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October News

Welcome to our latest edition of Jellybean News

First of all we would like to welcome all of our new friends and their families to our Centre. We certainly hope that you enjoy your time with us. Booking Forms for 2018 have been handed out and these need to be returned by Friday 20th.October. If you are looking for extra days in 2018 please ensure you add this to the Booking Form. As the holiday season is fast approaching please let us know if you are planning on taking holidays during December and January so we can start allocating leave over the festive period for our Educators. 

Christmas Raffle

First Prize - Christmas Raffle

Our Christmas Trolley will be decorated and placed in the foyer over the coming weeks all eager for your donations for our Christmas Raffle. Donations can be toys, books, toiletries, scented candles and simply anything that is not perishable. First Prize this year is a Webber Q and you could win this by purchasing just one have to be in it to win it!

Nursery 1 News

Hello all, spring is now well under way!!!

Welcome to all the new children who have joined us recently. They are all settling in well and enjoying their experiences in the Nursery.

We firstly would like to inform you that the Nursery 2 Room has officially re-opened as we have been inundated with lots of new babies. Miss Margaret and Miss Nittaya will be the Educators in Nursery 2. 

In the past month the weather has greatly improved and we've been able to venture outside!!! The babies absolutely love going out to the veranda. The are enjoying being able to crawl, walk and run around. The bigger babies are also enjoying the social aspect of engaging with the Toddlers through the fence, some are very eager to try and get through the fence. 

This month we are planning to do lots of Halloween arts and crafts activities. The children will have the opportunity to make a pumpkin, spider, bats painting and crafts using variety of materials.

Just a little reminder,  please label all your child's belongs including milk bottles, formula containers, water bottles and please be sure to pack spare clothes for your child. 

Many thanks for your support 

Miss Jasmine, Miss Chrystal, Miss Margaret and Miss Nittaya

Crystal with her magnetic creations
Hayden playing with cars on the ramp
Scavenger Hunt

Hi all and welcome to another newsletter for the month of October. It's crazy to think that in just under two months it will be Christmas. Where has this year gone? We would like to give a warm welcome to Jason, Arleen and Anthony who have started in our room and Caritas who has made the big move up from Toddlers.

We have been busy little bees this month and one of the things the children enjoyed doing was going on a nature scavenger hunt in the big playground. With our list in hand the children searched around the playground, finding all different types of leaves, sticks and rocks that we were able to cross off the list. At the end of the hunt we were able to find 11 objects on the list in the playground, which the children were very proud of.

Cars have always been a favourite in our room, so we decided to come up with different ways that the children could use the cars, so we decided to do car races by using the wooden blocks inside or the plank outside. The children really enjoy watching the cars go down the ramp and also seeing which car will win each race.

As you may have seen on the lockers we have made some grass heads. The children enjoyed the process of making these from putting the soil in the cup, planting the grass seeds and watering them to help them grow. After a week of planting the grass seeds our grass heads are growing awesomely and the children really love watering them to help them grow even more.

We have continued to introduce more textured play through slime and shaving cream. The children have enjoyed these experiences as it allows them to explore the different textures of each element. We are going to extend on this in the next couple of weeks through jelly play and also textured playdough.

What a fun filled month it has been in our room, until next time!

Miss Steph and Miss Carly J

Pre-School Room 2018

If your child is moving into the Pre-School 1 Room in 2018 please bring in a copy of their Passport or Birth Certificate. For those of you that have a current Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card we need a copy of these as well. 


We are excited to announce Miss Nat and her husband welcomed baby Samuel into the world on the 5th October! We could not be happier for Nat and her husband.

Car Park Safety

We would like to remind all of our families about the importance of not leaving any child unattended in the Centre Car Park. If you need assistance with your children please ring the Centre Phone and we will be only to happy to assist you. Below I have outlined what penalty may apply if you leave your child unattended in the car. 

Leaving a child under 12 unattended (1) A person who, having the lawful care or charge of a child under 12 years, leaves the child for an unreasonable time without making reasonable provision for the supervision and care of the child during that time commits a misdemeanour. Maximum penalty—3 years imprisonment. (2) Whether the time is unreasonable depends on all the relevant circumstances. [Section 364A, Criminal Code Act 1899]

Toddler 2 News

Toddler 2 in the Big Red Car!
Spring is here!

Welcome to Toddler 2 Newsletter for October.

We have had a busy time in Toddlers over the last two months with the children learning about science through several science experiments which the children have found very interesting and loved doing.You could try these at home as they are simple and easy.

These are great activities which encourage children to investigate and explore how things work and change.If you would like further information on making any of these experiments, please let me know.

Our vegetable garden is growing very well.We have potatoes, an onion, strawberries and tomatoes growing in the garden in next doors playground.We now have worms in our garden to help break down the soil and make our veges grow well so hopefully Miss Vicki may be able to eventually use them in her cooking.Please feel free to wander over and have a look with your child if you have time.The children enjoy watering this garden and watching them grow.We feed our worms fruit scraps from morning tea so they can grow healthy as well.

