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February News

Welcome to 2020! We have had a busy start to the year. The children are settling in well to their new rooms and getting to know their Educator's. 

Upcoming Events 

Date ​Event
​28 Feb - 9 March ​Tammy's Annual Leave
​9 March​Holli Show
​16-20 March​Class Photos


Statements are sent out via email every Fortnight on a Monday. Please ensure you check your statement and advise us of any discrepancies. Fees must be one week in advance at all times - so the amount owing each week on your statement will be deducted from your account. Accounts, not one week in advance will be terminated. We no longer have payment plans available, so please ensure you are aware of the fees to be deducted. Debit success will also charge a fee of $14.95 for dishonored payments.

Emergency Contacts 

We ask that parents please review the emergency contacts you have listed with the Service. If your child is unwell we ask that a parent leave immediately to collect their child. If the parent is unable to leave work, the emergency contact should be in a position to do so.

When children fall ill, they require one on one care. We are not in a position to provide one on one care to children during this time. We also need to look at the best interest of the other children in care and reduce the risk of spreading infection.

If you do not have an emergency contacted listed that can collect your child, please come to the office immediately to update your details.

 Welcome to all our nursery families. We hope you and your children are all settling into the new year and your new routines.

Bijal, Priya and I have been working hard on our room environment to create a safe, warm and inviting space that enhances all areas of children's learning and development.

Over the last few weeks we have been focused on learning and understanding your child's routine and spending time with them to build positive, secure relationships and learning about them, their interests and capabilities. From observing them during this time we have planned 2 different programs. Our current programs are for children to develop knowledgeable and confident self-identities and to extend their learning using music.

To meet the first intention we have added lots of mirrors to the room for the children to look at their reflections and shortly we will have your child's photo with their name, available for them to look at, recognise themselves and move it around the room if they wish. To extend their learning, we also ask If you could please provide a family photo, with your child in it.

For our second program, focusing on music, we have added lot's of different musical instruments, a large drum, singing nursery rhymes and listening to various styles of music. We have also started to add open ended materials that we can use to make music with. We hope to further extend their learning of other cultures through music so we ask if you could let us know if there are any specific styles of music your family listens to or if you would like to provide us with a CD we could listen to.

If you have any feedback you would like to provide please let myself, Bijal or Priya know or write in our parent communication book.

Miss Shannon, Miss Bijal & Miss Priya 

 We would like to welcome you all to the toddler room. We are pleased to announce that our new children are settling in well in their new environment and getting used to their routines. We are focusing and will be continuing to build strong and trusting relationships between the children, Families and educators.

This month in the toddler room, The Children have been exploring lots of sensory stuff including coloured spaghetti, rice, lentils and pasta. They also had great fun exploring the sensory tray with some natural resources like fresh leaves, sand, sticks, rocks, dirt and so on.

As our little toddlers are highly interested in sensory skills, we will be continuing with lots of other sensory play such as variety of sensory bags, sensory bottles, play dough, finger painting and many more.

Please remember to label on your child's belongings including their milk bottles, water bottles, hats, shoes, blanket and any sleeping comforters. Thank you so much!

Miss Bhabana and Miss Sukh

Welcome to Junior's room for 2020!

Over the past month, our Junior's room has been busy learning about 3 educational programs.

1. Health and well-being:

The first one is about teaching the young ones how to be responsible for their health and physical well-being. The activities that we carry out for this educational program are:

  • Demonstrating careful hand washing before and after eating, after going to the bathroom, etc. Showing children a good habit of eating healthy. Ex: encouraging them to drink more water and eat more fruit and vegetable.
  • Encouraging participation in physical movements, playing and learning experiences.
  • Teaching children to be responsible (put their hats and shoes away, apply sunscreen, take water bottles ready for every meal, put their water bottles away, teach children how to put shoes on).

We are also looking to expand this program with a yoga class, which can help our children to further enhance their physical development. We look forward to making more delicious and healthy food with the kids every Thursday for the next month because we have observed that they loved the food that they could make themselves.

2. Responsibility and respect for the environment:

The second one is about teaching the children to become socially responsible and show respect for the environment. The activities that we are doing for this educational program are:

  • We have set up a bookshelf right in front of our classes. On the shelf, we have bookmarks and library bags that are made from recycled materials. Families and children are always welcome to come and swap books, as well as using bookmarks and library bags.
  • Every week, we will try to add natural and recyclable materials onto the list. These materials will then be used by our children. Our children love to explore natural resources using magnifying glasses and use them in art. For example, earlier this month, we had a leaf printing art session together and the kids enjoyed it.
  • Furthermore, the children also loved to use recycled material in collage art, especially in our Secret Garden. Plastic bottles and containers will be recycled as plant's pots. The kids very much loved the plants that they grew themselves and surely took good care of them. Many children went home and told their parents about what they had grown for the day. As early-age educators, we are tremendously happy to see our children enjoying the activities and learning about the environment at the same time. We do look forward to expanding this idea further and continuing with our Secret Garden next month.

