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February News


Welcome to our second edition of our Newsletter for 2021. Who can believe that our first month has come and gone so quickly. 

Arrival Time

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all families that we would like all children to have arrived at the service each day, no later than 9:30am.

This supports children settling in and also allows children the least disruption once the learning program has commenced.

Service Policies and Procedures

 Did you know our Service Policies and Procedures are now all online? Follow the link below...


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Upcoming Events

Date Event
12 February Chinese New Year Celebrations
21 MarchHarmony Day
29 MarchHoli Celebrations - bring a white shirt
1 AprilEaster Celebrations

Class News 

Hello everyone

Before I start, I would like to thank everyone for making me feel welcome here at the Kidz Magic. I was delighted to meet all the lovely families and I'm looking forward to fun and exciting learning journey with your beautiful children this year.

As you might notice from our daily stories, we do lots of sensory experiences through our activities. Those experiences are important part of early childhood development. While the children are using all their senses, they are helping to build nerve connections in their brain. That will help their cognitive development and better problem solving skills in the future.

As we have number of the children who are so close to walking, we focused on the activities that will stimulate their physical development and reach that milestone.

We set up our home corner for the children to be inviting and interesting. We placed the small table between the kitchen elements and the lower shelf, so the children can walk around the furniture with ease, even if they can't walk independently yet. We use ride on toys and walkers to encourage the children to get off the floor and to use their leg muscles and their coordination and balancing skills.

Congratulations to Shay and Jonathan who made their first steps in the past couple of weeks.

In the past few weeks we welcomed Esther, Leo, Hudson, Jonathan and Liaroy to our Bottlebrush family. All of the children seem to be happy and settled by now.

We would like to remind parents to make sure that they bring at least two sets of spare clothes for their child, fitted sheet and a blanket. Please make sure all child's belongings are clearly named, especially their bottles (including their water bottles) and their dummies. Please understand that we have many children with the same items. If not labeled makes it hard for us to know who it belongs to.

I also would like to encourage the parents to come and have a chat with us about all your expectations for your child here or any concerns that you might have.

We are looking forward to our partnership this year.

Kind regards,

Tonka and Zubaida. 

In the toddler room, the children have had the opportunity to explore their new room and understand their daily routines. They have been able to develop on their friendships with the new toddlers in our room.

We have setup our toddler room with different learning areas such as our loose parts area as they have access to a range of natural materials like bark, rocks, pine cones, feathers etc. Through this, the children were able to develop on their sense of touch and feel as they are able to feel the different textures from smooth to rough.

We also had our farm where they were able to learn about different farm animals, their names and the sounds they make. Our baby corner had the children showing how they cared for the baby dolls and looked after them. Our construction area was where the children engaged in building with a variety of different blocks, developing on their fine motor skills. The children have been showing interest in these learning areas as we have also been engaging in daily activities linked to these learning areas.

We have recently changed our Farm into a Dinosaur world as the children show interest in dinosaurs and the different sounds they make. We also changed our cars world and transformed that into a music and movement mat where the children will have access to musical instruments and be able to dance freely. This will extend on from the children's interests and enable them to build on new interests.

Throughout the month we will also continue to engage in physical activities such as water play, using the obstacle course and engaging in ball games as this will develop on their gross motor skills.

As the toddlers are still new within our room, they are starting to form friendships amongst each other as they enjoy engaging in group activities, love to dance with each other and understand sharing with each other. We will continue to encourage the children to engage in conversations through group experiences and support their toddler friends through daily experiences.

It has been wonderful to see how our toddlers are understanding their daily routines within our room and how they are feeling safe and secure around their educators and toddler friends. They have settled in well and are continuing to develop interests through daily experiences.

Just a reminder, please remember to label your child's belongings.

If you have any questions, please approach the educators in the room and they will be able to assist you.


Miss Simran, Miss Sukh and Miss Tina 

Hi families,

We would like to welcome our new children and families that have started with us in the eucalyptus room.

The Children are learning the daily routine and settling into the room. All the children are toilet training, sitting on the toilet between each nappy change. If all the parents could do this at home as well, that would be appreciated.

The Children are learning colours, shapes and letters of the alphabet in the room. We also encouraging children to use their imagination while playing with loose parts and while constructing with various blocks and building materials.

All the children have a named locker in the Eucalyptus room for their bag. Please label all of your child's belongings and take all belongings back home each day for hygiene purposes. If your child has wet/soiled clothes, it will be in the bucket in the bathroom cupboard for you to pick up.

Please check the daily communication chart each day for your child 's information. If your child will be here after 5pm please provide a healthy late snack if you want. All other meals are provided for them at the center. Nappies are provided for your child up until the age of three.

Please try to bring your child by 9am each day so your child can participate fully in the program.

We are also focusing on each child's interest. We would love parent input with this.

We hope you like our Natural room revamp. The children are enjoying playing and learning in it.

Thank you

Miss Harmeet , Miss Ruth and Miss Bijal 

It's been a great month with many learning experiences happening in our Lilly Pilly room. It has been wonderful watching the children familiarise themselves with their new surroundings. Exploring new toys and being involved in new experiences that have allowed them to feel safe and secure with in our care.

We are putting our focus on the children's social and emotional wellbeing, getting settled with new faces and doing lots of bonding and supporting the children the best that we can.

We are experimenting the sense of hearing. Children are provided with different types of musical instruments. Through those they are learning different types of sounds made by different toys.

As a part of our learning, we have been focusing on self-help skills. These include sitting at the table together and clearing our own plat, while putting our drink bottles away after finishing meals which is amazing to see.

Children are also pointing to the sunscreen, hats and their shoes before we go outside.

We are on the way to creating our family garden in our room so please bring in a family photo, thankyou if you have already provided one.

