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April Newsletter

 Welcome to our April News! What a busy time we have had here at Kidz Magic. So many changes taking place and we love seeing the smiles it makes on the children's faces.

I would also like to give a special thank you to our local community who is supporting us with our ladies night.

Upcoming Events

Story time with Zarra!!

13 April - Crazy Hair Day - Gold Coin donation 

16 April - Story time with Zarra

17 April - Water Safety Program - Kindy Class - FREE event

20 April Ladies Night - open to the community everyone welcome! 

25 April - Centre Closed Anzac Day

Ladies Night

Come along to our Ladies Night on Friday 20 April. Only $10 entry fee and this includes Champagne and Nibbles on arrival. 

This is a community event so please feel free to invite your friends and family. The night will kick off at 6:30pm, here at Kidz Magic.

The Centre will transform into a mini market - over 40 stalls will be in attendance on the night. So many different stalls to shop at.

Sit down and relax while watching a live cooking demonstration. Book in for a mini massage, eyebrow threading or even have your Tarot cards read.

Many prizes to be won on the night. Some include: 

* A 4 star stay in Brisbane for 2 people - with welcome drinks on arrival and breakfast for 2.

* 1 week free fee's at Kidz Magic

* Dinner at Gallino Italian Restaurant for 2 people - to any value

* Manicure vouchers

*Dinner vouchers at Forest Lake Tavern

* Family Movie Vouchers

*Comedy Club Vouchers and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Sharing Idea's with an International School...

 Next month I am off to Bali! 

I have been given a unique opportunity to visit - Alam Atelier School. I look forward to sharing ideas with an international school and bringing back some great teaching theories to implement here at Kidz Magic. While I am there we will also introduce our Kindy children to some current technology and the use of Skype. During my private tour of the school - I will Skype our Kindy children here at Kidz Magic so they too can see how other schools operate.

Keep up to date with my tour as I share videos and photos on our Kidz Magic Facebook page.

Alam AtelierAlam Atelier School was born out of the yearning to extend learning outside the classroom and connect the learner with the natural environment. The wide outdoor areas invite learners to explore; water play, mud pool, seedbeds, and wood working are some of the features that appeal to the senses and strict curiosity.

 Hi Everyone!

Firstly, we hope you all had a very happy and safe Easter.

Its been another busy month in our Nursery, some of our babies have celebrated their first birthdays, taken their steps and also said their first words!!

Everybody has settled nicely and have formed lovely little friendships with each other.

Our activities from this month have been very enjoyable, all our little friends have had great fun experimenting with cold spaghetti, paints, crayon drawing and rice.In the coming month we will be focusing on our artwork and experimenting some more with different sensory activities and watching our room grow.

It will be very exciting to watch our little one's progress more with their development and celebrate their special moments.

Just a few reminders:

# Please keep your child's routine up to date with Miss Bec or Miss June

# Crazy Hair day Friday 13th April, gold coin donation

# Please ensure all items are labelled

Thanks, Miss Bec & Miss June

 We would like to welcome Chicago, Sanyam and Dwity to the toddler room. They are settling in and are starting to form strong bonds and relationships with their educators and class mates, it just takes time, to learn routines and form those relationships. We have been focusing on our communication skills, and are following children's interest in climbing and focusing on physical activities, climbing to new heights, jumping, and manipulating puzzle pieces to fit.

The children are learning responsibility for their own belongings, by keep tracking of their drinks bottles and hats, and by helping pack away their sheets at rest time. They help tidy the room, and clean up after meal times. They are always eager to help out so we have modified activities so they can help and limit frustrations.

Also would like to remind families snacks brought in are for only if they are staying after 5pm, as we cannot be offering children snacks from home throughout the day, due to the amount of dietary requirements before 5pm it is centre foods only. Children will eat when hungry, so if they miss a meal they will more than likely make up for it at the next one. If you have concerns please talk to a staff member.

Snack options we just need to remember the centres health food policy, if providing a late snack it should be yogurt, fruits, crackers, cheese, and or rice cakes

We can't be giving chips, and chocolate, and it also just needs to be a snack, not a meal that requires heating as at that time.

Thanks Miss Tash and Miss Harmeet.

