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November News

Kindergarten Graduation 

Our Kindergarten Graduation will be held on Wednesday 8 December - 5pm - 6:30pm.

If your child attends on this day we ask if it is at all possible that you collect your child by 2pm, to assist us with setting up for the event.

Due to COVID we will not be offering food, so please ensure your child has had something to eat prior to the event. We also ask that you bring along a face mask. We may find it difficult to socially distance from each other at times and this will allow us to continue and not have to ask people to leave.

Please RSVP to this event with the number of adults attending by Friday 26 November.

Christmas Party 

Our Centre Christmas Party will be held on Friday 10 December commencing at 6pm. 

Due to COVID we will not be offering the buffet style finger food. We are trying to secure a food truck for this event, so that you can purchase your family dinner on the night. Pre orders may also be possible.

The event will be held in our playground and we ask that you bring a picnic rug for the event. We will ask that each family stays seated on their rug. Again, due to COVID, our party will be held differently than previous years. It will be too difficult to have children line up with families to see Santa, so we aim to have Santa walk through the playground and approach each family who are seated on their rug.

It's important that we follow these rules to ensure this event can continue to go ahead. Further details will be issued via email soon.

Please RSVP with the number of adults and children attending by Friday 26 November. 


If your family will be taking holidays over the Christmas/New Year period, please ensure you have filled out and return the reduced holiday rate form. 

A reminder that we do require at least 2 weeks' notice of your intent to take holidays.

Our Educator's will also be taking holidays over this period, so your children maybe with other Educators in our service. We aim to ensure continuity of care and plan to have a face familiar with the children throughout the day. Please keep in mind though any staff sicknesses may alter this plan. We will do all we can to ensure the least disruption as possible.

2022 Room Announcements and Changes 

Our 2022 class lists are now complete. If you would like to know what room your child will be in, please feel free to come and see me or please send an email.

Unfortunately, class lists cannot be changed or personal requests honoured. We have 180 families and it is too difficult to honour everyone's requests.

Next year we aim to make room changes the week commencing 3 January 2022. This still may change; however, I will let you all know via email if this will alter in anyway.

2022 Educators 

Lilly Pilly - Himani and Zubaida (Friday - Ruth, as Himani will not be working on a Friday)

Paperbark - Bijal, Anastazia and Dimple (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - Ruth will be working as Bijal will not be working on a Wednesday and Anastazia will not be working on a Monday and Thursday)

Wattle - Simran, Sukh and Fazia (Khyati will work on a Monday as Fazia will not be working on a Monday) 

Bottlebrush - June and Elaine

Coolibah - Monica, Kalpana and Emma (Tracy will be in the room on a Thursday and Friday as Monica will not be working on a Thursday and Kalpana on a Friday)

Eucalyptus - Clara, Megan and Tina

Kindy 1 - Jacqui and Callum

Kindy 2 Yiqin (Alvin) and Cherry (Tracy will be working in the room on a Monday , as Cherry will not be working on a Monday)

Educational Leader - Indri (working 3 days Monday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Multi-Age Educators - Priyanka, Roshni, Selane, Nidhi, Ruby, Sina, Manjeet and Kelsey

* We believe work/life balance is important for our Educators - so you may find that some Educators have requested to work less than 5 days.

Studio News 

 In our Bottlebrush room, our babies are extending on their interests. They have been using their imaginations and engaging in our room learning areas.

The children enjoy learning about animals as they try and make animal sounds with their educators. They have also begun to match sounds with the pictures. This is why we have created animal picture cards and play animal sounds for the children to extend on their interests.

During outdoor play, we have and also will continue to encourage the children to engage in physical activity including exploring the obstacle course, playing in the sandpit, kicking and throwing the balls, while also riding the bikes.

It has been lovely to see how much the children have learnt and grown this year.


 In our Coolibah room, our toddlers have been busy using their imagination and creative skills as they engage in dramatic play learning experiences with their friends.

