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June News


Welcome to our June News. What a crazy few months we have had but as restrictions start to ease I hope we all are starting to resume life as what we once called 'normal' again. 

How wonderful is it to have our local parks, cafe's and shops open back up to our community. 

While restrictions are easing within QLD - we will continue to monitor the visitors that we have within our service. We will still be limiting our extra curricular activities, with some of them not returning until later in the year, or perhaps even the new year. 

We continue to ask that children and parents do not attend the service if unwell. If you present with flu like symptoms we ask that you obtain a medical clearance to attend. If your child is sent home unwell, you will be asked to stay at home and only return once symptoms have gone or alternatively you can obtain a medical clearance from your Doctor.

Upcoming Events  

16 June Kindergarten Jarjum Session
6 July Kindergarten First Aid Lesson
14 July12th Birthday Celebrations
14 AugustCentre Closed - Public Holiday

Kindergarten Transition Statements  

Transition statements:

• contains valuable information that will help to ensure your child is appropriately supported to have a positive start to school
• provides a summary of your child's learning and development at the end of the kindergarten year
• identifies your child's strengths and interests, and includes suggestions to help your child settle into school.

Parents will be asked if they give permission for a completed and approved transition statement to be shared with their child's Prep Year teacher and/or school by signing a transition statement consent form.

transition statement consent form (DOCX, 112.5 KB)

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Return to Child Care Subsidy - CCS

As you would be aware, due to the impact of COVID-19 the Australian Government introduced the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package to support early learning services and allow them to remain operating whilst ensuring that, at a minimum, 'essential workers' were able to access quality education and care for their children during the pandemic. The package came into effect on Monday 6 April and during this time, families have not been charged any fees to access childcare. In effect families have received 'free childcare' during this time.

As you may have seen in the media, the arrangements under this Relief Package are now scheduled to conclude at midnight 12 July 2020.

We are therefore getting ready for the return of the Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

Over the past few months, we have experienced numerous changes in terms of child attendance.
We may have changed the timing of care sessions for your child or perhaps your child has not attended our service since the health crisis began to unfold.

To help us move beyond the current arrangements, we are asking all families to get in touch with Kidz Magic by 19 June to discuss your ongoing attendance needs (ie. number of days, hours, etc).

We will then be able to confirm bookings and enrolments and calculate an estimation of the gap fees payable each fortnight – this will include the latest CPI increase to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). In some cases, you may need to confirm this new enrolment through your MyGov account.

Below is a statement to families from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, which we urge you to act upon, in order to ensure that you continue to receive the CCS beyond 13 July.

If you received Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for 2018-2019 you are required to confirm your income with Centrelink. This includes CCS paid directly to you and CCS paid on your behalf to your childcare provider.

Most parents have already confirmed their income, but if you haven't, do it now.

If you don't confirm your income by 30 June 2020, your CCS will stop on 13 July 2020.

To confirm your income with Centrelink, you and your partner need to either:

If you've already confirmed your family income for 2018-2019, there's nothing else you need to do.

From 13 July onwards, our service will reintroduce fees. As per our Payment of Fees Policy, fees are payable in advance of your child's attendance. Families will need to make payment w/c 6/7/20 to cover w/c 13/7/20.

To ensure a smooth transition back to CCS, please do not hesitate to speak with us personally to discuss any of the above.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during the past few difficult months. We are excited to return to the 'new normal' and look forward to focussing our attention on educating and caring for your children.

Kind regards,

Tammy Hare

Absent Days  

When your child will be absent we ask that you phone or email the service as soon as possible. We have quiet a few families requiring extra days and providing us notice that your child will be away will allow another child to attend.

It is also helpful to know for preparation of food. Many children have dietary requirements or simply to assist with the quantity to be cooked. 

Booked Days  

We have some families who require additional days on a permanent basis to meet their new work requirements. Unfortunately the service is full and we are unable to meet the needs of all of our working families. If you have an extra day and are not working, can I ask that you consider if you need this day?

Priority of Access may need to be enforced if we are not able to meet the needs of our working families. 

Thankyou to the families who have already kindly given us one of your days for the month of June. It was extremely helpful and the families were very appreciative of your offer. 

Our service is extending with a completion date due around early October 2020. So if you are able to give one of your days away until October, I would be very appreciative. Alternatively I may need to ask some families to reduce their booked days, if you do not meet the Priority of Access Criteria.