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October News

Hello and Welcome to Jellybeans Childcare News!  

Wow! This year is certainly passing us by, who can believe it is almost the end of October. Christmas will be here before we know it! We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new families that have recently joined us, we certainly hope that you enjoy your time with us. 

I would just like to remind everyone of the importance of maintaining their account, if for some reason your Direct Debit declines you will incur a Dishonor Fee from Debit Success and you will be required to make a payment prior to your child staying. Failure to maintain your account may result in your child's position here at the Centre being Suspended or Cancelled. 

When using the Centre Carpark please be vigilant when entering and existing, please ensure you are not driving with excessive speed. A part of being courteous to others includes watching for car doors that are open when you are trying to park. If a car door is ajar please be patient and wait opposed to driving into the park. We all need to be extra vigilant and keep our families safe. Our open Educators have noticed a huge amount of litter that is being left in the Carpark, please help us keep Jellybeans clean and place your litter in the bins provided. 

Have you recently moved house or changed your contact details? If this applies to you please let me know immediately so we can update your details in the computer system. 

Family Portraits are booked again for November 2019! If you are keen for and updated portrait please see Cindy for booking information.


2020 Booking Forms 

 Our Booking Forms for 2020 were all emailed out last week, if you have not received this email please let me know so we can get a Booking Form Printed for you. On this form you will see it has the following sections that need to be filled out: Your preferred days for 2020, Holidays you are taking over the Christmas and New Year Period, and if you are ending care. Please ensure all of these sections are filled out that apply to your families situation. These forms need to be returned by Friday the 1st November 2019. 

2020 Booking Form!

 Front Door Security 

As most of you are aware our Front Door has a security code that needs to be entered for the Door to open. Please enter this code prior to pulling on the door. We have noticed several people yanking on the door to make it open, please do not do this as it will damage the door, and we don't want anyone sustaining an injury. If you are having difficulties with the door please see an Educator for assistance.  

Pin Code Access

Nursery 1 Room  

Hello to all our lovely parents and families!!

With spring in the air, it has been our focus to enjoy more outdoor play.

Welcome to all of our new children who have joined us recently. They are all settling in well and are getting more comfortable in Nursery One.

We would like to say a big Happy Birthday to our one-year- old Sootaga in October. It is so sad but exciting to see our little friends grow older.

We have been busy doing lots of different varieties of in and outdoor experiments and activities. The babies absolutely love going out to the Nursery yard and crawling, walking and running around. They all love to show their improved skills and physical abilities. They also love playing with the bubbles, it is so much fun. 

Singing and dancing with music is the best group time activities for babies. When we are listening to the Wiggles, we all start dancing. The children love songs and playing with the musical instruments especially while dancing together.

Over the next few weeks, we are planning to continue Halloween arts and crafts activities. We will be decorating some pumpkins, spiders, bats through painting and crafts using a variety of materials.

Nursery One room would like to wish all of our parents and families a Happy Halloween.

Thank you for entrusting your little ones into our care.

Miss Jasmine and Miss Ruby

Our Day in Nursery 1

Thank you! 

​I would like to extend a warm thanks to everyone that contributed towards our Water Donation plus the Care Packages for the Soldiers. Over the coming days we will drop the donations off at the required drop off points. 

Working with Community Organisations!

 Graduation Photos 

These photos will be available to purchase over the coming weeks. Usually we disperse the Graduation Photos and take payment on Graduation Night however this year we will be taking payment prior to the night. As soon as the photos have been delivered we will place a sign on the Pre-school Room Door to notify you. Photos will not be available to purchase on Graduation Night. 


It is vital that you sign your child in and out each day they attend the service, particularly if you are on set hours. Failure to sign your child in or out may result in an extra fee being added to your account, due to the hours that are recorded. If you have not been set up with your own access code for the KIOSK please see Cindy or Margaret as soon as possible, please do not use another person's log in details to log a child in or out. The Kiosk registers the individual who has dropped off or picked up when you log in or out. If you have forgotten your pin please see Cindy or Margaret to reset it. 

Signing In and Out Daily is Important!

Nursery 2 Room 

 Hello everyone. Welcome to another month in Nursery 2, .We would like to extend a warm welcome to Roger and Mario and their families. A big hello must also be extended to  Summer and Isaac who are joining us from Nursery 1.

As most of the children in our room are 15 months or more we will be focusing more on developing their self help skills and preparing them for when they more to the Toddler Rooms. This will include washing hands, spooning feeding themselves and holding their own bottles. I will also be encouraging the children to sit on chairs at the table for meals instead of using the high chairs. We will also be visiting the Toddler Yard for a play so could you please send along a hat and shoes. Can you also please send along a drink bottle or sippy cup. 

Our focus in our room at the moment is playing together, using gentle hands with our friends and practicing turn taking. I understand that this can be difficult for this age group but I am sure with lots of encouragement we will meet our goal.

Some of the activities the children are enjoying at the moment is role playing in home corner. We enjoy using all of the cooking utensils and pretending to cook up a storm. Baby dolls and the prams are also popular. We also enjoy looking at a variety of books and stacking the duplo blocks. Everyone enjoys doing paintings. This sometimes can be messy but it is fun. Outside we enjoy riding the bikes, pushing ourselves around in the cars and playing with the balls. Catching bubbles is also fun.

