We're proud to be leading the way

​KAL and Jelly Bean Child Care Centre are proud to announce that we just got the NBN installed.  The second Centre with a completed install out of all KAL Centres is very exciting.

This means so much for our Centre, the staff and children. In room tablets and communication will be instant, the ability to educate with videos including streaming from online in multiple rooms at the same time.  The most exciting part is yet to come,  as many other future endeavours are now possible thanks to being able to connect to all the exciting services online instantly.

Free WiFi for Parents

Starting on Friday 9 June 2017, we'll be offering all parents FREE WiFi (at blazing speeds). 

Simply connect to the details to the right and enjoy the NBN on us while you're there. Whether its finishing an important document, writing that work email or just checking your Facebook (Or checking in to OUR Facebook), you're welcome to use the connection as much as you like.

​Access Point Name JellybeanFamily
​Password EarlyLearning​