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July News

Upcoming Events 

6 August Dental Visit

11 August Centre Closed - EKKA Show Day 

 Community Event

Come along to this fabulous community event. Purchase those unique gifts on the night, mingle with our ladies and try your luck at one of the raffles. We have over $1000 worth of prizes to giveaway.

Where: LaBella Health and Beauty - Shop 9 - 152 Woogaroo St Forest Lake

Friday 30 July - 6:30pm start


 Our service is committed to ensuring all reasonable steps to control the spread of infectious diseases in accordance with recognised guidelines.

Main ways to prevent infection -

The most important ways to break the chain of infection and stop the spread of diseases are:

  • effective hand hygiene
  • exclusion of ill children, educators and other staff
  • immunisation.
The aim of exclusion is to reduce the spread of infectious disease. The less contact there is between people who have an infectious disease and people who are at risk of catching the disease, the less chance the disease has of spreading. Excluding ill children, educators and other staff is an effective way to limit the spread of infection in education and care services.
Children, educators and other staff who are unwell should stay home from education and care services. Even if they do not have a condition that requires exclusion, the best place for an ill child to rest and recover is with someone who cares for them.

"5th Edition Staying Healthy Preventing Infectious Diseases in Early Childhood Education and Care Services" Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council 2013 provides the following guidance on exclusion:
  • "Separate the ill child from the other children. If the child is not well enough to participate in activities, contact their parent and send them home. A child who is feeling unwell needs to be with a person who cares for them—this is usually a parent or grandparent.
Please ensure your emergency details are up to date on file. If your child is unwell we ask that you refrain from attending until they are well. If symptoms present while at the service, we will phone an emergency contact to collect your child. A medical certificate will be required to return to care.

Important Information - Fees Payable 

 Statements - statements are sent out every Monday. 

Please ensure you open these statements and view them. It will have your weekly fee information listed and the amount to be debited from your nominated account for the current week. 

Fee's must be one week in advance at all times - as per centre policy. If there is insufficient funds in your account, you will be charged a dishonour fee of $14.95.

Accounts that are not one week in advance (with no communication with the service) will be suspended and your child's position given to a family on our waitlist. This will result in you being placed back on our waitlist. 

If you require your payment to be changed to another day, please ensure you contact me at least one day before your scheduled payment. 

Fees are payable via Direct Debit only, please ensure you have a current bank account on file. 

Every Monday your statement should show a nil balance - this balance will be inclusive of the fees yet to be deducted on the current week. 

Please check you statements and ensure your account is up to date. If you have any questions, please send an email and I can look into this for you. 

 13th Birthday Celebrations

Room News

 Hello bottlebrush families,

As we continue on with our focus on our ABC'S, counting to 5 and singing nursery rhymes we have also introduced group time with the children , this occurs before or after a meal or whenever the children show interest in group time.

We continue to use the small wooden blocks to construct with and has also been helpful with color recognition and sensory as some of the blocks have different textures inside them or coloured jewels.

We have also introduced free play when outside, we have opened up the outdoor area by removing the fences, this has helped to encourage interactions with the older children in the outdoor environment.

Please feel free to make contributions to our weekly programs.

In our Coolibah room, our toddlers are extending on their interests as they have been using their imaginations and engaging in pretend play in our room learning areas.

Last month, we had created our Coolibah garden setup within our room where the children were able to explore and learn about growing healthy fruits and vegetables. There were shovels and buckets provided along with vegetables where the children were pretending to dig and hide the vegetables. To extend on from that, this month we have created our Coolibah kitchen as the children show a lot of interest towards our healthy fruits and vegetables and they engage in pretend play developing on their social and language skills. There are also plates, bowls, spoons and cups provided for the children to do some cooking!

Our toddlers love animals whether it be making animals sounds or learning the names of the different animals that's why we created our Jungle area with a variety of different jungle animals for the children to explore. We also added in a jungle bridge for the children to use their imaginations and walk across with the different animals. Through this setup, the children have been and continue to learn a lot more different animal sounds and names.

