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January News

Welcome to our first newsletter of the year! We have so much planned and very excited to start your child's early learning journey together.

Upcoming Events 

25 January Australia Day Celebrations 26 January Centre Closed - Australia Day
25 January Parent Meeting

Parent Meeting 

We will be having a parent meeting here at the service on Monday 25 January at 6pm. 

We ask that at least one family member attends and we ask that children do not attend.


 The carpark in front of the centre is for staff parking only. If staff have not arrived and the car space is empty - the car spaces must still not be used by parents.

This forms part of our licensing requirements and safety.

We must limit the number of cars coming and going. This is due to 2 reasons:

  1. Carpark adjoins the children's play space and
  2. Families will be walking across the zebra crossing to existing shopping centre carpark

If you use this car space you will be asked to move your car immediately. We need to comply with the safety measures set out.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


All families upon enrolment are required to sign a CWA form. A CWA is an agreement between you and our service to give care in return for fees. We can only pay Child Care Subsidy when you've confirmed your child's enrolment details.  If you have not yet signed your CWA please come to the office to sign your form, to avoid full fees.

Arrival Times 

Our Learning Programs commence at 9am every day. We ask that children arrive by this time - (at the latest 9:30am)

Arrival time is important for many reasons but most importantly to ensure all children are settled and the rooms are not disrupted from their learning.

We also need to ensure our cook is aware of how many children she will need to prepare meals for each day.

So, we ask that all arrival times are by 9am - 9:30am at the latest. If you have an appointment on the odd occasion and need to drop off after 9:30am, please ensure you email the centre to let us know.

Room Allocations & Changes 

Room changes will commence from Monday 25 January. As previously mentioned, room requests are unable to be honoured. We currently have close to a full service with 180 families in attendance. It is impossible to meet all requests of families. I have made the room allocations and our Educator's will support children to settle and make new friends.

It is beneficial for children to manage and build their own relationships, even though as parents and carers we may want to take responsibility or interfere. But there are ways we can help our children navigate friendships, become more confident and help to build and develop thier social skills.

  • Help your child to develop positive social skills from an early age. Help them to understand the importance of sharing, taking someone else's feelings into account and listening to each other. These can be supported by organising plenty of opportunities for your child to meet lots of different people
  • Demonstrate to your child how friendships work by letting them see how you behave with your friends
  • Help your child find other children with similar interests, such as through a swimming club, dance class, footy team or theatre group – children choose friends based on similar and shared hobbies
  • For older children who may be feeling shy or anxious offer them some icebreakers to start conversations with others and role-play what they may say to someone
  • Help them to find new areas of interest or help to boost their confidence in everyday situations.
Generally, our Educator's focus on social/emotional development within their program for the first term.


Our service provides all meals. We ask that food from home is not brought into the service. We have strict guidelines around our Food Program which is governed by the Brisbane City Council. 

The only food that is required to be brought from home is:

  • If your child has high allergy needs
  • Late afternoon tea snack - this is if your child will be here after 5pm and requires an additional snack. This is a healthy snack only and hot meals are not accepted.
Thanks Tammy