Reminder: Please remember to name all your belongings.

Until next time

Miss Margaret and Miss Nittaya 

Nursery 2 Activities

Welcome to Toddler One.

I hope you are all enjoying your time with us, I know myself and Miss Sein are having a ball. The year is certainly passing us by.

This month has been so much fun, we have been extremely busy doing cooking experiences: making playdough, damper, cupcakes, and cookies. All of the children loved getting involved with cooking, they enjoyed helping measure, pour and mix all of the ingredients together. Best of all they all loved eating the final products.

We have also focused on messy and sensory play which we all loved. We have made some blue goop which the children loved picking it up and watching it turn into putty and melt out of their hands. We also played with the dinosaurs in the shaving cream, which we loved stomping the dinosaurs around watching them make foot prints. We also made some moon sand which was great to play with as it holds it form. We made some great sand castles that the children loved smashing with their hands. We also had a blast getting wet with the water trough and driving the boats around in our green water.

During October we will be focusing on Halloween and making some great art activities to hang around our room. At group time we will be trying to focus on our colours as well as reading our books.

Please remember to pack your child a hat as we love to play outside and we wouldn't want your child to get burnt.

Miss Hayley and Miss Sein 

Toddler 1 Fun

Hi all and welcome to another newsletter from Toddler Two. It's crazy to think that Christmas is just around the corner. We would like to give a warm welcome to Tina and Dianna who have recently started in our room.They have settled in well and we have enjoyed getting to know them over the past month.

With Halloween just around the corner, we have started to celebrate it through artwork and activities. We have done hand print painting to spell out the word boo and have done Halloween stamping. Over the next week, we will also program playdough play, Halloween collage and sensory play.

Mirror play has been a favourite activity for the children of the past month. They have enjoyed looking into the mirror and recognising themselves and their peers and making funny faces. Mirror play leads into the peer flash cards. These have become a favourite again at group time. The children have enjoyed recognising themselves and them peers and learning their peers name through this activity.

With the warmer weather approaching, we will be programming water play. We have the trough outside which the children have enjoyed playing with and exploring with trial and error with the funnels and measuring spoons. This is a friendly reminder to pack weather appropriate spare clothes for your children each day.

Until Next Time,

Miss Steph and Miss Nav 

Toddler 2 Room

Welcome to the Junior Kindy October Newsletter. We would like to welcome our new friend Jake to our room. We cannot believe how fast the end of the year is approaching. Everyone has settled in well and are ready to move onto the next stage of their development. 

Everyone had a great time dressing up for Pirate and Princess day. They all looked wonderful. The children enjoyed colouring in Pirate and Princess pictures which are hanging up in the room for you to see. We celebrated the beginning of spring with everyone painting and colouring in bees and flowers to make the room look colourful. We read books about Spring and sang Spring songs.

We are currently painting and collaging artwork to get ready for Halloween 🎃. The room has been decorated with Halloween Decorations. Don't forget to dress up on October 31st in your scariest costumes.

Our flower garden is still looking beautiful and the worms are getting very fat with the help of all the children by watering and feeding them.

The children enjoyed our cooking activity where we made pancakes. Everyone did a great job putting in the ingredients and stirring the mixture. The best part was eating them for afternoon tea.

We are very impressed with how well everyone has learnt their colours, shapes, can say their friends names due to the repetition of these activities.

Miss Veronica and Miss Shaileen 

Junior Kindy Fun

 Hi and welcome to another kindy newsletter, time is flying by fast and we will be soon approaching Christmas festivities.

We have just finished our theme of Spring which the children have really enjoyed as we discussed how plants grow and enjoyed doing various art works around the topic.

We are now doing some Halloween activities with the room slowly turning from Spring to being haunted with spiders and spooky works of art covering our walls. The children are loving the new Halloween books and felt board songs which we look at during group time.

Once we finish with our Halloween theme, we will do some art and craft activities that will lead us into Christmas, this will be very exciting for all of us.

Before I sign off I would like to remind you to keep a jumper in your child's bag in case it turns cold outside in the afternoon. If your child is toileting please ensure there are enough spare clothes and underwear in the event of any accidents they may have.

If your child is in nappies please bring 5 or 6 per day.

Until next time cheers

Miss Pedeta and Miss Cristina 

Kindy Room Fun
Fun Times in Senior Kindy

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The children are very busy now completing Halloween activities and soon we will move onto Christmas activities.The children are also working on number recognition, we will also work on our name and cutting skills over the following weeks.As the year draws to a close there are some important dates for the preschool children, so please continue to read our notice board.Some key dates are as follows:

  • Preschool Art Show Friday 8th November
  • Lunchbox days begin on Monday 4th November
  • Preschool Graduation Friday 14th December

Finally, I have placed some cutting and tracing sheets on the table outside of the preschool room, please feel free to take some to complete at home.Please feel free to come and have a chat if you have questions.

Miss Carla, Miss Alena, Mr David and Miss Julie 

A day with the Pre-school Children


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