September News

 Welcome to Jellybeans!

Welcome to our September Edition of Jellybean News!  Wow this year is certainly flying by!  

Firstly lets wish the following Educators and Children a very Happy Birthday as they all celebrated their special day during the month of September. 

Sofia, Cecilia, Fatumata, Averie, Summer-Lee, Joshua, Stefan, Miss Pam and Miss Martha - Happy Birthday to you all, we hope that you all had an amazing day! 

Just a few House Keeping Tips: Please ensure that you are wearing your mask whilst inside the Centre, that you sign in with the QR Code on the front door, please do not leave children unattended in any vehicle in the Centre Car Park and lastly please ensure that you close any door that you open. 

Direct Debits - Have you changed your Bank Account or Credit Card Details? In the event that you have please see Cindy for a new Direct Debit Form so that your Account details can be updated - otherwise you will incur a Dishonour Fee if your Account declines. 

Customer Details - If you have recently moved house, changed your mobile number or email address, please let us know. There is a book located in the foyer where you can note these changes, alternatively please send through an email to the Centre email with the relevant changes. 

Christmas Holidays: Now is the time to start thinking about what days your children will be absent during the Christmas New Year Period, our Booking Forms for 2022 will be available shortly and you will be able to document your holidays on these. If you are currently enrolled in the Pre-School Room you will be required to give us an EOC date so we can finalise your account. Please see Cindy for a Termination Form to complete. Please keep in mind that our Educators like to take leave over this period, so the sooner we have Holidays and EOC Dates in the system we can sort through our Educator Leave Applications.  

Cheers! Keep Smiling! 

Stem comes to Jellybeans! 

Our Pre-School Children were very lucky to have the opportunity to participate in a Stem Program organised by Australian Institute of Early Childhood Studies. Miss Gemma was our lovely Head Scientist and the ironic thing is she used to work at Jellybeans! Over the course of the morning the children had the opportunity to be engaged with some very hands on Science Experiments - We made our very own Grass Heads, Created a Cloud using Shaving Cream and Food Colouring, Made some Sultanas Dance  and Made a Thermometer which we have placed around the Centre to see how hot and cold our day gets. We learnt about measurement, hard and soft elements, turn taking and loads more. If you are super keen to try these experiments at home please see Miss Carla for a copy of the Experiments! One would say we have some very curious Pre-School Children. 

Grass Heads!  

Rainbow Clouds! 

Dancing Sultana's!

Thermometer Making!