We welcome parent input into our program, and love to hear about any weekend and family experiences or any child interests you would like us to know about.

A few things to add:

  • Please label everything including bottle lids, dummies, hats, water bottles and some spare clothes.
  • Please bring in a labelled container of Nappy rash cream.
  • Please remember to supply your own sunscreen if your child has sensitive skin.
  • Please make sure that drink bottles are regularly taken home so that they can get washed.

Miss Monica , Miss June 

The end of January and beginning of February has been very busy and exciting at the same time for the Paperbark room as we welcomed new children and new lovely families into our classroom. The children have started establishing and maintaining a trusting relationship with their new educators Miss Anastazia, Miss Breannah and Miss Selane.

As this time of the year is quite challenging for children with the room changes, different educators and environment, it is crucial that we help them to deal with these changes. That's why we have been talking a lot about our emotions and feelings and encouraging children to identify and express them.

The children showed a great interest in role play especially home corner where yummy food has been cooked by our little chefs.

The playdough has been very popular in our room and children also love to participate in making it.

We would like to concentrate on sensory experiences much more in February and we would also like to do more painting, art, craft and messy play once everyone is settled into our routine ;-)

The children in Paperbark room have been learning a few new songs, e.g. "Listening song", "Manners song", "I'm taking home my baby Bumble bee", "Baby crocodile", "Days of the week", "Wriggly worm. "

We look forward to the month of February in which we are going to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentines day.

Again, we are very happy to welcome you all into our room and work with you and your children to help them grow and develop. We hope to do the best we can to assist in the transition of leaving your child with us. It is our goal to ensure that your child feels safe, secure, loved and welcomed while in our care.

We hope to be here when your child is dropped off, however sometimes we are not able to, due to different hour shifts. Therefore we have a parent communication book located in our room for you to write down messages. If you have anything you would like to add to our program or anything that has happened that your child enjoyed please write it down in this book as well because we are happy to know.

Miss Anastazia, Miss Breannah, Miss Selane 

Welcome back to a new and exciting year in the Wattle Room!!!

2021 will be a year full of learning, investigating and adventures where the children will be able to explore and learn through play!!! 

The children have taken a keen interest in our outdoor environment and with the new playground which has been added many learning experiences has already come from this such as the  Encouragement of movement, vital for the health of children's hearts, bones and muscles.

Allowing the children to develop gross motor, balance, movement and coordination skills.

Active play encourages social play, communication skills, confidence and self esteem.

Active play allows children to make their own play choices, use their problem solving skills and create their own games and activities.

Active play allows children to release their anger and frustrations in a safe and healthy way while also allowing high energy children to disperse their energy in a positive manner to enhance the fitness, health, happiness and wellbeing of children.

Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on belonging and discovering ourselves with in the Wattle Room by drawing self-portraits looking in the mirror and drawing what we see. This allows all the children to feel safe secure and most importantly belong!

You may notice purposeful play stations set up in the Wattle room this allows for many small group positive interactions our loose parts area especially has allowed for this.

Please ensure that your children's clothing and belongings are named, and hats are provided along with spare change of clothes as it has become warmer and water play allows the children many learning opportunities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to see myself.

Miss Sam, Miss Jessie & Miss Jo

Kindergarten News

Welcome to our Kindy News! Our Class of 2021 shirts have been chosen. We ask that you provide your child's T-shirt size tot he office ASAP. 

Kindergarten Acknowledgement Forms

All children attending our Kindergarten class for 2021 are required to have completed and returned the Kindergarten acknowledgment form. This form must be submitted with a copy of your child's birth certificate or passport. 

These forms are now overdue. If you have not yet filled out the form listed here, please complete and return to the office by Friday 13 February.

We have had a busy start in the Kindy 1 room settling in and becoming familiar with our new environment. We have had so much fun getting to know all our new friends and our educators.

To start the year we have focused on getting to know our friends by participating in fun hands-on learning activities that are All about me and our families. We have been becoming familiar with our facial features by observing ourselves in the mirror and copying what we look like in various creative ways. To complete our All about me unit we would like our Kindy 1 families to provide us with a photo of our families if possible so that we can share with our friends and hang on our family tree. Thank you to those who have already provided a photo.

This term In Kindy 1 we will be focusing on hand-eye coordination skills, fine motor skills and feeling safe and secure within our environment. These will be achieved through fun play-based activities and over the coming weeks we will also be focusing on name recognition and letters of the alphabet.

If your child would like to share a special item from home please send along to kindy for our show and tell group time.

Miss Elaine and myself look forward to working together throughout 2021 to make your child's learning journey fun and enjoyable. 

Hello to all our families.

This term the focus of our learning will be Building positive relationships, having a sense of Belonging, and taking Responsibility for our own belongings and resources. These experiences will help children connect better with each other, help with regulation of emotions, motivate children to be confident learners, and allow children to make their own choices independently.

We started off with setting some rules and routines for the room for the year. The children actively taken part in this activity and we revisit these rules and routines daily. This activity allows the children to lead their own learning and to understand what the room expectations are.

We will also start off with Literacy and Numeracy activities, which will provide children the opportunity to recognise letters and numbers and extend on these activities by moving onto writing the letters and numbers. We will also be practicing sound – letter relation.

Our Japanese Program has really taken off well and children are showing interest in exploring it more. Getting to learn a new language skill helps to strengthen brain development, increase problem-solving skills and gives a child a richer understanding of how languages work.

We welcome any ideas, suggestions and questions that you may have in regards to our Kindergarten learning.

Thank You.

Miss Bhavna and Miss Tracy 

We look forward to a wonderful 2021 and developing some great partnerships with our families. We are always open to feedback and suggestions - you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks Tammy