Please read the below policy that will commence January 2018. This gives families time to prepare and order their Child's 'Wet Clothes Bag'. Our first order will be placed on Monday 16 October.


To provide a procedure to transport wet and soiled items home while being mindful of sustainability, Health & Hygiene​.

We practice sustainability within the service and believe the removal of plastic bags to be a step in the right direction for our Environment.

Many germs spread easily to other people – to try and stop the spread of infection wet/soiled items will not be washed at the centre. It is important to minimise the risk of contact with urine and faeces when dealing with soiled items.

Points to consider...

  • Qld will be banning the use of plastic shopping bags in 2018
  • Staying Healthy in Child Care recommend that wet and soiled clothing be placed in an appropriate bag and stored in an area for parent collection at the end of each day
  • Spread of infection can occur through wet and soiled items – so it is important that we emphasise the importance of a water proof bag.


  • 1. From 2018 all children attending the service will need to provide on a daily basis a water proof bag that is sealed and clearly labelled. These can be purchased online or directly from the service for $10 including delivery. These bags are reusable and should last the entire duration of their care with us.
  • 2. Any wet or soiled items will be placed in the child's 'wet bag' which will then be stored in the bathrooms locked cupboard for collection each day
  • 3. Parents will be made aware of soiled items to collect by having a sign pegged to their child's bag stating "Soiled items to collect from Bathroom"
  • 4. Parents will be responsible for washing their child's items and ensuring the "Wet clothes bag' is packed in their child's bag for their next booked day.

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What if I forget to pack my child's wet clothes bag and an accident happens?

  The centre will loan you a 'Centre Wet Cloths Bag'. Parents are then responsible for washing this bag and returning it to the centre on your child's next booked day.

What if I keep forgetting to return the bag?

We understand that things can be forgotten. Please be mindful that these bags remain the property of the centre and another family may require the use of the bag.

A friendly reminder will be sent home if the bag is forgotten to be returned.

If the bag is not returned to the centre after you receive a reminder a fee of $10 will be added to your account to cover the cost of these bags.

What will the wet bag look like that I purchase from the centre?

What are the features of this bag?

  • Waterproof lining with sealed seams – No leaks through bottom or sides
  • Machine washable & dryable
  • PVC Free
  • Durable lead free zipper
  • Carry strap
  • Name tag – For easy identification
  • Eco Friendly

How many items of clothing will the wet bag store?

  The wet bag will hold 3 sets of wet/soiled clothing.

How do I place my Order?

Please place $10 in an envelope and return it to the office by Monday 16 October. Clearly write your child's name on the front with your colour preference - Blue , Red or Pink.