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July News


Welcome to another month at Kidz Magic and it happens to be our Birthday Month. We opened our doors to Families 9 years ago....Wow!!! It only feels like yesterday. We had a great Birthday celebration - Party Games, Cake, Pizza and a Magician with a real life rabbit. Lot's of smiles and lot's of laughs. 

Thank you to each and everyone of you - you have all helped create a wonderful Centre where the children love to play and learn. I look forward to many more years with you all!!

Upcoming Events

​25 July ​Book Club Due
​4 August ​ National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day
​16 August​ Centre Closed – EKKA Holiday

Worm Farming

Have you seen our Worm Farm?

Worm Farming is a fun way to turn your  waste into rich fertiliser for your garden. And, while its easy to do, the more you know about worms and worm farming, the more fertiliser you can produce. So keep an eye out for bottled fertiliser in the future, that we will be giving away for your home garden.

Look what fun facts we have learnt about worms already:

*A worm has no arms, legs or eyes.

*Worms live where there is food, moisture, oxygen and a cool temperature. If they don't have these things, they go somewhere else.

*Worms are hermaphrodites. Each worm has both male and female organs.

*Worms can eat their weight each day.

Director's Leave

I will be on leave from 14-25 August. Tanya will be replacing me while I am away. Please ensure if you send an email it is sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – this way Tanya will also receive it and can respond on my behalf.

Thanks Tammy   

We would like to welcome our new friends Anabelle and Nate to our room. All the children are very excited to see their little friends. We all have been having a wonderful time. Over the past few months. Each child has developed so much emotionally, physically and socially. We have been able to maintain a good relationship with each other helping each of them to flourish and have a sense of belonging. 

Each day we provide the children with support and work alongside them with their skills and interest and thus scaffold them. We encourage the children to get involve in various activities whereby they can experiment, investigate, manipulate, reason, problem solve, imagine and create.

Children have shown a strong interest in looking at the pictures in the books, reading story books, singing and listening to various songs. We incorporate this in our daily program to help them extend their knowledge, develop their language and understanding of a certain context.

We have also been providing children with the opportunities to participate in art and craft which they seem to love. 

In the past few months, we have worked on the topic of Sustainability and Family. We've used various objects of reusable quality in our program. We also worked with the natural resources which the children have loved exploring. We will continue to work with various natural resources.

We are developing our own little herb garden with lavender and basil which have started sprouting up. Children water them every morning, look at how the plants are growing while we talk to the children about the importance of watering , caring and being gentle to the plants for them to grow. This has exposed children to caring and saving the natural plants.

With our Family topic, we have looked at the different pictures of  families. Identifying the mum, dad and children to introduce them to the concept of family. We are still in the process of learning the concept of family. We would appreciate if you could bring in your family photo to share with us to help us in our learning. We will then be focusing on children to identify themselves and their family members by name and relation.

Children have always loved their outdoor time. It is a time for them to explore the natural environment, get involved in physical activities, take risk and mingle and interact with the bigger children and be independent and confident in big group. We will be doing more of outdoor time too.

We have really had a remarkable journey. We hope to keep working together with you and your children for their overall development and celebrate each day as our achievement.


Miss Jo and Miss Noni.

Some new and exciting things that have happened in the Toddlers room we have a new Lead Educator in the room, Miss Joanna. Most of you would have already met Miss Jo by now. Please feel free to stop and chat at any time. Vismay is also transitioning to the Junior Kindy Room.

The Toddlers have been enjoying indoor/outdoor play and joining play in the Senior Yard in the mornings. What fun we have interacting with the older children. We have also started a progressive Morning Tea. We love choosing when we can eat our morning tea - sometimes we like to eat a little later in the morning, some of us like to eat earlier.

We have been learning about Indigenous culture through songs, musical instruments, story time and looking at animal tracks. This will be continual learning on our program.

Some of the children have shown interest in technology. So we have been getting familiar with how to use the camera, what features it has and what we can use it for.

