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September News

 Welcome to our September News

 Spring has sprung! What beautiful weather we have had recently. I think we will be safe to pack away our winter clothing.

Upcoming Events 

18 September  Talk Like a Pirate

5 October       Centre Closed - Public Holiday 

29 October     Safety Talk - Kindergarten

Talk like a Pirate Day 

On Friday 18 September we will be raising funds for Childhood Cancer. We are asking that all children dress up as a pirate on Friday 18 September and donate a gold coin.

There will be lot's of fun pirate activities planned throughout the day too. Keep an eye out for the photos that we will upload to our Facebook page.

Room News 

Welcome to our new nursery children and their families and farewell to the children and families who have transitioned to the toddler room.

The current learning within our room is of the world around us with our first focus on what we can see in the sky. The moon, stars, sun, clouds, and rainbows are being introduced to the children with images in books, puzzles and drawings and through linking with nursery rhymes such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I can sing a rainbow and Hey diddle diddle.

The use of their senses is a main way children babies and toddlers can engage in the world around them. We recently discovered the power of the sun reflecting of sequins. We are lucky to have the sun, shine through our windows daily and we use this natural resource to create a 'sparkle and light show' on the floor, walls, and ceiling of our room.

Physically the children have developed in leaps and bounds over the last few months and we have extended their capabilities using a trampoline and facilitating the use of obstacle courses which we extend and change depending on the children's capabilities.

Miss Shannon, Miss Bijal or Miss Priya. 

The children in the toddler room have been busy exploring the sense of sight recently. The children were provided with different types of musical instruments including a big size drum and Moreton Bay chestnut (Black bean) which they used as a shaker. Through this experience, the children got to learn some descriptive words related to music and musical instruments such as soft, loud, sweet, Melodic, soothing etc.

We have also discussed the different types of fruits and food, we were asking them what the taste of the fruits and foods were that they have eaten such as sweet, sour, salty, juicy etc.

Recently, we were working on the sense of sight with our toddlers. The children have started with the visual sensory bottles that we made using water and food colouring, dishwashing detergent, cooking oil, pom poms, colour beads, cotton balls, oats and so on. The children also had the opportunity to discover the lava lamp as a group. It was beautiful seeing our toddlers so excited sitting and watching the bubbles moving up and down and breaking the bubbles into small pieces inside the lamp. Now we are planning to create a volcano in the sand pit for our toddlers.

As our children are highly interested in learning about farm animals, we have planned to create our own farmhouse using the recycled materials. The children will be busy extending their imagination and creative skills.

It has been a wonderful journey watching our toddlers grow into confident involved learners. The children are doing so well with their social interactions, communication and literacy skills. Now we can hear them calling everyone's name out and having a little conversation between each other.

Please remember to label your child's belongings.

Thank you so much.

Miss Bhabana, Miss Sukh and Miss Simran

 In our Junior's Room we have been learning many things:

  • Caring for ourselves, 
  • Looking after our belongings, 
  • Looking after our environment 

Through children's interest and parent input we have also added to the program:

  • Learning numbers, 
  • ABC, 
  • Colours 
  • Drawing and prewriting

The small group learning opportunities our Educators have set up are Rockets, Planets, Outer Space and a Construction Zone. We will change these environments around for the children's learning and enjoyment every few weeks, so please let us know your child's current interests.

*A big thank you to Miss Harmeet, who has stepped into our Junior Room in Miss Tham's absence and to Miss Emma for her ongoing care and support for our children and families.

Miss June, Miss Harmeet & Miss Emma

 Hello to all our families.

Over the past month, children developed an interest on Snails. We discovered and learnt various facts and things about a Snail. The children helped in setting up a Snail observation station, with our temporary resident snails, namely Chase and Skye. This opportunity allowed the children to extend and discover ideas, creativity and imagine things outside the box. Children demonstrated confidence in their learning and used information on hand to recreate and extend in their learning spaces. This learning promoted new conversation which build literacy and numeracy vocabulary. It also strengthened old friendships and encouraged new ones to be formed. Following this interest, we extend to looking at caterpillars and other bugs for this month.

This month the children will also be introduced to model strategies to resolve basic conflicts and be supported to use the strategies in everyday situations, e.g. words or phrases to use, when to seek help from an adult, as part of our intention teaching focus.

Our learning will also include Alphabet Phonics learning, recognition of letters of the alphabets and numerals. This will in turn help children build literacy and numeracy skills.

We have been highly creative in the Junior Kindy room as we are learning how to make our own gems and crystals using various basic resources such as salt and water. Keep an eye out for this space in the room.

We thank all our families for your support towards the educators in the room. Any questions or suggestions are welcomed by us.

Miss Bhavna, Miss Tracy, and Miss Hannah

Hi everyone,

Over the last few months kindergarten children have been involved in exploring letter-sound relationships and listening to rhyming words. The children also enjoyed practicing to write and copy familiar letters.

The children also engaged in real-life role play such as vet, hospital, and hair salon. The focus of these experiences is for children to use oral language to communicate with others and extend their vocabulary. Through pretend play children learn to negotiate roles, take turns, understand the world around them, use their play to imagine and explore real-life events and community, consider others' ideas, balance their ideas with others and deal with conflicts. Through vet and hospital play children extended their learning and curiosity about human body. Children explored anatomical parts of human body and body systems. Children engaged in explaining their thinking and ideas about human body using drawings, collages, and verbal language.

Last month the children had the opportunity to research and understand other culture to develop awareness of connections, similarities, and differences between people during the multicultural week. It was a fun week for children to explore costumes, languages, music, dances and songs from other countries and our beloved country Australia.

We will continue to focus on emergent literacy (phonological awareness, phonics, oral language, text awareness) and numeracy skills (sorting, classifying, grouping, comparing) for the next coming months.

If your child is going to Prep in 2021, you will be receiving a Transition Statement via email in early November. A consent form is needed for us to provide and send the Transition Statement to your child's school, so we will expect to receive the consent forms by the end of September.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please contact us at any time.

Thank you.

Indri, Bhavna and Sina