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May News


Welcome to our May Newsletter, it has definitely been a strange few weeks. With the restrictions easing within QLD, we still need to be mindful of social distancing, hygiene and the rules set out by the Government. We still have many procedures in place at our service to protect everyone involved. If you have not yet returned to our service, please ensure you touch base with Tammy prior to your return so we can inform you of the procedures we have set out.

Centre Extensions 

As you may have already heard, we are extending and creating 40 new places at our service. These places are already filling fast, with a rough estimate of October to be the completion date. 

If you are waiting on extra days for your child, I urge that you email the centre This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your extra places. We are now taking on new enrolments, so please don't wait until construction starts, as there maybe no places left.

Winter Menu Coming Soon... 

We have a new winter menu coming soon...

Here is a sample of some meals

🥦 Broccoli Soup with fresh croutons
🥕 Beef and Vegetable Stew
🌶 Thai Chicken Meatballs with Wholemeal Pasta
🌽 Veggie loaded chicken curry with roti
🥣 Couscous with Caramelised Leeks, Carrots and Zucchini
🍏 Apple crumble with custard

* Vegetarian options also made

Hand Sanitiser

With school resuming for most children by the end of this month, we need to ensure correct hand hygiene continues. While handwashing is the best method, if you are after a 500ml pump bottle of Hand Sanitiser, this will be available to purchase from the office soon. You can place your order today - $10 per bottle.

Hand sanitiser is great when you are out and about or can't freely access a hand basin.

Room Newsletters... 

Welcome to our new nursery children and their families. We hope you feel you are all settling into the new routines and environment.

Over the last few months we have been exploring the concept of rolling and objects that move by rolling. Cars/trucks and balls have been our main focus, as all children are interested in play using these objects. We have introduced wooden blocks to create ramps for the cars to roll down, used the slide outside to roll the balls down and explored loose parts such as plastic pipes and bottles. To extend on the learning of this program we are moving onto the concept of cause and effect.

We have recently commenced our sensory exploration program. The way Children learn about the world around them and themselves is through their senses, especially in the years before they develop fluent verbal skills. To support this development, we have commenced planning experiences and resources that stimulate their senses. Initially we focused on the sense of touch using 'dry' resources, such as spikey blocks, sensory books, sponges/brushes, and sand. We are now planning more 'wet' experiences such as painting, wet sand, goop, and playdough. The weather will be taken into consideration when children participate in these 'wet' experiences.

Please ensure that your child has a few sets of spare clothes, especially with the change in the weather and all their belongings are named. If you have any questions or concerns please see Miss Shannon, Miss Bijal or Miss Priya. 

The Children have been exploring the outdoor and the indoor environment together with their Juniors friends and extending on their social skills and communication skills.

In the toddler room, we have been focusing on natural material and the sense of touch. The children have had great experiences of exploring both natural and processed materials as they engaged in making playdough, water play, messy play with colourful paint and playing with a sensory tray of natural and processed resources. As well as this, our children are learning about the different textures such as heavy, light, smooth, rough, spikey, soft, hard etc through the sensory play.

As our toddlers are highly interested in sensory play, we will be exploring natural and processed material through the sense of smell this month and will extend on our experiences if the children show their interests towards it.

Moreover, the toddlers are enjoying reading books and listening to the stories a lot lately. To support their interest and enhance their learning we will be focusing on language and literacy skills.

Please remember to label all of your child's belongings including their milk bottles, water bottles, hats, shoes, blanket and any sleep comforters.  Please write down any message or queries regarding your child in our communication book provided. Thank you so much!

With love

Miss Bhabana, Miss Sukh and Miss Simran 

Welcome back to Junior's room!

Toilet training for your children: As passionate and caring educators, we always seek to support your children through the toilet training process. We understand that it is a challenging time for you and your children. Please come and discuss with us about any of your concerns and we are always here to support you.

Educational program:


Children engage with and gain meaning from a range of texts. We also aim to help children develop their social skills and verbal communication. Some of our strategies are:

  • We read and share a range of books with children, helping our children building up their vocabulary. If your children have some great books and want to share with friends, we encourage them to bring it in. In the room, we also have great book resources for your children to discover and learn with friends and educators.
  • We introduce alphabets and numbers to children through singing, writing, and drawing.
  • Throughout the weeks, we have been setting up drawing and writing stations, as well as, counting activities for your children to explore and learn.


  • Children explore their sense of touch. Our children will be exploring natural and processed materials using their sense of touch. At the same time, our educators will assist our children with their learning and using language to describe the texture. We have been setting up activities such as water play, fresh and single-use playdough, painting using fingers for our children to be involve in.


  • We also embed our children's interest in the current educational programs. Our children have been showing their interest in learning about animals and making music.

Parent and educator communications: We have a purple Junior's communication notebook available on top of the children's lockers. You are welcome to drop a message to our room educators.

If you have any questions or ideas to share with us, please feel free to come and talk with us.

Miss Tham, Miss June, and Miss Emma. Junior's room!

May is here! This has definitely been a strange couple of weeks for us here at the service, with all that craziness we have continued with lots of learning and more importantly play!

As the weather has become cooler, we have brought out the bikes again. This led to learning about bike safety with our class, the children have now kept this learning with them when using the bikes outdoors.

From a child's interest we have introduced real tools in the class environment, the children have been tinkering with bolts, nuts, washers and spanners. We have also added dress up material for the children to use in their role playing. This has led to many discoveries and new learning opportunities, through reflection of the children learning with these tools in the classroom, I have thought of ways to introduce a wood working centre for the children in Junior Kindy. There are many benefits from these experiences such:

  • Allowing children to actively learn
  • Gives children the opportunity to critically think and create
  • Children can begin to risk asses themselves
  • Gives children responsibility and independence
  • Great for motor skills
  • Great for problem-solving opportunities
  • It can encourage children to learn self-control
  • It promotes hand eye-coordination

The list of benefits is endless and we are planning carefully and risk assessing to ensure children's safety is priority. Stay tuned for projects and items children might take home with them over the next couple of months.

As we settle back into regular routine, we as educators are focusing on the emotional wellbeing of the children and supporting children and families into a school, work and life balance again. We can't wait to see all of our families faces again.

From Miss Jo. Miss Tracy and Miss Bhavna 

Hi everyone, hope you are well.

Many children have settled well into the program and class routines since the beginning of term two. 

In reflection of the first term, lots of learning had occurred. The children are involving and responding well to all aspects of the program such as making independent choices, following rules, looking after belongings, listening to other's ideas, joining group meetings, taking turns, keeping their hygiene, independent drawing, and many more. 

We have focused and will continue focusing on the children's social skills and how to deal with conflict. Children have different levels of social skills and confidence, so it is in our interest to create a positive learning environment where we can empower the children to develop ways and skills to deal with conflict and support them to practice the skills throughout the year. We are hoping that the skills will give each child the confidence to start school next year.

This term will be a busy one as the children will focus on literacy and numeracy in meaningful ways throughout our everyday program. We would like you to keep an eye on our program and listen to your child's stories from Kindy. The children have started term two by exploring letters and their sounds, tracing lines and familiar letters, investigating birds, and identifying shapes around us. Children's ideas are always important for us and we use them as the foundation of our program.

We are looking forward to a fun and interactive term with the children, building on each child's home experiences, current interests, and knowledge.

Indri, Bhavna and Sina

Thankyou Tammy