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April News

Welcome to our April newsletter. What a few months we have had with the current pandemic. It certainly has touched each and every one of us in our own way. I would like to thank the families who chose to stay at home to stop the curve and also a big thank you to our Front line and essential workers.

Useful Information 

Start the conversation about Coronavirus with your kids! Watch the video for tips on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please remember, we will get through this together!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3mn_42dAmk&feature=youtu.be&rel=0

Supporting Educator's in Indonesia 

Who can remember when we had our Indonesian Educator's at Kidz Magic

I am currently arranging care packages for their families through Tic Bali.

They have been hit hard during the COVID-19. One of the families worked at Bali Safari and Marine Park and they have been without work for 2 months. Another family worked as a cleaner for Arma Museum, again with no income for months.

If you are in a position that you would like to contribute and donate even just $5 to these care packages please let me know.

Together we can rebuild the world.

We will receive pictures to show that the care packages have arrived safely. 

Erna has delivered the first packages to the people in her neighbourhood.

I am currently working with the owner of The Anak Atelier Preschool and Kindergarten to deliver more care packages to their community.

The Anak Atelier Preschool and Kindergarten have been closed by the Indonesian Government until it's safe to reopen.

The care packages are gratefully accepted as the Island of Bali relies solely on Tourism. Miss Cheryl from Anak Atelier said, "many of our locals and our foreign families have been heavily impacted".

Online Learning from home 

We have started an online app for the children who are staying home during the COVID-19. We have uploaded some activities already, soon your child will be able to have some facetime with their Educator's from home. Please ensure if your child is staying at home that you have let me know so that the app invite can also be sent to you.

Make story time part of your daily routine... 

Story time is an important part of a child's early learning - whether they are at home or in care. To help reading remain part of your child's daily routine, access free online resources. Available in up to 230 different languages, there are so many early years' favourites that can either be read online or downloaded and printed.

Link: https://education.qld.gov.au/curriculum/learning-at-home/learning-resources