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June News

Welcome to our June News... 

Dates to Remember... 

10 June - Parent Dinner 29 June - Trae Trae Incursion - Kindergarten Class 14 July - Centre's 14th Birthday Celebration
10 August - Public Holiday - Brisbane Show  August - TBC Parent Meet & Greet

Parent Dinner 

 We have a parent dinner upcoming at the Forest Lake Hotel. This is an opportunity to meet other families and have a casual dinner together.

Bookings are required at the hotel - so please ensure you RSVP by 10am Friday 3 June.

There will be a QR code at the table that every family can order their own family meals and drinks. You can view the menu online -Menus — Forest Lake Tavern, Forest Lake, QLD.

Children are welcome to attend.

Flu Season 

1000 Play Streets 

 1000 Play Streets is the movement Play Australia is leading to empower Australians to reclaim quiet residential streets across Australia as places for neighbours to connect and play, to ultimately improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

OUR VISION is that children, families, neighbours, pedestrians, bike riders and motorists are given equal priority on our quiet residential streets, to share these important community spaces in a safe and respectful manner every day of the week.

We are working toward achieving 1000 Play Streets in Australia by 2025. Local Government | Play Australia

Studio News 

 In the Bottlebrush room, we have been experimenting with the setup of the room and different play spaces. We have been looking at what works well and what the children have the most interest in when it comes to resources and experiences. We have swapped some resources and introduced new ones to extend on the children's current interests and assist with developmental areas.

We have been embedding indigenous perspectives into our every day practices here in the Bottlebrush room. We initiated this a few weeks ago by starting each day with Acknowledgement of Country. This is done with the children as a group, before we eat our morning tea.
Throughout the last few weeks, we have been inviting the children to engage in rich and diverse experiences where they have been able to appreciate diversity of culture, heritage and background. We are very excited to continue to do this and continue to explore different social worlds with the children, learning together and appreciating diversity together.
We would love to involve our families with this as much as possible and we want to hear from you in regards to your own culture and ask that you assist us with being able to implement new practices and perspectives in our room that reflect on your beliefs or traditions.


Candace and Roshni

 Hello and Welcome back with the news about your child's learning. We hope you all had great month. We are already halfway through the year and the time is flying fast. Winter has arrived and there are more cooler days in few weeks.

First of all, I would like to welcome Aria to our Coolibah room. We want to make sure that she is feeling comfortable and safe in the new room environment and ready for learning.

As hand washing plays a vital role to keep the germs and infections away, so we will continue with our health and hygiene, we always make sure to wash our hands every time we need to that is (before and after meal, after messy play etc.). In our room we are also learning and recognising each other and our own belongings. "Five Little Ducks", "five little Monkeys" Sleeping bunnies" are few rhymes to which children are dancing and learning to count.

As we are learning about our Family at the moment can I please request parents/carers to bring in a family picture.

Friendly Reminder:

  • Please pack spare warm clothes (jumper and socks etc.) for your child as it getting cold.
  • Please label your child's belongings (bottles, hats, shoes and spare clothes)
  • If there is special dietary requirement for your child, please don't hesitate to talk to the educators into the room
  • Please provide medications and creams with the pharmacy label on it, stating child name and the amount to be given/applied like (teething gels, sunscreen and nappy rash cream etc.)
  • If you have any concerns about your child and their learning , please do not hesitate to discuss.

Till then….Miss Monica, Miss Emma and Miss Kalpana

 Wow nearly halfway through the year already. This month we've had a very busy month in the Eucalyptus Room. The children's learning experiences included learning about insects and transport. As these have been two areas of particular interest to the children.

Science experiments have also been a popular one with the children, e.g. volcanic eruption, rain cloud and skittle rainbow experiments.

The children have enjoyed participating in hands on experiences e.g. cooking – making pizza, making fruit and vegetable smoothies, and planting -seeds to make a grass head, and plant cuttings to grow a new plant.

At Group Time – inside and outside – and through the feature tables (that are regularly changed), the children have been learning about insects. They have also looked at mathematical comparisons & counting – through weighing, measuring, comparing. The children have also shown interest around emotions through emotion cards with mirrors, and about recognizing their own face in the mirror.

The children are doing well with their self help skills – e.g. packing up toys, packing up their own bed, putting on their hat and shoes, and with toilet training, getting more independent and ready for when they'll be moving up to the next room. 

Miss Ruth, Miss Clara, Miss Priya & Miss Nidhi

 Hello Lilly Pilly Families,

In our Lilly Pilly room, the children continue with the focus on our ABC's and Counting to 5. We have focused a lot around literacy and language. Children participated in reading books daily which helped them with the extension of their vocabulary.

Our toddlers love animals whether it be making farm animal sounds or learning the names of the different animals . So we created our very own farm area with a variety of different farm animals for the children to explore. Children loved making different farm animals with craft, and singing 'Old Mac Donald Had A Farm'.

Children learnt about different colours and shapes by participating in different activities. Children have also made different arts and crafts. 

We will continue our learning journey by adding different topics to our program according to children's interest. Continuing on with our activities to improve gross and fine motor skills.

As winter is here we ask that you please pack spare cloths and label your child's belongings.

If you have any questions, please approach us and we will assist you.


Miss Himani and Miss Zubaida

Time flies and we are already in June.
Recently we welcomed to our room a new friend Rumi and we are very excited to have her with us. Rumi settled in our room very quickly and she already made new friends.
We have lately introduced the children to simple yoga exercise, and we would like to include it into our daily routine. 