We have also been looking at animals and seeing if we can name them all and the noise they make. This is lots of fun. If you have any animal books please bring them in to share. We just ask that you name the book clearly and let the Educators know.

If you have ideas you would like to see added to the program please see Miss Jo. We love parent input. Until next time.

Miss Jo & Miss June

Over half way through the Year, where has the time gone, we can't believe it.

Recently we had to say goodbye to a friend who left the centre she will be missed but not forgotten. We welcome Vismay up from Toddlers, who is adjusting to the new room and routine well, his new JK friends are helping him feel supported in the room.

We have made some really great changes to our routine which we are seeing great results. We have introduced a more child initiated routine, giving the children the choice of Indoor/outdoor, which has helped calm the room down and has extended their learning and given them more choices in their day.

We also introduced a Progressive morning tea with the Toddlers, which is teaching the children to listen to their bodies better and to self-regulate, as well as making the choice of when they eat.Children will eat when hungry, they won't starve. It works well as we have some arrive early, and others that arrive just as morning tea has started who may not be ready to eat as they have just finished breakfast, so this gives them the choice to eat.

We have added fairy lights to our Lunch meal time, which the children love seeing on the tables, it's just visual cue we have added to help tell the children it's almost time to relax and get ready for a sleep.

They have been helping make their beds before rest time, and recently they have decided they want to help put their sheets away and their beds, that's why we change the lockers around so they can do it on their own without as much help.

We have introducing new flags since reconciliation week, to further develop the children's knowledge on the cultures around them, they love it.We have been working on games and activities that require us to share and take turns, and how to use our words with friends.

Can't wait to see where the next half of the year takes us.

Miss Tash, Miss Nishi & Miss Amy

Another month gone by…. What an amazing learning journey we have been on this last month!We began to delve into Under the Sea discovery after several of our friends brought in some pictures from Sea World and Underwater Worldfor Show and Tell .The children showed so much interest in this topic and were so curious.Through discussions they learned lots of new things and were able to recall the new facts they learned later in more discussions.Through our learning journey we began to touch on how we can help to save our ocean and once again the knowledge the children had and the new information they picked up was amazing.This prompted two outcomes – 1.We decided to organise a visit from Ocean Life, an interactive travelling ocean discovery show, and 2. We decided to put our learning into practise by using recycled materials to create our own Under the Sea play space.The children were so interactive and passionate about this.We used egg cartons, jelly cups, boxes, milk bottle tops, cardboard and even an old pot plant to make various colourful sea creatures.I'm sure you saw our amazing watery masterpiece hanging over construction corner.Even after we had finished the children continued to extend on it by asking if they could make more sea creatures.A small group made a very authentic, creative shark out of boxes and masking tape and two of our friends made a turtle with various recycled materials.They look fantastic!!

Through the last 6 months each and every child has grown and changed so much.They have been involved in many learning journeys and discovered that they are becoming more independent.I am currently working on summative assessments that you will shortly receive that will show you just how much we have seen your child develop this year.It has been amazing to watch and take part in your childs journey and we are looking forward to the rest of the year!

Miss Tanya, Miss Tracy and Miss Zubaida

The Preschool children are becoming ready for school by participating in the following learning experiences –

Construction Spaces – boxes of all shapes and sizes are being made into lots of 3D realistic models. These models are also constructed with woollen strands, ribbon, paper streamers and coloured string. It is really inspiring to watch the emergence of these child-focused models.

Worm Farm- The children are showing lots of interest learning about our worm farm. Please take a moment to look at the Artwork and photos displayed – illustrating this unique learning.

Doll House Project – The children are also spending time participating with the doll's house. Chloe and Eleanor suggested building a Doll house for the room.

Do you have any 'Orphan pot plants looking for a new home to sit on our wooden bench in the block space? We would love to look after more plants.

Miss Jenny & Miss Kristie



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