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February Newsletter

Upcoming Events 

13 February Dental Show - Kindy Class

Parent Meeting 

A big thank you to the families who joined us for the first Parent Meeting of the year.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to send me an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Wet Bags

​Wet bag orders are open until the 24 February. Please ensure you enter our unique code to order.

 Hi,  Welcome to the Nursery from Miss Ruth & Miss Sukh. 

We would like to welcome our new friends,Imogen, Rehansa, Hudson & Harper.

In the Nursery we are focusing on helping the babies to feel safe & secure, so they can enjoy discovering their environment, learning about the world around them, & enjoy playing with their peers in the Nursery room.

We are sure that it will be a fun year of learning through play & interactions, & don't forget to bring in a white A4 size 2 ring binder to keep all those memories in.

Thanks Ruth & Sukh

 Hello everyone, Welcome to Toddlers

Miss Anu and Miss June would like to give a very special welcome to all our families and we both are really excited to work and play with your little ones.

This year will be working together with families so please don't hesitate to write down your comments in our "Toddlers Communications Book" or any input you would like to introduce with your child.

In Toddlers we have already started our learning journey by learning our colours, shapes, magic words ( please, sorry and Thank you) and our emotions through some songs and flash cards. Will continue working together with the children by providing them fun play based activities and of course according to their interests.

Any suggestions and parent inputs are more than welcome in our room. It will help us connect with the children.

Few Reminders: Please label all the belongings ( hats, shoes, drink bottle, sheets etc) as it will help all the educators. Please pack some spare clothes just in case we had messy play or water play.

Please provide a family photo for our class room family tree.

Best Regards from Toddlers room.

Welcome to Juniors !!!

Miss Alyssa, Miss Mai, and Miss Grace were excited to see your child in our room.
In our Junior's class, we will be providing a variety of fun play-based learning activities indoor and outdoor
throughout the year, and your child will develop their own skills and understanding while being
actively involved in the activity.
Quick reminder: Please ensure all personal belongings are named. Children may have the same wet
bag, water bottle, shoes, hat, and clothes as others.
We will provide water play during the summer; please pack spare clothes.
Please pack at least five sets or more of clothes if your child is on toilet training.


 End of January was a very busy and exciting for the Junior Kindy room. The Junior Kindy children started establishing and maintaining a trusting relationship with their educators Miss Jo, MissAnastazia and Miss Zubaida and adapting to a new room environment. It has been a big change for some children and there were a few tears as well, however the children are adjusting very quickly :-)

We are very happy to welcome you into our room and work with you and your children to help them grow and develop. We hope to do the best we can to assist in the transition of leaving your child with us. It is our goal to ensure that your child feels safe, secure, loved and welcomed while in our care.

We hope to be here when your child is dropped off, however sometimes we are not able to, due to different hour shifts. Therefore we have a parent communication book located in our room for you to write down messages. If you have anything you would like to add to our program or anything that has happened that your child enjoyed please write it down in this book as well because we are happy to know.

If your child has medication, please fill out a medication form, which you will find in medication folder behind your child's name and write it down in the communication book. The medication should be placed in medication box in the kitchen, feel free to ask staff for assistance with this. To give a child medication we need to have a pharmacy label on it with your child's name and dosage of medication needed and a medication form filled out.

The children showed a great interest in role play especially home corner where yummy food has been cooked by our little chefs. Also dress up is one of favourite among the children :-) If you have any dress ups at home that you think you wont use any more, please bring it here and we will definitely use it :-)

The play dough has been very popular in our room and children also love to participate in making it. Another sensory experience that children have been exploring is fluffy slime and we aim to experimenting with other interesting and fun sensory experiences.

We celebrated Australia Day and recently we are celebrating Chinese New Year.

We would like to do some simple cooking in our room, please,If you have any nice, simple, healthy recipe to cook or bake with children, please feel free to bring it in or even come and cook with us in Junior Kindy room.

The last thing we would like you to bring in is a PHOTO OF YOUR FAMILY, so we can place it up on our family tree that we would like to create soon (so that the children will be able to further develop their identity, by knowing who is in their family and it would be really nice to have a picture of your family in our room).

 What a great start to the year seeing all the smiling faces in Kindy. Miss Indri and Miss Tracy are looking forward to getting to know your growing child. If you have not already taken an "All about me" form, then please feel welcome to take one from the table and return as soon as possible. Family input is important to us in Kindy and can strengthen the bond between parent, child and teacher. Thankyou parents and guardians for helping your child settle into the daily routines by assisting your child to find their name tags and choose a locker. This is an important step to recognizing their name and to learn letters.

We love reading books in Kindy and is part of our daily routine so if your child would like to share their favourite book from home please feel welcome to bring them in to read at group time. We will keep the book safe for you to take home again at the end of the day. Group time is a time where your child can share stories, songs and games along with gaining confidence, making friends, taking part in group discussions and speaking in front of a group.

This term we will be concentrated on settling your child into daily routines, through being responsible for their own belongings like shoes, water bottles and bedding. Children gain increasing independence and perseverance through tasks like these. We will also be focusing on building a sense of security and trust so children can easily express their feelings.

The next few weeks we will be looking at feelings and how to express them, using books, songs, games and art activities.Drawing ourselves through activities like looking in the mirror and asking what do you see? Building confident self-identities in preparation for school.

Thank you again for your cooperation and we look forward to sharing learning and memories. Please feel free to share your views on the program through talking to us personally or through an email. We also have a notepad near the program for you to leave messages.

Miss Indri and Miss Tracy



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