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September News

 Welcome to our September News! 

Upcoming Events 

Date Event
7 September Educator's Day
12 SeptemberAfrican Music & Cultural Program - Kindergarten 
14 SeptemberFamily Portrait Viewing

Save the date... 

2023 Re-Enrolment & Fee's

Please ensure you check your account. As per policy fees must be one week in advance at all times. To be eligible for re-enrolment in 2023, fees must be reflecting this policy.

Fees are payable by direct debit. If you require a new form to update your details, please contact the office asap.

Kindergarten Transition Statements 

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 Kindergarten teachers create a transition statement for each child enrolled in a kindergarten program at the end of the year. The transition statement:

  • helps ensure your child has a positive start to school
  • summarises your child's learning and development at the end of the kindergarten year
  • contains valuable information, such as your child's strengths and interests, and suggestions for support to transition to school
  • is given to you when it is completed.

The QCAA encourages kindergarten teachers to work with you and your child to complete the transition statement.

This is the first of two forms you will receive that provide you with an opportunity to participate in the transition statement process to support your child's transition to school. In this form, you are asked to consent to your child's kindergarten creating a transition statement for your child in a secure online application provided by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). If you do not give consent for the transition statement to be created in the online application, your child will receive a transition statement created in the alternative QCAA Microsoft Word template.

We ask that you please fill out the attached form and return via email as soon as possible.


We have obligations under law to provide a healthy, hygienic learning environment, however, sooner or later children get sick, so please be prepared and have a contingency plan should illness occur e.g. arrange a standby carer.

We kindly request that you please consider your child when they are sick as they want more attention, rest and quiet which is impossible to give to a child in a group situation in childcare.

Please consider the other children and the Educators who catch these illnesses. If all parents restrict attendance of their children when they're ill, this should mean all our children will be healthier, have fewer absences and minimise disruption for parents. 


If you would like to apply for holiday rates, please read and sign the Terms & Conditions. Please note that you need to meet all requirements detailed below, as per your Enrolment Agreement, and Parent Handbook to be eligible for this reduced rate. 

Please note if you will be heading overseas and terminating