watching your little ones grow! From everyone at Jellybeans we can't thank you enough for entrusting us to care for your precious ones. 

I have a few house keeping items that need to be addressed - Booking Forms for 2020 have you returned your form? I have new families that are wanting to start and we need to ensure that we do not over book, so please if you have not returned your Booking Form for 2020 please do so immediately otherwise your may not have a confirmed spot in 2020. Are you taking holidays over the Christmas period? If so please let me know ASAP so we can confirm our holidays for our Educators over this period. Have you returned your RSVP to the children's Christmas Party? If you are unsure please come and have a chat and we can check the list of returned RSVP's. 

Over the last few weeks we have noticed parents pulling or pushing the front Centre doors open. The front door has a pin code access and a release button on the inside, please use these items to release the door. For safety reasons please do not pull or push the door open as you may cause injury to yourselves or your children. If you are struggling with how the door operates please see an Educator who will kindly show you how to operate it. Please do not let your children play with the pin pad as it sets of the Centre alarm when the code is entered incorrectly. 

Pre-School Pint Sized Picasso  

Pint Sized Picaso

​Well our Pre-school Children didn't hold back with their creative master pieces this year! The children did an amazing job utilizing their creative talents to creative amazing pieces of art, pieces you will look back on in many years to come and reminisce about your Jellybean Days. A special thanks must be mentioned to the Pre-school Educators who once again have gone far and beyond to make this event the huge success it was.  

Our Amazing Masterpieces!

Pre-School Equipment Shed! 

I don't know who was more excited about this job being completed Miss Cindy or the Pre-School children, we now have a shed to store all of our outside equipment in. 

Pre-School Storage Shed

Toddler Cubby House 

Wow! The Toddlers are certainly impressed with their new Cubby House. Special thanks to the men from the Forest Lake's Men's Shed for the awesome job they did in building it. We are sure there will be lots of special memories formed amongst the Toddlers as they utilize it. 

Special Thanks to the Men's Shed @ Forest Lake

Car Park Make Over! 

How amazing does the car park look now that it has had a make over! We have lines again that are now visible! Special thanks to Rob from Briscoat Painting for the fantastic job he did! If you are in need of a Painter look Rob up on his business page no job is to big or too small. 

Car Park Make Over

 Happy Birthday!

Please join me in wishing Miss Jasmine, Miss Sein and Miss Ruby a very Happy Birthday! These amazing ladies all celebrated their Birthday in the month of November. We hope that you all had an amazing day celebrating, making special lasting memories with those that love you dearly. Happy Birthday!  



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