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September News

Welcome to our September News. 

 Save the Date!

We will be having a Grandparents Morning Tea on Monday 25 October. The event will be held from 10am - 11:15am.

Grandparents are welcome to join us for Morning Tea and also join in with some amazing experiences that we will have planned.

* Gardening

*Photo booth

* Card Making

* Making funny face biscuits and much, much more

We do require numbers for this event for catering purposes - so please be sure to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the number of adults attending.

Studio News 

In our Bottlebrush room, our babies are extending on their interests as they have been using their imaginations and engaging in our room learning areas.

Our children enjoy playing with animals as they try and make animal sounds with their educators. This is why we have created a animal world for the children to extend on their interests. Through this, the children have been learning new sounds as well.

Within our room, we also have setup a baby area as the children have shown interest towards them during outdoor play when there are baby dolls setup. They love to care for them, feed them and pretend to change their nappies. This teaches the children to develop on their nurturing skills.

During outdoor play, we have and also will continue to encourage the children to engage in physical activity including exploring the obstacle course and playing in the sandpit. This will help develop on the children's gross motor skills.

It has been lovely to see how babies grow up everyday and how they are becoming more independent and confident and involved learners. They engage in group activities with their friends and are understanding how to share and take turns.


Miss Himani, Miss Zubaida and Miss Megan

 In our Coolibah room, our toddlers have been busy using their imaginations and creative skills as they engage in dramatic play learning experiences with their friends.

In our home corner, we have setup a Hair Salon area for the toddlers to further explore and develop their imaginative skills and communicate with their friends, developing their language skills. Through this learning area, the children have been interacting with each other and pretending to do their hair by looking at their reflections in the mirrors on the dressing tables. The children have access to hair combs, clips, head bands, a pretend hair dryer and a mirror to look at.

We also have setup a new Magnetic sorting puzzle board area for the children to develop their cognitive skills. The children can use their problem solving and thinking skills to engage with the magnetic boards, also using their creativity.

Within our room, some children have shown a lot of interest towards cars and bikes whether it be indoors or outdoors therefore we have setup a small cars world. The children enjoy making car sounds while engaging with the cars and also take part in car activities such as car paintings. While exploring cars, children are able to develop on their fine motor skills as they use hand eye coordination and their creative and imaginative skills.

Just a reminder, please remember to label your child's belongings e.g., jumpers, hats & drink bottles and please take all belongings home with you during pickups e.g., bags, hats and drink bottles.

If you have any questions, please approach the educators in the room and they will be able to assist you.


Miss Simran, Miss Sukh and Miss Tina 

 In the Eucalyptus Room the children are transitioning to move up to the next room. The children are transitioning from having bottles of milk to having sippy cups of milk at their rest time, and transitioning from nappies to going to the toilet. The children are also learning self help skills like putting on their pants after toileting, putting on and taking off their jumper and socks and shoes, packing away their bed sheets and cleaning their bed. The children also did some food preparation/cooking in the room, making cookies, play dough and fruit smoothies

In the room the children are learning to recognize numbers and colours and shapes through books, flash cards, activities, and arts and crafts. At Group time each day the educators are reading to the children to encourage language development and text recognition. The children are developing their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination through threading, using tongs, cutting with scissors, and using play dough tools. The children are developing their cognitive skills through completing challenging puzzles, following building designs and completing pattern activities. The children's room is set up according to their interests, while they are developing their social skills through activities like role playing in Home Corner, constructing in the Construction area, also working together in some arts and crafts activities.

We are currently doing some arts and craft about Spring, while making a Spring wall in our room, for the children to learn a bit more about the world around them, eg what season we are currently in. We also looked at Fire Safety, which was a follow on from our educator's recently completing a Fire Safety Course. The children took part in a practice fire evacuation, and practised what to do if there was a real fire in the room. We continued with this by watching a clip about a fire evacuation & the fire truck coming. After this the children made their own fire engine collage using different shapes & recycled bottle tops.

 Hello to our Lilly Pilly Families

Welcome to the month of September. We would like to welcome the new children into our classroom, we are very excited to have you with us and can't wait to watch you all learn and grow. The health and hygiene of our children is our main priority. We are washing our hands more regularly than normal. We are washing hands whenever we need to (after toilet before meal etc.)

We have seen some wonderful interactions between children. As they watch, imitate, model and interact with each other verbally or nonverbally. So to promote interactions among them, we have group times, which helps to build up their confidence. We have been continuing to assist and help to develop the fine and gross motor skills, basic language skills and hand-eye coordination through our weekly planned activities. At the moment we are making letters with play dough and telling them about the first letter of their names by using playdough and the stamps on paper.

Every week we have activities that involve being creative using senses and muscle movements. Right now our children are learning to use their gross motor skills and love to go on the fort through  the rope and came down the slide. We are also focusing on the language skills at the moment as children are learning to say short sentences and learning new names, words. They are expressing their feelings of being happy or sad through our happy, sad signs.

We also have been focusing on self-help skills which encourage children to put away their bed sheets after rest time, also they are learning to take off their shoes all by themselves before rest times. 

We always welcome parents and families to share their ideas or suggestions with us anytime. If you have any ideas or questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We are always looking for more ways not only to help children but also their families.

