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October Newsletter


We would like to share with everyone, an insight of the National Quality Standards. As we are a new centre ,we are always looking of a way not only to improve our self  but also to have our parent/Guardian contribution and  feedback/input to our centre. We have a Quality improvement folder which is an ongoing document to note all improvements that occur within the centre.

Quality area 1: To ensure the educational program is stimulating and engaging ,and enhances children's learning and development.

Quality area 2:To promote children's health and safety,minimise risks and protect children from harm,injury and infection.

Quality area 3:To have a physical environment that is safe ,suitable and provides rich and diverse range of experiences that promote children's learning and development.

Quality area 4:To ensure an active engaging learning environment , providing qualified and experienced educators who are able to develop warm,respectful relationships with children ,creating a safe environment and encouraging children's active learning within the learning program.

Quality area 5: To promote relationships with children that are responsive, respectful and promote children's sense of security and belonging .Allowing children to explore the environment and engage in play and learning.

Quality area 6: To collaborate and recognise active relationships with families are fundamental to achieving quality outcomes for children ,and that community partnerships are based on active communication and collaboration are also essential.

Quality are 7: To support effective leadership and management of the service that contributes to a quality environment for children's learning and development. Well-documented policy and procedures, well maintained records , shared values ,clear direction and reflective practices enable the service to function as a learning community. An ongoing cycle of planning and review including engagement with families ,creates a setting for continuous improvement.

Immunisation importance 

School catchment link

​Please see the link attached that you can use to see the schools in your catchment. Place your address in the box and search ,your schools will appear that are in your address catchment. We hope this is a useful link for you. http://www.qgso.qld.gov.au/maps/edmap/

Please if you have not already done so can you share with your teacher (Miss Melissa) at our service which school your child will be attending in 2019 for prep.

Dates to Remember

 4th October : Feast St Francis of Assisi

6th October : Daylight savings start in other states

31st October: Halloween

1st & 2nd November : All saints day

4th November : Market day at Kidz Magic Meadowbrook 

Please see our face book page for information on this event.

Parent/Guardian Feedback 

 We know that we are always busy with day to day life ,we are asking our families if you could spare a few moments to give us feedback on the centre and staff, and if you have any suggestions on anything you would like to see incorporated within the centre. We have a Quality improvement plan that is ongoing within the centre and parent contribution is more than welcome. Email : mThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,Phone : 0732996296 or completing a feedback form at the centre.Please let us say thank you in advance for your Support and Assistance it is so much appreciated. Marie and Staff.