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March News

Upcoming Events 

 1 April     Mad Hatters Tea Party & Easter Celebrations

2 April     Good Friday - Centre Closed

5 April     Easter Monday - Centre Closed


Statements are emailed every Monday. We ask that you review your statement every week. It will show you payments to be deducted, total absences, CCS details etc.

It's important that you review them and email the centre if you have any questions or concerns. Payments cannot be changed on the day they are due to be deducted from your account.

A reminder that all accounts must be one week in advance at all times. A dishonour fee of $14.95 will be charged if payments do not process. Any missed payments will be required to be paid on the same week the money has not processed, otherwise your position will be suspended until payment is made. In these circumstances your position maybe given to someone on the waitlist. 

In the event that your CCS changes or cancels full fees will be deducted from your account. This will be reflected on your weekly statements.

 Easter Celebrations

We will be having a day of Easter Celebrations on Thursday 1 April.


9:30amEaster Craft – Making Easter Bunny Masks

10:15am Easter Bonnet parade – we are asking if the children could make an Easter hat at home for the parade. Various prizes will be awarded and every child will receive a participation certificate.

11:00am Mad Hatter's Tea Party & the Easter Bunny will make an appearance with photos

** Parents are invited to attend the Easter Bonnet Parade and the Mad Hatters Tea Party. Please arrive by 10am and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party will conclude by 11:45am.**

12noon Lunch

2pmEaster Egg Hunt & Easter Raffle Drawn (100% profit goes to Youngcare)

2:30pmEaster Extravaganza Performance – Incursion

3:15pmAfternoon Picnic

Cost $10 per child – please make cash payment at the office by Thursday 25 March

 February's gone fast and here we are heading towards the Easter holidays.

Sadly, in February we had to say goodbye to our friend Hunter who's family relocated.

We also welcomed Shanaya, Joey and Esther N. during this past month.

During the month of February we worked on building confident self-identity once everyone settled in. This month we will continue to build a positive community environment to help the children develop a feeling of belonging.

I asked parents to bring a photo of their family. As a product of our diverse culture we'll be looking at universal characteristics that we all share. We want everyone to feel that they belong and everyone to feel accepted. Also, if there's any characteristic to your culture or family that that you'd like to share, you're more than welcome.

In the past couple of weeks, we encouraged parents to provide us with their child's routine from home. That should help us better understand your child's needs. Anyway, if you think that there is something that we should change, we'll be more than happy to accommodate your child's routines according to his/hers needs. Just remember, communication is the key and we are here to listen :)

We would also like to thank you all for being so supportive and appreciative.

We are looking forward to our partnership in the future.

Miss Tonka. Miss Zubaida & Miss Himani

In our toddler room, the children have now settled in and are understanding their daily routines and enjoy exploring their room where they are able to use their imaginations and creativity.

This month, we have setup our toddler room with different learning areas such as our dinosaur world which we have re set as the children love dinosaurs and they show a lot of interest towards them like making dinosaurs sounds saying "Raah!". The children also love to scare their educators and friends with the big dinosaurs.

We will also be continuing our loose parts play as they have access to a range of natural materials like bark, rocks, pine cones, feathers etc. Loose parts play stimulates the children's curiosity and enables them to use their creativity and problem-solving skills.

We have changed our Baby nursery area into a Baby picnic play area as the children have shown interest towards the babies and to further extend on their interest, we created a picnic with the babies where the children still can develop on their social skills and also learn about healthy eating as there are fruits and vegetables for the children to feed the baby dolls.

We are also continuing on with our music and movement mat as the children love dancing to their favorite songs and making loud musical sounds with the musical instruments.

Physical activities such as water play, using the obstacle course and engaging in ball games will be continued on as this will develop on their gross motor skills.

The toddlers have started to develop on their friendship within the room as they enjoy exploring within group activities together and have been communicating with each other which develops on their language and social skills. We will also continue to encourage the children to engage in conversations through group experiences whether it be during story time or free play within our room learning areas.