Our spring theme is coming along well, we have dot painted flowers, collaged snails, sponge painted bees plus much more.When you drop off or pick up, have a look at our beautiful spring theme on our wall. We also turned white flowers into coloured flowers by putting them into small containers of food colouring.

We had fun icing biscuits, everyone enjoyed this activity especially when it came time to eating our finished products.This is a great activity, it helps the children with hand/eye co-ordination also independence and satisfaction of making their own afternoon tea.

We visited the big kids playground which was a wonderful experience for the children, they especially loved pretending to drive in the big red car just like the Wiggles.They also had fun climbing on the fort and sliding down the big slide.

Miss Veronica and Miss Cristina

Miss Sharon and the Toddler's in their camp area

Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone for welcoming me into the Toddler Room. It's been a very easy transition as you have all been so welcoming. The children have been very eager to play in the camp area we have set up in the room. Lots of chatting and laughing can be heard as the children move about the area. Over the past few weeks as the weather has been quiet warm we have introduced water play using the water trough. We had one day as a sensory experience, another day with boats  floating around and the other experience was washing home corner equipment. As you can see we have been very busy decorating the room with lots of different art and craft. We have created some beautiful master pieces. I look forward to working with you and your children over the coming months.

Miss Sharon and Miss Sein

Witches Cauldron
Nathan with his crazy magnetic hairstyle

We have had so much fun in the Kindy Room over the past few weeks. Everyday there is always something new and exciting to participate in. One of our favourites this month was making crazy magnetic hair styles. Magnetic wands are great for introducing children to the wonders of magnesium. The children have enjoyed using them in a variety of ways. We also enjoyed making a witches cauldron. Everyone was excited to see the different colours emerge as the vinegar was added. As the year is slowly coming to an end, we would like to start making some changes in our room to ease the transition to Pre-School 2 in the New Year. Therefore we would like to touch base with our families in regards to sleep bottles. Over the coming weeks we are going to encourage the children to drink their milk at the table out of a cup prior to hoping on their beds for rest time. If you have any concerns please see Julie.

Crystal planting her seeds
Stella doing leaf rubbing

Hi and welcome to the Preschool 2 news letter. Wow how the months are flying by. It will be Christmas before we know it

In the room at the moment the children are very excited about learning about the garden and are interested in how things grow.

We have followed the children's lead and have been planting lots of seeds in cotton wool. This process allows the children to see the roots sprout and the seeds start to shoot. We have just placed our sunflowers into the garden bed in the large playground, they are currently 10cm tall and are still growing!

The Children have also have been very excited about the worm farm.  we have been locating the worms out of the worm farm into the garden beds to help our plants grow. The children really enjoy feeding their left over scrapes to the worms. The children have also planted strawberries and spinach so we are looking forward to seeing the progress of their growth.

During activity time we have been doing lots of art work centred around the garden, flowers and natural materials this scaffolds the children's learning about the garden and the materials that come from it.

This month we will also continue to focusing on pre-writing activities including writing letters of the alphabet (Jolly Phonics), numbers, shape and our names which help develop pencil grips and hand dominance this will also be followed up through scissor cutting activities.

Don't forget that you too can play a role in your child's learning at home by allowing them to cut up the junk mail or through drawing pictures, colouring in books or writing notes on scrap paper, as these will promote hand dominance and pencil grips.

As the weather is becoming warmer and new summer clothes are being purchased please don't forget to label your child's belongings so we can ensure that they make it back home. Also please remember to bring sheets, a hat and drink bottle each day so that your child can enjoy the full day care experience when playing outside as their health and safety is important to us.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to come and discuss them with either myself or Maree.

Until next time cheers!

Pedeta and Maree ??

Measina and Rob the Pirate
Rob the Pirate

Hello again,

The preschool room has been very busy since our last newsletter.The children have enjoyed being doctors and nurses in our surgery.They looked after the sick patients which was either a peer or the dolls.We introduced stethoscopes, thermometers and needles to enhance the play experience.As some of the children looked through the doctor books they were able to tell each other of their own experiences.

We also had a visit from the Metro South Oral Health Dental Services. The ladies informed the Pre-School children of the importance of oral health by looking at posters, reading a book and a class discussion.Finally, the children had there dental check-up.

The children enjoyed dressing up in their outfits for pirate and princess day.On the day they participated in the pirate show were they sang songs and danced.

In order to prepare the children for prep we will be having lunch box days in November, so keep an eye out for the poster which will be going up with the dates very soon.Some special dates to remember: Picasso Art show Friday 3rd November (Invites have been handed-out) and Preschool Graduation Friday 15th December.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and have a chat



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