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September News

Welcome to September News 

 Welcome to our first edition of news for Spring. How fast is this year passing us by. We have  a few events coming up especially for our Pre-school children so please keep an eye out for notices on the room door. 

I would like to take this opportunity to remind our families to take caution while using the Centre Car park. Firstly please observe the speed you are doing while entering or departing the car park, secondly please watch for doors that are opening and closing and lastly please be vigilant of all of our beautiful children that attend our Centre. Mum and Dad please hold your child's hand while they are in the car park vicinity. Children should not be left unattended in any vehicle at any time. 

Public Holiday 

 Please remember that Monday the 1st October is a Public Holiday and the Centre will be closed. Normal daily fees are applied even though the Centre is closed, as per our enrollment terms and conditions. 

Woolworths Excursion  

On the 11th October our Pre-school children are having their very first excursion. We are off to our local Woolworths Store to participate in a Fresh Food Tour. Children will only be permitted to attend the excursion if they have returned a signed permission form and they have enclosed footwear on their feet. Each child will also require a hat as we are walking to Woolworths. If you are interested in assisting on the excursion please let Miss Carla know.  


​I would just like to let you all know I will be absent from the Centre during the following period: Wednesday the 26th September through to Friday the 5th October. Miss Margaret will be in the office while I am absent. 

Educator News 

​We are very excited to announce Miss Nat will be returning from Maternity Leave on the 8th October. Miss Nat has decided that she will return to work three days per week opposed to working the 5 days like before. She will work Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm sure she will be excited to see how fast her little babies have grown during her absence. 

Pint Sized Picasso 

​This annual event is being held on the 12th October at 6.30pm, in our Pre-school Room. This is a night where our Pint Sized Picasso's from our Pre-school Room get the opportunity to display some of their finest art pieces for you to view and purchase. Proceeds from this event are used towards our end of year Graduation for the Pre-school children.  For those of you that have not returned your order slips and attendance confirmation forms please do this as soon as possible. 

Centre Hours  

This is a friendly reminder that our Centre operates between the hours of 6.15am and 6.15pm. It is essential that your child is picked up prior to 6.15pm as the Centre closes precisely at this time. If your child is here after 6.15pm a late fee will be imposed as per our Late Fee Policy. A copy of this is located in our Centre Policy Folder in our foyer. 

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