3. Safety, Security, and Protection:

The third one is about children feel safe, secure and protected. In order to help the children to transit into our Junior's room or for the new ones to adapt quickly, educators will do everything they could to ensure a smooth and easy process.

For instance, we offer personal care and cuddles so the children can feel safe and protected. We also have been talking to parents and guardians about their children so we could get a better and thorough understanding of the children's needs, habits and routines.

Additionally, we did a lot of group singing, dancing and story time to build relationships among children and educators. We do look forward to continuing with this because we surely want the best for our children and it is our utmost priority for them to feel safe, secure and protected.

If you have any questions to ask or ideas to share, please feel free to come and talk with us.

Miss Tham, Miss June and Miss Emma. Junior's room.

Hello families, I hope everyone is settled into the beginning of the year already. Our class have, so far, our main goals with the children have been to establish those individual routines for the children as well as developing those supportive connections between educator and child. Our team have been changing small experiences and routines in the room to fit your child's needs. We have also created a few class goals to encourage class participation such as tidy up time.

A little peak as to how this works in our class, we give the children a 10 minute then a 5-minute reminder that tidy time is coming up. During this time, we discuss with children that have been working on projects during morning play if they want to keep their creation or if they want to take a photo instead. This allows children to have responsibility over their play and we as educators want to respect the time and effort children have put in to make a building, car, tunnel, or play space.

We then gather children on the mat after the 10-minute time period and prompt the children to take a few mindful breaths to focus on the next task. Then educators stand in spaces of the room and the children are asked to help place items away, we have provided children with visual cues in the environment to assist with this as well as educators to remind children the task at hand. We want to encourage children to become respectful of their own environment and explore categorising and sorting out which are mathematical skills in play. This time also provides fantastic social skills as children can ask for help from their peers.

As you can see just in this routine, children are offered many opportunities for learning and this has been thoughtfully planned this way by the educators to encourage these skills. As we have strengthened our relationships with children we alter the routines with the children daily and weekly to provide the best learning opportunities.

We are currently developing individual goals for your child, these depend on the conversations had with parents and caregivers and professional therapists and of course the child. Some of these goals might change over time and new goals will be added, while some goals may stay the same as a year. We want to offer the best chances for children to grow and learn at their own pace without pressure to succeed to others expectations of what they should know at their age.

Thank you for reading, I'm excited for the year to come.

Miss Jo, Miss Bhavna & Miss Tracy

Hi everyone,

A huge welcome to Kindergarten 2020 to all children and families – it was lovely to see so many smiling faces in the first week in kindergarten. We are glad to see many children have settled into their new classroom environment and routines.

Our kindergarten children are currently focusing on learning about their environments, including respecting them, their own and other's belongings. We always believe that building a strong, close and loving relationship between educators and children is a foundation for children to have the confidence to explore their world. It is because they know we're here to support, encourage and share new experiences with them. We'd like to thank the families who have helped us to get to know and understand your child/ren better by filling out and returning the About Me and the Goals forms.

The kindergarten children have been learning ways to build positive relationships with others and the environments around them as well as responsibilities and expectations in kindergarten. In the last three weeks the children involved in learning to self-help, ask questions and help if needed, play simple games with rules in small and big groups, listen to someone who is talking, take turns and share space with others during play.

Exploring literacy and numeracy in kindergarten is a part of our everyday activities and play. Play is fun for children and gives them an opportunity to learn the skills they need for life, like communicating, thinking, solving problems, moving and being with other people and children. In the last three weeks, children used literacy and numeracy in their play such as using table numbers to play Coffee Shop with others, reading the Menu, reading the recipe books with a friend, writing orders, typing letters and numbers using laptops and shared reading in a group or with a friend. Children also involved in playing games in a big and small group that encourage their mathematical and literacy skills. Children also explored positions such as next to, in front of, between and behind through play and games.

Our door is always open for families who like to contribute to our learning experiences at any day. If you can cook or sing or like to read please come and show your talent to us, we love visitors!

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. 

Miss Indri & Mis Sina

Thank you Tammy