 Welcome Parents,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Di I am the new Senior Educator in the Junior Room. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all. I have only been here a few days so I am still settling in but I have already beginning to form friendships and bonds with the children and will continue to learn about their individual personalities as we go.

As a long term goal Miss Zubaida has begun to teach the children the alphabet, she has been singing the ABC song with them and we have included this in our morning group time as the children enjoy singing it, perhaps you may like to sing this song with you child at home. As part of thier ongoing learning Miss Zubaida has also been painting the alphabet with them as an art activity, so far they have done the letters A,B,C,D. We have put up a display on the wall in the hallway next to the pockets for you to view and would appreciate any feedback you may have.

Have a wonderful week.

Miss Di, Miss Mel & Miss Zubaida.

  Welcome to the April addition of the Junior Kindy newsletter! We are continuing to have a busy time in the room with the children. Recently we have had a re-organisation of the room and have been able to purchase some additional resources. This has been a very exciting time for both the children and the educators! It has been wonderful to see how the children can use the different areas and resources to learn through play. It has been challenging and rewarding for the educators to set up new play experiences for the children.

Sensory Play

One particular type of play the children have been enjoying over the past few weeks is 'sensory play'. This involves using our senses – sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. We have provided children with sensory play experiences such as – coloured playdough with glitter, slime, shaving cream, painting and water tubs with containers.

Sensory activities provide children with "hands on" experiences where they learn:

  • Decision making and problem solving skills
  • Develop language skills by talking about what they see, hear, touch
  • Literacy and physical development by developing pre-writing skills as they pour, spoon, grasp, and work on eye-hand coordination tasks.
  • Science and maths ideas such as cause and effect, empty/full.
  • Social development skills by learning to cooperate, work together and understand someone else's viewpoint.
  • Using creative thinking skills and expressing one's creativity, which are important for building self-esteem.

And all of this learning occurs… Just from one activity!

Sensory Play

 Hello everyone,

What an exciting month this has been. It's been wonderful to see our kindy children settling down, making friendships and arriving in the morning with their families with so many smiles and full of excitement to start the day.

Our kindy children have been enjoying exploring Indonesian language with the Ella program, experiencing the benefits and pleasures of shared learning experiences. It is wonderful to see the children so involved and also using technology respectfully to enjoy learning another language.

Continuing the theme of languages we celebrated Harmony day where we looked at our similarities and differences between ourselves. Thank you so much to the families that helped us by sharing how to say Hello and goodbye in their home Language. Children were then involved in choosing to decorate a paper person with a variety of materials, while we had conversations about differences in hair colour, skin and eyes.We had great fun deciding on a place to put these on the wall. This activity was enjoyed for many days to come. So lovely to see our kindy children so involved in this, building on confident self identities and respect for diversity.

Our kindy children have been settling into enjoyable and relaxing routines with our daily yoga sessions after lunch. What a great way to feel relaxed and a sense of belonging to our room and I think the children have also had some giggles watching Miss Tracy struggle with some of the moves. The children are so good and even can tell some parents the names of some of the positions. Well done Kindergarten you are growing up fast.

Children have been interested in role playing real life experiences through our flowers shop. Providing opportunities to brainstorm ideas and thoughts about what we needed in a shop from flowers, people to work in the shop, a till and money and many others ideas from the children. Thank you to the parents that provided us with some real flower which we used to make beautiful and original flower arrangements. Children are still enjoying this activity acting out real life roles such as customers and shop keepers.

Teaching children by providing encouragement and celebrating children's attempts to try and retry new and challenging tasks has been a focus the last few weeks. We also love that children are enjoying being helper for the day, laying tables for lunch and being involved in the everyday tasks of their room.

Lastly we have had a few changes in the room with new shelves and resources and it was beautiful to see so many excited faces seeing all the different items to enjoy. What a joy to see children investigating ,sharing and working together as a team to keep our new toys tidy at the end of the day.

We have many more exciting resources to investigate, just waiting for Miss Indri to return from her Holiday next week, so keep a look out, I'm sure your child will point out any changes well before you see them. Thank you again to every family for your encouragement and involvement in our beautiful Kindergarten. We look forward to the next months with you and your child.

Miss Indri and Miss Tracy