In our home corner, we have setup our Coolibah kitchen where the children are able to explore using different pretend foods and understand healthy eating through play experiences with their friends. By promoting different types of pretend food such as fruit and vegetables, it encourages children to make healthier food choices. They are also able to develop their communication and language skills, creativity and imagination, building on their self-confidence and independence. The children have access to a variety of pretend foods, bowls, spoons, cups and pots and pans.

We are continuing on with our Magnetic sorting puzzle boards area for the children to develop their cognitive skills. The children can use their problem solving and thinking skills to engage with the magnetic boards, also using their creativity.

The children love playing dinosaurs within our room whether it be making dinosaur sounds or engaging in imaginative play with them, therefore we have created a dinosaur world where the children have access to big and small dinosaurs to further develop their imaginative skills. This is also a great way for the children to engage with their friends in the room and develop their communication and language skills.

Next month, our Coolibah room will be engaging in a variety of Christmas activities throughout the whole month which will be so much fun! We will participate in some arts and craft, sensory experiences and gift making. We are all looking forward to Christmas!

Just a reminder, please remember to label your child's belongings e.g., hats & drink bottles and please take all belongings home with you during pickups e.g., bags, hats and drink bottles.

If you have any questions, please approach the educators in the room and they will be able to assist you.


Miss Simran, Miss Sukh and Miss Tina

 Hi Families, 

In the Eucalyptus Room we celebrated two community events, Halloween & Diwali. For both of these events we had put up lots of decoration, some dressed up for the occasion, we had yummy party food (thanks for your contribution in this). We set these up at self- help tables, we had lots of music and dancing, did arts & crafts applicable to the occasions, like spooky arts & crafts, Rangoli art & painting Diya clay candle pots. Not long now and we'll be celebrating Christmas!

The children have started taking part in an Art Resilience Program every Thursday afternoon. A qualified art teacher is taking these classes. Clothes that might get messy will be good for Thursdays.

Also remember to put 2 spare sets of clothing in your child's bag for each day. With the Summer weather approaching please ensure you avoid singlet straps please.

In the room the children have mainly been interested in insects & spiders, construction & transport, together with baby doll care. 

The children have been doing really well with their self- help skills, following a routine, and getting ready to transition to the next room. Children are learning numbers 1 to 20, and their colours. We have also started to learn letters of the alphabet, with the focus first on learning the letter of their name.

Since we will be in the summer season and the Christmas festive season soon, we will be focusing on teaching about this through class activities, arts & craft and group discussions.

It's been a great year with lots of learning, fun & friendships! 😊

 Hello to our Lilly Pilly Families!

Welcome to the Month of November. Christmas is fast approaching, and we are starting our Christmas activities soon. The year is certainly zooming by very quickly and a lot of learning in our room which is amazing. At the moment the children are interested in sensory play, with rice, coloured water, sea animals, dinosaurs etc. We have started exploring a lot of things indoors and outdoors. Sensory play activity with rice and sea animals is of interest and we will extend it by adding water play and sand.

Our toddlers are expressing great interest and enthusiasm in all our activities, and we will continue to offer our little learners a variety of different learning experience so that their knowledge grows. Music and dancing are our favorite at the moment. It is so helpful for the development of our gross motor skills and much more.

Just a few reminders:

Can you please make sure to put an extra set of clothing in as we are doing water activities?

Please label all your belongings e.g. (hat, sunscreen, and water bottles)

Until next time!

Miss Monica and Miss June

 We welcome Miss Elaine to the Paperbark room. Miss Elaine settled well in the room and the children really like her.

In the past two months in Paperbark room, we celebrated Father's Day, few birthdays and different culture events such as Diwali, Independence Day and Heritage Day. I would like to say thank you to the parents who let us celebrate their child's birthday together and dressed up for the special events. It was a great opportunity for children to learn different cultures.

