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October News


Charlotte and her mum
Woolworths Excursion

Welcome to our latest edition of Jellybean News! We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new families that have recently joined us. We certainly hope that you enjoy your time here with us. Last week we enjoyed our Pre-School Pint Sized Picasso. A big thank you must be extended to the Room Educators for their on going commitment in making this event the success it is. So thank you! The Pre-school children also had the opportunity to participate in our very first excursion in all of our years of being opened. This again was a huge success with the Pre-school Children announcing this was their best day at Jellybeans! Special thanks to Dayne's mum Melissa for being a special helper on the day. The children should all be extremely proud of themselves as they were extremely well behaved. 

Nursery 2 News 

Reading Time

Welcome to Nursery 2 news. First of all I would like to let you all know that I will be away on leave from the 15th October until the 30th October. During my absence Miss Pam will assist Miss Nittaya in the room. If you have any concerns while I am away please see Miss Cindy. For those of you that have a little one that is 15 months or older and are eager for them to transition up to our Toddler Rooms please let Miss Cindy know so we can commence their transition. Please remember that your child needs a hat if they are transitioning as the Toddlers play outside during the day. 

Miss Margaret and Miss Nittaya 

Nursery 1 News  

Miss Ruby is assisting Iris as she paints

 Hello all, Spring is now well under way!!!

We firstly would like to send a huge welcome to our new friends Chiandrea, Keenan, Amarni and Johnathan who joined us recently. They are all settling in well and experiencing the comfort of Nursery 1.

We would like to say a big Happy birthday to Lola who turns one this month.

We have been busy doing various in/outdoor experiments and activities. One of the most exciting outdoor activities is Blowing Bubbles. The babies love watching the bubbles float by, some even reach out to try and grasp them.

The babies are enjoying the different music that is played throughout the day especially the wiggles.

If you have some free time please feel free to come in and spend some time with us in the Nursery. We always look forward to spending time with our families.

Nursery 1 room would like to wish all our parents and families have lots of fun and Happy Halloween.

Many thanks for your support and take care.

Jasmine and Ruby

Christmas Raffle 

Over the coming weeks our donation trolley will be placed in the foyer for our annual Christmas Raffle. When placing food items in the trolley please be vigilant of the use by date. Do you know anyone in need this Christmas.....If so please let Miss Cindy know as we are looking at ways to give back to the community.  

Chalk Board Drawing

Welcome to Toddler 1 News with Miss Sharon, Miss Sein and the Toddlers. 

As we look back on the development of your children Sein and myself are amazed at how far they have come. From being babies to talking toddlers and confident children.

At the moment we are exploring Halloween concepts through artwork, felt stories and a few songs. Cars and trucks are a huge interest. We are exposing the children to the properties of water as it has been a little warmer. All of the children are engaging themselves in activities and  seeking out their own interests as well.

As always if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child please do not hesitate to contact Miss Sein or myself at any time.

Yours in care

Miss Sharon and Miss Sein

Story Time

Hello and welcome to October's newsletter. The last couple of weeks have been crazy with all the learning that has been happening. We have been looking into different themes including:  Spring, under the sea, on the farm and are now looking into Dear Zoo. This is a book the children have really enjoyed in the last week. Each day during group time we have been focusing on speaking. We are encouraging children to use their words. Halloween is fast approaching and we have been having lots of fun decorating different artwork and also decorating our room with some Halloween decor. Just a quick reminder to please ensure your child's dummy has a container and their milk bottle has a lid. We hope you have a wonderful week and if you have any concerns or questions please come and see myself.

Miss Carly & Miss Maree. 

Halloween Craft

Wow I cannot believe we are half way through October and the warm weather has finally arrived. Just a reminder to Parents to please ensure your child has a hat that fits, as our Sun Safe Policy requires all children to wear a hat during outside play.

We have been building on our fine motor, hand/eye co-ordination and pencil grip by tracing over laminated sheets with zigzag, wiggly and straight lines on the paper. The children really enjoy this activity and are progressing well with their tracing.

We pretended to be chefs and made our own afternoon tea this week. We made chocolate crackles and everyone enjoyed learning about measurements, counting and mixing but we especially enjoyed eating them.

Your children had fun pretending to milk a cow, we put milk into a rubber glove and they were able to pull on the fingers and watch the milk squirt out as if milking the cow.

Our plants are growing well, they are so green but unfortunately no flowers yet. Under the soil we have worms from the worm farm and everyone loves when Miss Veronica digs them up so we can look at them also once a week we save leftover fruit from morning tea and put it in the garden for the worms to eat.

Our room is looking very colorful with all the beautiful spring artwork your children have been participating in. Please feel free when you pick up your child or drop them off, to walk around the room and check out all the fantastic art work.

If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact Miss Shaileen or myself.  

Miss Veronica and Miss Shaileen

Eva with a Petunia

 Hi and welcome to another Kindy newsletter. Time is flying fast and we will be soon approaching Christmas.

We have just finished our theme of Spring which the children have really enjoyed.  We discussed how plants grow and had the opportunity to plant some as well.

Our Petunia plants are in the planter boxes along the fence outside in the yard and our grass heads on the window sill. Please take some time and have a look at  our photo wall to see your child enjoying the experience.

We are now leading into Halloween with the room turning spooky and then Christmas to follow, which will be very exciting for all.

Before I sign off just to remind you all that if your child is toileting to please ensure there are enough spare cloths and underwear for accidents as we have a limited amount of spare clothes available to us.

And if your child is in nappies to please bring 5 or 6 per day.

Until next time cheers

Miss Pedeta and Miss Cristina 

​Over the past few weeks we have been busy learning the different letters that make up our names. To further enhance our letter recognition skills we have been tracing the different letters. Next time you are in please have a look around at the letter activities on display around the room. Miss Julie and Miss Stephanie have been assisting us with our pencil grip and the correct way to hold the pencil. Most of us are now showing dominance with the particular hand we hold our pencil with. At home you can further help by encouraging your child to trace and color daily. Over the coming weeks some of the children will get the opportunity to spend some time in the Pre-School Room getting to know the Educators and room routine for next year. If you have any spare time please feel free to come and spend some time in the Senior Kindy Room.

Miss Julie and Miss Stephanie 

Krystal and her Family at our Pint Sized Picasso

 Hello again,

We have been busy little bees since our last newsletter. The children have worked hard on their Picasso Artworks. The Picasso Art Exhibition was a huge success. I would like to say thank you to the families who came out despite the rain to support this event and a big thank you to the Jellybean Staff who helped out on the night. Parents who were unable to attend can now collect their child's artwork, please see myself, Alena or Zoe.

The children have also learnt about healthy food choices. We went on an excursion to Woolworths where the children were shown around the store and able to make their own fruit kebabs. Overall I believe the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Thank you to Melissa for taking the time to help us out on the day.

Finally, in order to prepare the children for school we will be having lunchbox days in November. This will be one day a week over Five weeks. I will put up a poster on our door with the dates clearly specified. Parents will also need to supply an ice brick with their child's lunchbox and ensure no nuts are included (we are a nut free centre). If you have any questions about the lunchbox days please do not hesitate to come and have a chat.

Until next time

Miss Carla, Miss Alena and Miss Zoe



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