Within our room, the toddlers have been showing a lot of care and support to their friends so viewing that, we decided to create a small baby corner where the children have access to baby dolls, nappies, bibs, a pram, high chair and baby seats. The children are able to explore and develop on their emotional and nurturing skills as they have been taking care of the baby dolls by patting them to sleep, pretending to change their nappies and clothes and taking them for walks around the room.

Just a reminder, please remember to label your child's belongings e.g., jumpers, hats & drink bottles

If you have any questions, please approach the educators in the room and they will be able to assist you.


Miss Simran, Miss Sukh and Miss Tina 

Lots of learning has been happening in the Eucalyptus Room. The children have been learning about the world around them, learning the different seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, & about the weather patterns. We have started learning about the planets. The children are learning about these through arts & craft, observing their outside environment, researching on the internet with the educators, & looking at books.

The children have been developing their fine motor skills in the room every week through threading activities, play dough with tools & drawing, & they have been learning about shapes & patterns through flash cards, books & magnetic shapes. Magnets teach the children about scientific forces. The children have also been participating in some scientific experiments. We did a volcanic eruption & a scientific colour mixing experiment. The children learned that when some products are mixed there is a reaction, & that when different colours are mixed new colours are made.

During the group times the children have been learning to count, through clap counting, through number books, & through number songs. They have also been learning the days of the week through songs, & listening to story time, which also helps the children develop their numeracy & literacy skills.

New puzzles in the room have been a big interest to some of the children & some are now completing 20 piece puzzles. This is helping the children to develop their problem solving skills.

Outside bike riding has been very popular with the children. This is supporting children to  learn to balance and steer.

Toilet training in the Eucalyptus Room is going really well.  Friendships are forming in the room & this is helping to develop the children's social skills & confidence. 

Hello to our Lilly Pilly families,

Welcome to the month of July. Its halfway through the year so far, and our learning journey continues to so many amazing things along with experiencing new amazing skills. Time is flying and our children are growing in every aspect of their learning journey.

As we celebrated NAIDOC week, children were provided with various experiences throughout the week such as aboriginal musical instruments, boomerang dot painting etc. We focused on literacy and language. Children participated in reading books daily which helped them a lot with the extension of their vocabulary.

We will continue our learning journey by adding different topics to our program according to children's interests. Don't forget any concerns or suggestions you would like to discuss.

As we have headed into winter the weather often guides our day but we still aim to head outside for most periods.  So please continue to pack spare weather appropriate clothing.

Continuing on with our activities to improve Gross and fine motor skills we are focusing on sticking and gluing feathers, pompoms, sticks and food pictures for our food collage. 

Looking forward to an exciting new month!

Miss Monica and Miss June 

Hello families.

We welcomed new friends, Seth, Jacques and Myra to the Paperbark room we are so glad to see our new friends are already settled in and happy.

In the last past two months children have been having so much fun while learning through play.

Children have been learning about different letters, shapes and weather by singing, reading, playing a game or doing art or craft. Children made very large shape monsters last month. Children also made different crafts about Autumn as well.

Children learnt about healthy food by making smoothies, healthy and unhealthy food pictures craft or role play "I am a chef".

Children learnt to show their curiosity by asking questions during science or sensory experiments as we recently did volcano, magic milk, inflating a balloon, rain cloud in a jar…. etc.

We thank the families for sharing your child's pet toy with us. As we talked about pets during group time we read a book about pets, we made a pet house, we took our pet for a walk, we learnt what food is good for our pet. Children learnt how to love and care for their own pets or other people's pets.

Your little one just loves animals, we had farm animals' fun week. Children loved making different farm animals craft, singing Old MacDonald had a farm or pretending to milk a cow. In this animal fun week children learnt how to show their positive interaction with others,

We talked about dental care by doing fun activities such as role play "I am a dentist", action songs of dental care or craft about "good and bad teeth". Children pretend to brush the teeth for our big mouth every day in the room. Children learnt brushing teeth is important and fun at the same time.