It has been wonderful to see how our toddlers have settled into their new room and formed great friendships with their toddler friends.

Just a reminder, please remember to label your child's belongings.

If you have any questions, please approach the educators in the room and they will be able to assist you.


Miss Simran, Miss Sukh and Miss Tina

 Hello Families!!

We welcomed new friends to the Eucalyptus room ( Amneer, Aria, Samayra, Oaklyn and Amara)

We have been learning about Who Lives in the Trees? (Birds, Animals and bugs)

We learnt about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly, including butterfly Art and Craft and the children also made a collage of the life cycle of a bird (Nest, Eggs, Bird).

We are using different techniques to learn numbers 1 to 10 like pom pom counting activity, looking at the number book, and singing the number songs.

We have also been developing our fine motor skills and hand and eye co-ordination using threading activities etc.

We have recently visited the new playground on the other side of the center twice, where the children were developing their gross motor skills and balancing skills while using the challenging climbing equipment and rope tunnels.

We are currently learning about the different colours in the traffic lights and what each colour means. We started this by watching the videos on traffic lights and painting the traffic light colours while talking about them. We will be continuing to learn about traffic lights throughout the week and extend this in to a traffic course as well.

Toilet training in the Eucalyptus room has been going well. The children are responding well to sitting on the toilet between nappy changes and some have moved to no nappies except for at rest sleep time.

The children are all settling in well and all feel safe and comfortable with educators following the routine.

We have been posting our Daily Journal on educa online and have started printing a copy to display for the parents in the room.

We will be posting every child's individual observation and group observation on educa and filing a copy into their individual portfolios.

The portfolios are located on the shelf outside the classroom for parents and families to look at anytime.

Coming on the 29th March we are celebrating Holi Day in the Center. Your child are welcome to come in a white T- shirt on this day.

Educators: Miss Ruth, Miss Harmeet and Miss Bijal.

 Hello Lovely families!

Welcome to our March newsletter. There are a lot of activities occurring in our room. The experiences we have been involved in so far includes child- initiated sensory play as they explore themselves their sense of touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing and we as their educators extending them into activities like painting, singing action songs and listening to our favorite nursery rhymes. 

Our children are interested in caring for babies, home corner, sensory balls and the musical instruments. We have seen self-help skills developing in our children and we have been supporting these skills especially at meal times like walking to the bathroom for nappy time and washing their hands after toileting and whenever required. They are also sitting together at the table for meal time and putting their dishes and drink bottles away.

This month our focus is to promote health and hygiene by washing our hands whenever required. All the children are lining up to wash their hands before meal times.

We have received the forms from the families "All about me". Thank you for providing the forms and the information.

Other areas we will be looking at this month include:

  • Gross motor skills (balancing/ obstacle course)
  • Fine motor skills
  • Colors, shapes and sizes (cognitive skills)

Also don't forget to label your child's belongings. If you have any questions about our program don't hesitate to ask us. We are here to help if needed.

Miss Monica and Miss June

 Dear Paperbark families.

In February we welcomed to our Paperbark room 3 new friends: Stephanie, Tobias and Samuel. We are looking forward to getting to know them and help them to form trusting relationship with their educators and peers.

In March we are going to focus on colours and sounds by creating colourful sensory or discovery bottles together with music/noise makers. We will use plastic bottles, tins, coloured rice, straws, sequins …

As children showed a great interest in dancing and moving, music/noise makers will be an awesome addition for making dancing even more fun.

As Easter is approaching, we are planning to plant grass seeds and grow our little grass for children to take home for Easter.

We are also looking forward to celebrating a few special events in March –

Thursday 1 April Easter Hat Parade 

Friday, 19 March – Red Nose Day

Sunday, 21 March – Harmony Day

Sunday – Monday, 28 – 29 March – Holi

A few reminders:

On the wall, opposite side of our room, we hung our hat pockets with children's photos so they can place their hats there when we transition inside. You can also place your child's hat there at the end of the day if you wish, instead of taking it home.

Please bring or email Tammy your family photo, so we can hang it on our Family tree.

