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Kids Gourmet Food

We will be commencing Kids Gourmet Food from Monday 13 July 2020. This is an exciting change and we welcome some new food options for the children. 

What is Kids Gourmet Food? 

KGF prepares healthy, wholesome and fun meals for children in childcare. They consult with nutritionists and dieticians to produce a menu that not only exceeds the national dietary guidelines, it creates a positive and appealing mealtime environment for children in our service. The meals are carefully packaged and delivered to our centre within hours of being prepared by our chefs. 

My child has Dietary or Cultural requirements...What happens here? 

 Enjoy total peace of mind that children with food allergies and special requirements are being safely catered for, without compromising on a fun and healthy mealtime experience.

Please ensure if your child has any dietary requirements that you send Tammy an updated email, as a 'new' dietary requirement chart will be created.

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Health Catering for Children 

Kids Gourmet Food work with nutritionists and dieticians and consult with national advisory groups to ensure the highest nutritional standards. In their six-week rotational menu, your children's meals contain food from the five food groups recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Their healthy and balanced meals include a variety of:

  • Fresh vegetables and legumes
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Wholegrains and seeds
  • Lean fresh meat and fish
  • Dairy options

Their menus also offer a wide selection of fresh fruit and raw vegetables with morning and afternoon tea, as well as steamed, fresh vegetables at lunchtime.

Where will I find the weekly menu? 

The weekly menu will continue to be displayed on our Menu board in the foyer. Each room will also have a copy on their Parent noticeboards. 

Can I view some sample menu's? 


You are welcome to view some sample menu's, to see what will be on offer. 

Thanks Tammy