Welcome to our October Newsletter. Can you believe there is only 10 Friday's until Christmas. Be sure to save the dates below in your calendar. Updates will be provided on our Centre Facebook Page. 

Kindergarten Graduation 

Our Kindy Graduation will be held on Wednesday 8 December from 5pm - 6:30pm.

We ask that if your child attends on a Wednesday that you collect them by 2pm to allow us time to set up, if at all possible.

Due to Covid we aim to hold the event outside on our stage area. We won't be providing any food due to covid and the cake will be cut and sent home in a bag.

We ask that you still bring along a mask, in the event we are unable to socially distance from other's. Unfortunately if you do not have a mask, you maybe asked to leave. We will keep you updated as the event draws closer.

Christmas Party 

Our Christmas Party will be held on Friday 10 December commencing at 6pm.

Due to Covid the event will be a little different than past years. Further information about this event will be provided via email.

Car park 

I would like to take this opportunity to remind our families around the Service Procedure for parking on drop off and pick up. 

The carpark in front of the playground is STAFF parking only. This is a directive given to us to ensure the safety of all children and their families. 

We need to limit the number of cars coming in and out considering the carpark is right in front of the playground and families are also walking across the crossing. The procedure put in place is STAFF PARKING ONLY. 

Parent carparking is as follows: 

1. The use of the corner retail carpark 

2. Street parking - reminder that ALL 4 wheels must stay on the road. You are not to park with 2 wheels on the kerb. 

Even if you are arriving early or late, it's raining or you may be running late whatever the reason parents must not use this car space. We have no leniency for this procedure. Please be prepared for wet weather and keep the appropriate items in the car. I appreciate your support with this matter. 

2022 Placements 

I am currently finalising our rolls for 2022. If you have requested extra days, these extra days can be confirmed. Due to the complexity of room changes, I am unable to make any changes to class allocation. We will work with the children to ensure a smooth transition and ensure they get the opportunity to visit their new room. 

The 2022 class lists will not be displayed until the end of the year. If you wish to reconfirm your extra days, please feel free to come and chat with me.

Thanks Tammy