October News

Hello and Welcome to October's News! 

Firstly lets extend a warm hello to all of our new families that have recently joined us over the past few weeks. We certainly hope that you enjoy your time here with us at Jellybeans.

Just a quick note to let you all know, the main door now has been activated for our families to come and go from the Centre as they please. Each family has been issued with a door code, please use this to open the door. Please do not pull the door open, as this will damage the door but could potentially cause a serious injury. 

Direct Debits are deducted Weekly or Fortnightly as per your Enrolment Agreement. In the event that your Direct Debit declines, a payment will be required prior to you being able to drop your child off at the Centre. Please ensure the Bank Details we have on file are up to date at all times.   

Have you recently moved house, changed your mobile number or email address? These details need to be current and up to date at all times. Please let Cindy know if anything has changed. 

 Booking Forms for 2021!

These forms were recently emailed out! If you have not yet received your Booking Form please let me know so we can double check your email address. It is vital that we get these back by the end of October so we can confirm bookings for 2021. 

In the event you are terminating you are required to complete a Termination Form, please collet this from the Office Area.  

Dress Up Dates! 

30th October - Halloween 

3rd November - Melbourne Cup

5th November - Book Week Dress Up  

Centre Meals!  

Over the past week or two I have had a chat with the majority of our families about bringing food into the Centre. As mentioned part of our Food Safety Plan we are required to track all food that is brought onto the premises, hence my follow up on lunch boxes etc. 

As a Centre to ensure we are following the appropriate guidelines we have taken a stance and the only food that will be allowed into the Centre will be the food our Nursery children require each day they attend and that which is purchased through our online shopping which Miss Vicki uses in the Centre Kitchen. By doing this we will be able to minimise any exposure to children with food allergies. 

Whilst I do understand that some of your children may be a little picky when it comes to certain food I give you the reassurance that Miss Vicki's food looks and tastes delicious and no child will go without eating, there is always some alternative. 

Educator News! 

This is a quick note to let all of our families in Junior Kindy know that Miss Veronica is on Leave at the moment due to being unwell. We are unsure at the present time, of when she will be returning to Jellybeans however from everyone here at Jellybeans we wish her a speedy and quick recovery. We can't wait to see you back at the Centre. 

In the meantime Miss Trang has stepped up and taken the lead in the room with Miss Cristina, Miss Lucia and Miss Teresa assisting on alternative days. 

Recently Miss Naila and Miss Martha have joined the Jellybean Team, both of these ladies have their Diploma in Children Services. If you see them around please introduce yourself and say hi. It is great to see the diverse range of Educators we have working together at Jellybeans. 

Children's Christmas Party!  

Save the Date! We have booked Inflatable World at Darra for our Annual Children's Christmas Party. Inflatable World has a COVID Safe Plan in place to keep everyone safe and secure. 

Christmas slips will be available shortly, please complete this and return them ASAP so we can confirm our final numbers. 12th December is the Date to Save!

Miss Cindy is starting to organise our Monster Raffle, if you are keen to donate please place your donations in the trolley that is located in the foyer. 

Centre Photo's!

These should be available within the coming weeks. Payment can be made by Cash or Credit Card. Photos will be available for viewing in the mornings once we receive them. Graduation Photo's will also be available for purchase over the coming weeks.  

Bottle Register

Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the Bottle Register that has been uploaded onto EDUCA. To coincide with our Food Safety Plan the following needs to be implemented.

Each day your child brings a bottle it needs to be registered on our Bottle Register. Every bottle must be clearly labelled with your child's name and the date the bottle was made. Parents are required to give their child's bottle to an Educator on arrival so that a visible inspection and the required documentation can be completed.

Formula bottles that are not pre-made do not need to be lodged on the bottle register.

 If you have any questions please feel free to come and have a chat.