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September News

Welcome to Spring! 

Educator Day Celebrations

Hello and welcome to our Spring Edition of Jellybean News! Well the weather has certainly started to warm up again, the days are again becoming longer. COVID-19 has certainly seen many things change in the environment around us, the one thing that hasn't is our commitment to our families in keeping everyone safe. We would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding with the restrictions we have implemented to keep our families and Educators safe. Our Centre is still open to taking new enrolments however visits have been kept to a minimum with scheduled tours put in place. Jellybeans has always had a very relaxed open-door policy and we look forward to the day that these practices can be implemented again. 

I would like to extend a huge thanks to everyone that brought in something for our Educators to celebrate Early Childhood Educators Day! The response we received was very overwhelming and we can't thank you enough for your continuous support. Our Educators are truly amazing! Days like this give them that little extra special reminder that they are appreciated. So, thank you! 

Are your contact details correct? Have you recently moved house, changed work places or changed your mobile number? If this applies to you please let the Centre know your new details as soon as possible. We need to ensure that the contact details we have on file are up to date and current at all times. You never know when an emergency might happen. 

Our Educational Program EDUCA and our accounts program requires each family to have access to an email address so that an account can be created for your child. If you have changed your email address or have recently created one, please let me know so I can ensure your email address is correct and up to date. Statements are emailed weekly opposed to being printed to assist with our Centre Sustainable Practises. 

With a smile 


Photo Day 2020! 

A tentative booking has been made for the 8th of October! This date will be officially confirmed in the coming days. Individual and Class Photos will be taken on these days. 

If Photo Day is not you regular day of attendance please feel free to bring your child in to have their photo taken, you will be required to stay at the Centre with them. 

All photo packages can either be paid full by Cash or Credit Card. 

A date for our Pre-School Graduation Photos will be released shortly.

Educator News! 

Happy Birthday!

From everyone here at Jellybeans we would like to wish Miss Hayley and Miss Pam a very Happy Birthday! 

Both of these ladies celebrated their special day in September. We certainly hope that you both had a wonderful day, celebrating with friends and family. 


Centre Banking

Who would be keen to start weekly banking for their little cherub?  

The learning aspect of a child bank account is one of the biggest pros. This gives parents the opportunity to explain to the child through hands on methods, the importance of saving money. This is knowledge that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

If we could get enough interest I am looking at reorganising the Commonwealth Bank to commence banking again at Jellybeans. We could either implement weekly or fortnightly deposits. Please let me know. 

 Dates to Remember!

Dates to Remember!

18th September - Pirate and Princess Day

21st September - Start of September School Holidays 

5th October - Centre Closed Public Holiday 

16th October - Super Hero Day  

Transition Statements! 

Miss Carla is in the process of organising the Transition Statements for the Pre-School Children that will be heading off to Prep next year. Each family is required to sign a consent form that allows us to pass on the statement to your allocated school. If you have not signed this form please see Carla. If by chance you have not selected a school for your child to attend next year it is vital that you do this now. Majority of the schools in our catchment have cut off days, some of these have passed. If you need assistance with selecting a school please feel free to come and have a chat with either Carla or myself.  

Christmas Party and Graduation! 

14 Weeks to Christmas

Obviously due to COVID-19 certain restrictions are in place at the moment, unfortunately due to these restrictions we have not yet decided as to how our Graduation and Christmas Party will take place this year. Previous years we have used Inflatable World at Darra as the venue is big enough to cater for all of our families at the same time. At the moment I am looking for ideas as to how we move forward, ideally we would still like to have the whole Centre involved in our Christmas Party opposed to having the Centre split in two. Our option at the moment is to have the Graduation during business hours, ideally this would not work for all of our families but we may need to implement this due to limiting attendance numbers. If you have any suggestions for either event please feel free to share your thoughts. 



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