The children seem to enjoy it, they have fun while doing it and it has great benefits such as: 

• helps children manage their anxiety. ... 

• improves children's emotional regulation. ... 

• boosts children's self-esteem. ... 

• increases children's body awareness and mindfulness. ... 

• enhances children's concentration and memory. ... 

• develops children's strength and flexibility. 

Dramatic play and pretend play have been very popular in our room. Children are enjoying hairdressers and the beauty salon that we set up for them. We are planning to create an ice cream shop and a doctors' corner in the near future. If you have any old clothes or accessories that you don't use anymore and they would be suitable for children, please bring them in, the children would love them. The children have been enjoying participating in simple cooking as well. Please share with us some simple and healthy recipes that we can use in the room. 

Getting into cooler months, we ask if you could please pack extra jumpers, long sleeve shirts, long pants, and socks in case we need to change your child's clothes. Just a reminder that all nappy creams, lotions, and sunscreen have to have pharmacy labels. If your child has a special sunscreen in our room, please collect it and take it to pharmacy to put the label on. 

Thanks for reading.

Paperbark team 

In our wattle room, we have been focusing on developing our cognitive and fine motor skills through various planned experiences where the children are required to use their thinking skills and concentration. We engaged in threading activities where the children completed ABC bead threading followed by pasta threading which the children had painted first. The children used their imagination and creativity as they pretended to make necklaces and bracelets during the threading experiences.

We have been continuing learning about our ABC and numbers through daily experiences and activities setup for the children such as flashcards as a group and tracing alphabet letters.

As the children have shown interest towards the trucks and cars, we have also been setting up train tracks in the room where the children can use their imaginations and their own ideas of how to explore further on.

As the children have been busy engaging in cognitive and fine motor experiences, we will continue with fine motor sensory experiences within the next month where the children can explore different textures and use their hand eye coordination skills. We will also participate as a group more often where we can all have group conversations with each other such as singing songs together or taking part in activities as a class.

Please provide the children with jumpers, hats, drink bottles and bed sheets daily.

If you have any questions, please approach the educators in the room and they will be able to assist you.


Miss Simran & Miss Sukh 

Kindergarten News 

 Welcome back to June's newsletter. Term 2 is coming to an end, and the children's summative assessments will be conducted in June reflecting on the progress of the goals the was set for them. In addition to this, a new set of goals will be set for the rest of the year. If you have any goals you would like us to pay more attention to, you are more than welcome to discuss them with us!

According to our recent revisit on our medication policy and procedure, if your child requires a special sunscreen, we ask you that please add the dispensing label on.

In Term 2, the children in Kindy 2 continued to explore different themes in" All About Me ". Using the theme of doctors, the children worked together to explore where the food they eat goes (digestive system) and our bones. We also had an activity to measure our height and weight based on the children's voices. The children also discussed what procedures we go through when we go to the hospital and learn to differentiate between the use of different medical tools.

In the police theme, the children explored emergencies and how to call 000 in different situations. The children learnt about and made police cars and badges. They also took part in many discussions about learning to cross the road safely and learnt the meaning of the red, orange and green lights.

In Term 3, the 'All About Me' project will continue to explore more topics. The children will be learning about different emotions, identifying and learning to regulate these emotions through different activities. The children will continue to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through different art activities, media and dream stories. Based on the children's voices, they will have more opportunities to explore science such as colour and light, and we will spend more time exploring some plant and animal-related topics.

The children will continue to explore books on different topics through reading, discussion and retelling in literacy. Activities for writing names and letters will continue to be set. Children will continue to understand mathematical concepts as part of their daily routines in numeracy.

We care about your child and want them to have fun and be comfortable outside every day. The weather is starting to get colder, and we ask parents to ensure that your child has extra clothes in their school bag for the winter. Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to all parents for your continued support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything at all.

Warmest Regards,

Miss Cherry and Miss Elfin

 Hello families,

We have been very busy in Kindy 1 this month with lots of learning happening. We have been continuing to learn the letters of the alphabet and making connections to familiar words. We have been extending on these words by bringing them into the room in forms of our arts and craft. Our favourite art and craft activity has been creating animals by drawing, molding and crafting. Our creation have been based on looking at a real life object and making our own interpretation of it through art.

Throughout this term Kindy 1 has been focusing on our fine motor and social skills. We have been busy exploring different activities such as hammering, using rubber bands, placing small objects together and lots of writing and drawing. We have been creating woodwork such as a marble run where we used real tools and materials and we have also been helping Mr Callum to use the tools to take apart the old tables and chairs so that we can recycle the materials for our new woodwork sessions commencing soon.

Also in Kindy 1 this month we are continuing to focus on our mindfulness. Each day we meditate and use our deep breathing to calm our bodies and relax our minds. This is working well preparing us for big school where we will experience new and unfamiliar situations. We have also been working on working together to complete challenging learning experiences. This is helping us build relationships with each other while having a great, fun and enjoyable day!

This month we introduced our show and tell journals where the children draw about a topic and share it with the class. Mr Callum and myself have noticed since introducing this, the children are using more language and the confidence has increased greatly each week.

If you would like us to implement or explore a topic that your child is interested in please let Mr Callum or myself know and we will be more than happy to incorporate it into our weekly program.

Hope you all have a great month and we look forward to working with you and your child. If you have any concerns please make contact with us as we would be happy to assist.


Miss Jacqui and Mr Callum