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Child Protection Week

Child Protection Week 

 National Child Protection Week is a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the community to think about how we can work together to keep all children safe.

Importantly, we want to remind everyone that:
• We ALL have a part to play in protecting ALL children
• Even small actions can help to improve a child's future
• By building stronger communities, we are creating safer environments for our children 

Playing our Part 

As part of child protection week we will be creating mini hampers for children in Foster Care. Our way of thanking the Foster Carers in our community and also ensuring the children in care feel extra special. 

The children receiving these gifts will be anonymous to us all,  I will be the only person aware of the Families who will be our recipients. To protect everyone's privacy.

How can you help?

We are asking if the families at Kidz Magic can donate an item to these hampers. It doesn't need to be expensive - every little bit helps.

Some idea's include:

  • Pyjama's
  • Socks & Undies
  • Clothes
  • School Bag
  • Toys
  • Snacks /Treats
  • Colouring In Packs
  • Quilt Covers / bedding

When are donations Due? 

Child Protection Week is  from 2-8 September. We are accepting donations now, but we are asking if all gifts can please be donated no later than Friday 31 August by 10am.  

I will place a hamper at the front office for donations to be placed in.

How do we know what sizes and interests the children have? 

Here is a small profile of each child we will be donating to? Please see below for more details.

"Together we can achieve more"

Tammy & Staff


  1. ​ Girl - 2yrs - (Size 2 clothing & size 6 shoes)
  2. Girl 2yrs - (clothing size 2+)
  3. Boy 12months (clothing size 1 +)
  4. Boy 12months (clothing size 1 +)
  5. Girl 5yrs (clothing size 5+)
  6. Girl 2yrs (Clothing size 2 +)
  7. Girl 2yrs (clothing size 2 +)
  8. Twins - Boy & Girl 11months (clothing size 1 +)
  9. Boy 6yrs (clothing size 6+)
  10. Boy 4yrs (clothing size 4+)