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June Newsletter

 Welcome to our June News!

Upcoming Events 

8 July     Tanabata - Burning Ceremony - Japanese Tradition

10 July    NAIDOC Week Celebrations

16 July    11th Birthday Celebrations

22 July   Ananse Story time - Kindy Class

Tanabata - Burning Ceremony

Tanabata, or the Star Festival, is held on the evening of July 7. The festival traces its origins to a legend that the Cowherd Star (Altair) and Weaver Star (Vega), lovers separated by the Milky Way, are allowed to meet just once a year - on the seventh day of the seventh month.

Children and adults write their wishes on narrow strips of coloured paper and hang them, along with other paper ornaments, on bamboo branches placed in the backyards or entrances of their homes. They then pray hard that their wishes will come true. 

We are asking if each family could write their wishes on a coloured piece of paper that we will have in the foyer and hang it on our bamboo plants.

On Monday 8 July we will have a burning ceremony at the centre, where we will read out some of the wishes and then burn the wishes as a group. 

11th Birthday Celebrations 

Our 11th Birthday is fast approaching. We will be celebrating on Tuesday 16 July.

We will have a puppet show in the morning, along with some birthday party games.

For lunch we will have some homemade pizzas with cutting of the Birthday Cake to take place in the afternoon.

Invitations will be out shortly.

Fee Increase 

 It is that time of the year, when Child Care Centres throughout Australia review their fees.

To ensure we continue to deliver high quality services and our operations remain viable, we will be increasing our fees by $2 per day as of Monday 1st July 2019. The ongoing rise in operating costs and everyday expenses has been taken into account in creating the new fees.

The staff and management would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and families for your ongoing support. We believe that the strong relationships we share with you are an important aspect of our service and that this enables us to provide the best possible experiences for the children in our care.

Feedback Welcome... 

 Authentic play space for children. 

As you all know our Centre will be undergoing a REVAMP....but let's also look beyond the visual eye.
When does the Pendulum swing to far? Does too much colour have an impact on children by the means of visual noise?

What's important to you?

Connections with Educator's??
Connections with Director??
Learning Environment??

We don't want our ethics to fade in the background.

Let's look deeper.... Help me create the Early Learning Setting that shines Quality and Connectedness.

How can we be innovative - what would you like to see in our service but may push the boundaries in the Early Childhood Sector?

What do you value? What do you love and don't want to see changed?
Email your thoughts to - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thankyou Tammy