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August Newsletter

Welcome to our August News!

Upcoming Events

​26 August          Family Fun Day - Heathwood Park

3-7 September   Child Protection Week - donations are still being accepted for our Hampers to children in Foster Care.

18 September    Sharing Culture Performance

1 October         Public Holiday - Centre Closed

Our Educators

We would like to welcome some new Educators to our team. Miss Nee, Miss Mai & Miss Naomi.

Miss Nee & Miss Mai both hold their Diploma in Early Childhood. While Miss Naomi holds her certificate 3 in Early Childhood and is currently studying her Diploma.

As most of you would be aware Miss Noni has left to pursue her dream of becoming a Nurse. We wish her all the best with her new adventures. I am sure she will shine.

Miss Tash has also left us due to personal reasons. She has enjoyed the 2.5yrs that she has spent with us. We wish her all the best in the future also. 

Assessment & Rating

​It is with great pleasure to announce that we have our Assessment and Rating coming up (I will inform everyone of the exact dates, when I receive them). Wendy from the Department of Education and Care will attend our centre to complete our assessment and rating. This assessment is undertaken by all childcare centres and aligns our practices  against 7 Quality Areas. We are thankful to our families who expressed their words of support. Wendy will complete a report for the centre that will be completed in the following months (post visit). When this report is completed we will display this in the foyer for all families to view. We thank all families for their continuing support of our Educators and for the centre as we continue to provide care and educational outcomes for all the children in our care.

Family Fun Day 

 Come along and join us on Saturday 26 August for a family fun day of active sports. A great way to meet other families and help role model to the children the importance of a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.

Where: Heathwood Park - Parkwood Drive

Time: 8:30-9:30am

What to bring: a plate of food to share for Morning Tea

RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Hi everyone!

Firstly, we have some new friends in our room, so we would like welcome Nadia and Tyler to our Kidz Magic family.

Our room has been very busy again this month, our little friends have shown a lot of interest in home corner. They love getting in there and cooking up a storm!!

Since the weather has been so nice we've been venturing outside a lot more, we all love outdoor play. We love the sand pit and playing with our Toddler and Junior Kindy friends. Please remember to pack a hat for your child.

We have also been focusing on different words, names and nursery rhymes throughout the month. The children are doing so well and have a lot of fun doing this. Over the coming months we will continue learning new words, enjoying fun activities and making special memories with one another.

We look forward to watching our Nursery children grow some more.

Miss Bec & Miss June

The toddlers have been working hard on their colours, and shape recognition. We also introduced a game of Memory to the children. We use the flashcards at group time, which not only encourages children to label and recognize their shapes and colours but also use their recall memory. 

One of our families asked us to introduce the use of tongs for fine motor development. We have introduced using tongs at morning tea time so the children can serve their own food. We have also introduced a sea creature colour sorting activity using tongs to pick up the sea creatures.

We have also made animal flash cards.  We use these when we come together as a group for our mat time.

The toddlers have also been exploring emotions,  we have noticed they show concern and compassion for their friends in times of need. They are also using encouraging words, offering a hug, finding an educator or telling us what has happened.

We have also welcomed a new friend into our room - welcome Henry! 

We also encourage parent input into our program, so if there are any activities you want us to plan with your children, please let us know.

Miss Harmeet 

Hi everyone

Wow! What a busy month our Junior Kindy have had!

We would like to welcome Ashmi and Devina to our room, they have settled nicely and are starting to develop some friendships.

We have been continuing on with our focus on the alphabet. The children are responding great to this and are really enjoying learning their letters through artwork each week.

Our birthday wishes for the month go to Joshua, Charlotte, Krisha, Anay and James. Happy Birthday!!

We just have a few reminders

# Please pack appropriate clothing, as the weather is starting to warm up.

# If your child has a milk bottle, please provide a cup instead, as we are still transitioning from bottle to cup.

# Please ensure all belongings are labelled with child's name.

We look forward to sharing next month's adventures with our Junior Kindy families.

Miss Maddy, Miss Mel & Miss Zubadia

 This month we have been focusing a lot on recognizing & controlling our emotions. This is to help the children to develop resilience & strategies for managing their own emotions. While we have been playing with our friends we have also been learning to share, take  turns, be considerate of each other, & use our manners.

At Group-time we have been learning our alphabet through singing the abc song, writing over the dots to form the letters & saying names or items that start with each letter. We have also been learning to count up to 20 by counting & clapping together from 1 to 20. Then singing it in reverse, from 20 to 1. This helps to improve our memory. Singing number songs together with the children has also reinforced this, & singing the days of the week is helping the children to learn the order of the days.

Toilet training & self help development has been going very well with the parents & the staff working together to support the children in this.

We welcome any further feedback you may have!.

Miss Ruth & Miss Anu 

Hello everyone,

We are nearly half way in term 3, and very excited with what the Kindergarten children have achieved! We have many moments of creative fun, laughter and much joyfulness sometimes solitary, in small groups and even as a big group. It's wonderful to see how the children start to get to know each other and develop strong and positive relationship among themselves. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new friend, Kayley, who joined our kindergarten group a few weeks ago. We are very pleased to see how well the children are welcoming Kayley and taking her around the kindergarten environments.

In June, Children were very much engaged in the exploration of pets, that we had to extend the learning for four weeks. We ended the topic by having a birthday party for our pets. Children planned and organised the party independently and cooperatively. They decorated the home corner with party decorations, created invitations and organised games for the party. It was a successful and fun party celebration for us all.

Throughout June and July children continued exploring numbers and letters in meaningful ways through games, artworks, real-life and imaginative activities. Children engaged in real-life activities such as woodworking, cooking and exploring ways to look after our environment. Children were involved in learning about where our rubbish goes. Through this learning children explored links between prior learning and new learning through discussions and by asking questions. It's brilliant to see how the children explore ways to apply learning to another familiar situation, e.g. drawing a big pile of rubbish if we don't help to reduce the rubbish and organising a play of rubbish dumping or landfill outside independently.

Children will continue to make meaning of their world through inspiring new ideas and finding creative ways to describe, predict and interpret their world. Children communicate skills through sharing ideas/interests, group discussions, using texts and symbols and experimenting with sounds in words will be encouraged and extended through out this term.

Please complete and return the Transition Statement Consent form before the end of August 2018.

Miss Indri & Miss Tracy