Stay safe Everyone!

Until next time…….

Miss Monica and Miss June

 First of all, we would like to welcome our new friend Brielle into our room and we look forward to watch you grow.

We have had a very busy couple of months with the children and have enjoyed learning through play. We concentrated for one week on Olympic games while they were happening and did some fun activities. It was a great opportunity for children to learn a little bit about themselves and different cultures, e.g., by seeing different national flags. The children also learnt to listen to instructions and follow the rules, we celebrated and shared children's contribution and achievements with others.

Through Science week we concentrated on different sensory experiments which children absolutely loved.

As we got into covid lock down stage again , we concentrated on germs and how to protect ourself without spreading germs which led us to do germs experiment and reflect on our correct hygiene practices.

Many of the children showed interest in dinosaurs and we created our own Jurassic Park followed by Volcano experiment which was again a big success among the children.

We have been also concentrating a little bit on Sign language and singing a simple song using simple signs: Yes, No, Please, Thank you. Research shows that sign language speeds up speech development, reduces frustration in young children by giving them a means to express themselves before they know how to talk, increases parent-child bonding, and lets babies communicate vital information, such as if they are hurt or hungry.

In next few weeks we would like to concentrate on self-help skills and independence by letting children use tongs at meal time to serve themselves, pick the spot where they would like to sit and help with making beds.

We would also like to concentrate a bit more on yoga and breathing exercises as well to reduce stress and improve children's emotional regulation.

According to children's interest we will continue our learning journey by adding different fun and interesting experiences into our program.

Getting into warmer months, please don't forget to put extra shorts and t-shirts into children's bags in case it gets very warm during the day and we need to change them. 

 Hello Wattle families,

This month we have been focusing on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand eye coordination and creativity. We have used different resources to build our skills and learning including painting using a variety of different tools, play dough, hammering and sorting counters. We had some new resources added to the room and the children enjoyed joining in group play to investigate and explore the different activities. The children have taken more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing as they recognise their bodies wants and needs, drinking water, dressing appropriately, and using the toilet.

In the next few weeks, we will be focusing on different skills, independence, and group activities with some different science experiences and water play as the weather begins to warm up. We will head over to the playground on the other side of the centre so the children can begin to become familiar with the area and become confident with their surroundings once a week. We will also change the home corner with some different resources. If anyone has any old appliances, cookware, utensils, office supplies and medical supplies etc. we would love to add them to this area.

As a room we are always open to parent input and feedback so please feel free to approach us with any concerns and ideas. 

Kindergarten News 

 Hello families

We have been very busy this term in Kindy 1 with lots of learning happening. We have been learning about shapes and expanding on our knowledge by cooking with each shape. While cooking, we were able to explore turning dry ingredients into wet ingredients and how to be safe around hot surfaces while cooking. Over the next two weeks we will be extending on our love of cooking by cooking using recipes. This will enable us to explore following instructions (procedures) to create our favourite recipes.

We have also been exploring letter and number recognition as well as writing our names. We have worked hard on these and have had fun interacting and helping our friends; we will continue to incorporate literacy and numeracy within our play-based learning. To celebrate Book Week we read stories daily and we brought those stories to life in interactive activities that allowed the children to connect with each story and create their own interpretation. There was some creative art and craft happening and the children were very proud of their achievements.

Next term in Kindy 1 we will be continuing on with our preparations of getting ready for school. We will be exploring healthy lunch boxes and what we can put in them for a healthy sustainable day at big school. We will also be exploring how to use and look after our school supplies such as lunch boxes and drink bottles while keeping our environment safe by reducing the rubbish that we use.

Miss Ruby and myself would like to thank all our lovely families for their support last term and we look forward to having another fun filled term in term 4.

Miss Jacqui

 After we had an excursion, we created our Jungle Park project, as the children wondered how the trees grow, what animals we could find in the park, could we find monkeys in the forest, etc. Therefore, we have been learning about the parts of the tree, what materials come from trees and what animals we can find in our suburb and why? We learnt that animals need to find a place that they can survive by being able to find the food they need and the space they can stay. Some live in trees; some live in water; and some underground.

Our Jungle Park Project also has led to our Mindfulness learning area, learning about our five senses and how we use them to collect and interpret a variety of sensory information to understand the world around us. We have set up different types of sensory experiences such as calming playdough with nature materials (lavender, Rosemary, basil, stick, etc), sensory tray filled with lemon and orange skins, dance with sounds, etc. What colours can you see? What sound can you hear? How do they feel? What smell do they have and how do they make you feel? We will be continuously exploring senses, shapes and colours in the following months.

We are also very fortunate to have an Art program with Dr. Kym. The children are excited to create, ask questions, test ideas, and think independently, all while exploring with art materials. They painted a clock tower, rainbow fish, a tray of chalks, etc. We will continuously explore how art creates meaning and also read different storybooks to explore different messages that the authors are trying to tell us!

Lastly, a friendly reminder that if you have not returned your transition statement consent form to us, please return to us as soon as possible so that we can work together to prepare your child to have a smooth transition to school next year!

Thank you.

Miss Cherry and Miss Tracy