Miss Anastazia, Miss Breannah & Purvi

The wattle children have been busy exploring gardening this month. By offering gardening experiences for your child we are allowing them to foster a respect for the environment and a natural curiosity in nature, enhancing their own happiness and wellbeing. As the Children develop a responsibility for caring for plants. Children gain self-confidence by seeing what they have grown. Children develop a love of nature and looking after our environment. Gardening allows children to develop social skills such as teamwork and shared caring. Gardening allows children to learn and discover the science of plants, the weather, animals, the environment and nutrition and how all of those things are linked together. Gardening allows children to broaden their knowledge of growing food and how we can sustain life within nature.

Cooking also has captured the children's interest as they express their interest in a range of cooking experiences. So far, we have made cupcakes for William's birthday along with rainbow pancakes and lately we made some yummy fried rice. Providing cooking experiences provides the children with real life tasks that will prove useful in their later life while promoting self confidence in measuring skills, following instructions and following a recipe. 

Cooking is a great social activity promoting conversation, team work and turn taking skills as it provides children with opportunities to explore other cultures and traditions. Cooking experiences provides children with using mathematical concepts such as measurement, volume and capacity while allowing the children to develop their fine motor skills such as stirring, mixing, chopping, kneading rolling.

Miss Sam, Miss Jessie & Miss Jo

Kindy News 

 Hello to all our families,

This term we have been focusing on our emotions and self-regulations. We have been participating in various learning experiences where we are learning to use strategies to help us self-regulate our emotions when it is needed. We have all worked together to build a happy, safe and exciting kindy environment that we are excited to be a part of. To build on our knowledge of our feelings, we have introduced a colour coded feelings chart to connect colours with how we are feeling and we use these colours to understand our emotions throughout the day.

Our Japanese program has really taken off and the children are showing interest in exploring it more. Each child has their allocated day where they participate in the program in a quiet nook area in the room. Each child has their own profile where they have to identify themselves by a picture, giving them a sense of identity and ownership. We have noticed since starting the program that the children are saying hello to each other in Japanese and they are beginning to repeat the language that they are hearing while playing the different games.

This term we have introduced some science experiments and the children began to show an interest in gardening and plants. We firstly began to look at different sized seeds from fruits and vegetables then we decided to experiment with seed sprouting and determining which seed sprouting process worked the best. We have three experiments going at the moment, sprouting in jars, bags and soil. Each week we measure our sprouts and examine and predict which one is sprouting the best. Through these experiments we have moved on to examining the sprouting system and are now learning about the life cycle of plants. Our sprouts all have established roots, stems and some even have leaves so we think they may be ready to transplant into the outside garden where they will grow into vegetables and flowers for us to further observe and learn about. Feel free to come and look at our experiments and ask us what is happening in each one. Thank you also to all the families that have been sending in their spare Discovery Gardens as this is what started our interest in plants and gardening.

This month we have also started to introduce writing our names and getting to know the letters. We look forward to experimenting with different activities that will allow us to gain knowledge and literacy skills needed for when we start school.

Miss Elaine and myself look forward to moving into another month that will be just as exciting as last month.

Thank you


Hello to all our families.

This month onwards, the children in the Kindy 2 room will be focusing on Belongings and Responsibility. The children will be introduced to various strategies to practice these concepts, such as role modelling, discussion about being responsible, caring and looking after own belongings and many more. This will allow children to take actions and be proud of taking responsible actions.

Currently the children have started to show interest in exploring the weighing scales. This activity has opened up such that we are weighing almost every different resource we lay our hands on. This is helping them to investigate, explore, problem solve and learn about early math vocabulary.

Our Home corner have been buzzing with children ready to role play and engage in various dramatic play from Supermarket, Flower shop, to Bakeries. Dramatic play has really encouraged the children to open up in terms of communication skill, build new friendship and transfer knowledge from one area to another.

We welcome any ideas, suggestions and questions that you may have in regards to our Kindergarten learning.

Thank You.

Miss Bhavna and Miss Tracy