Winter is here... We talked about different clothing, how to keep us warm, how the season change. We showed children different photos of Winter in the world. We made snow sensory bin……and we will continue to do different activities about Winter next week such as making cloud dough snow, winter sport…. etc.

We have celebrated Mother's Day, NAIDOC week and Aarohi's 3rd Birthday.

We had some yoga practice in the class. Children learnt how to follow instructions to do different poses, it was another great way to develop gross skill through yoga.

Children have been developing their fine, gross motors, cognitive, social, language imagination skills throughout their days and our programming.

Music and movement are big part of our routine, and we will continue to do it and add some more musical instruments.

We will continue to extend your interest and create different meaningful activities.

To extend children's interest. "Jungle animals" "cooking class" "physical game/yoga" will be added onto our programming.

**Ready to start Toilet training? We kindly encourage all children to start toilet training. NO FORCE. We will share with you how your child is going with toilet training.

**Label your child's belongings please

Little friendships have been built in the Paperbark room.

We are so happy to continue to work with your child.

Miss Clara, Anastazia and Purvi 

This month we have been focusing on fine motor skills and letter recognition, we have used different resources to build our skills and learning including magnetic sand, play dough, hammering and using the loose parts to create different things. We have also been encouraging independence in the room and allowing the children to make choices by choosing their seats at mealtimes.

In the next few weeks, we will be focusing on fine motor skills and hand eye coordination with threading, sensory activities and sorting using tongs and spoons. We will continue to encourage independence as the children find their sheets, make their beds and take responsibility for their learning.

As a room we are always open to parent input and feedback so please feel free to approach us with any concerns and ideas. 

 Kindergarten News

We have had a busy term this term learning all about germs and what hygiene practices we need to perform to prevent us from spreading our germs. The children explored and investigated germs by a number of experiments to explain to the children, for example rubbing lotion into our hands and placing them in glitter, then rubbing our hands again to show the children these are the germs we cannot see on our hands. We then wash our hands with soap and water until the germs are gone to show how long we need to wash our hands for.

We have been focusing on writing our names with pencils, on laminated paper with our names written on them for tracing, as well as a line underneath to encourage the children to write their name without a guide. We have been practicing our number and letter recognition with cards, Miss Jacqui or I will ask Kindy by calling their name to answer the card we have picked for them. This is a fun way for the children to practice, learn when to wait their turn and gain the confidence to answer in front of their peers. Lots of encouragement and practice at home will help us with our literacy and numeracy skills as we are getting closer and closer to school next year.

This term we will be learning about dental hygiene, implementing dental hygiene habits in children is essential for fostering healthy teeth into adulthood. We also will be exploring ramps; force. The children have shown interest in building ramps to run cars or balls down to see what is faster. This is a great opportunity to explore ramps, angles and friction with the children through building them ourselves through interactive play.

Thankyou to all the lovely families and children for the term, we look forward to another fun and exciting term where we will learn lots of new things to help us get ready for school. 

 Our Kindy children have been doing their Dinosaur project focusing on the different features of different dinosaurs. They learnt that some dinosaurs are tall; some are short; some can run fast, and some are very small. Our focus on dinosaurs has led to the topic of what animals lay eggs and what animals give birth to lives. We will continue learning about animals such as baby animal names, different animals' features and their functions.

We also have been focusing on self-help skills. The children have started self serving themselves during mealtime. This promotes their confidence, independence and their fine motor skills. Learning to use tong to pick up food develops their sense of confidence and problem-solving as they need to evaluate how they could manipulate the tong to pick up different food that have different textures! To support their independence and nurture their interest in cooking, Miss Loreta, Miss Cherry and Miss Tracy also would like to run a monthly cooking experience for the children!

 Thankyou Tammy