In September we celebrated Spring by doing different art activities, gardening and talking about how bees bring us honey, singing a song about bees or making a craft of honey hive together. Children learnt different body parts of a bee, especially the sting.

Children also learnt some new things such as simple sign language, making DIY musical instruments and resilience practice. We also did many different science and sensory experiments.

We are so lucky to have many new educational toys for the room. The use of educational toys can help children learn many different skills they will need as problem solving, development of fine motor skills or nurturing their creativity.

Children have been practising their self-help skills and helping others by putting their bedsheets away or passing meals to their peers.

Recently we created a hair salon in the room and the children really enjoyed the role play. We can see that the children have developed their social and imagination skills by taking good care of their 'customers'.

Christmas is a just around the corner, we will be planning how to celebrate Christmas with your child such as making Christmas decorations, singing Christmas songs, stories about Christmas, Christmas costumes…...etc. By the end of the year all parents will get their child's profile which include your child's learning journey and artwork throughout the year.

Miss Clara, Miss Anastazia and Miss Elaine feel very pleased to work with you and your child. We have enjoyed seeing your child grow and learn.

Kindy News 

Hello families

We have been very busy this term in Kindy 1 with lots of learning happening. We have been learning about recycling and being sustainable so that we can save our planet for the future. We have also started looking at healthy and non-healthy foods in readiness for our big adventure to school for most of us. Next week we will be exploring our lunch boxes and how we can keep them healthy. We will also be exploring being independent in being able to open and close our lunch boxes as we will need this skill for next year. If you have a particular lunch box you would like your child to learn to open, please send along so that we can start learning how to open them.

We have continued to explore letter sounds and letter recognition. We have worked hard on these and have had fun interacting and helping our friends; we will continue to incorporate literacy and numeracy within our play-based learning. To extend on our art program we are currently discussing what makes us happy and where our happy place is. The children have been thinking about this and drawing pictures to symbolise what makes them happy and where that place is. If your child has a happy place at home, send along a photo and we will incorporate this into our happy place book that we are compiling.

Over the coming weeks Kindy 1 graduation children will be preparing for their special graduation day being held on the 8th December. We have picked a special song and are preparing this for our graduation.

Miss Ruby and myself would like to thank all our lovely families for their support over that past 12 months. It has been an amazing year.

Miss Jacqui

P.s. Just a reminder that Transition consent forms are now due. If you have not handed your consent form in or need another form, please see Miss Ruby or myself.

 The children have renamed our project from Jungle Park to Happy Park. They said that they were very happy when they could go to the park, so that the park should be named as Happy Park. Following the children's voices, we have been exploring what makes us happy and understanding that different people have different values of happiness. The children are currently creating their own book of happiness that captures their value of it.

Over the past 2 months, we continued our learning of literacy, numeracy, and resilience through Art. In our Art program with Dr.Kym, the children have been practising their visual awareness by noticing the ways that the lines are formed, colours are chosen and the space are used in an art piece to express themselves. This promotes their literacy and numeracy understanding of how a text is created to communicate meaning and how it can be interpreted.

Incorporating our program with the Art program, we also have been using music and dancing to further explore the literacy and numeracy knowledge. The children have been exploring the different sounds made by various instruments together with the different rhythms, melodies, pitches to enhance the tension. What emotion is the music trying to share with us? How does the music make us feel? What moves can we do to empathise the meaning? And how we can record our emotions through music? We will be continually discovering the literacy and numeracy skills through sounds, the sheet music, music lines, symbols, etc.

Lastly, a warm reminder that we will be holding

  • A Kindergarten Graduation (Wednesday 8 December from 5pm - 6:30pm). Please wear a formal outfit where possible. If your child attends on a Wednesday, if possible, please collect them by 2pm to allow us time to set up
  • A Christmas Party (Friday 10 December commencing at 6pm). Please wear red and green outfit where possible.

Thank you.

Miss Tracy, Mr Callum and Miss Cherry

Thank you Tammy