April Newsletter

April has been a very busy month and it has been so wonderful seeing the children grow and develop new skills and build new friendships. Easter was a huge celebration with many of our families this month and we were so grateful to many of our families' sharing stories and photos of their families celebrating together. A huge thank you must go to our families who donated an easter egg for our easter basket which we donated to the emergency department at the Greenslopes hospital. The staff at the hospital were very appreciative and assured me they would share them with all of the children in their ward over the easter weekend. We sincerely extend our gratitude for your support in this.

Our easter egg hunt at the centre was very exciting and lots of fun. The children from all groups participated in our hunt and it was so beautiful to see the older children help all the little ones finding the easter eggs we had scattered. Everyone had a wonderful time sharing in this special event together.

During April, we also celebrated Harmony Day. The children learned of the significance of this special day, learning about different cultures and celebrating diversity. Throughout the week, many children enjoyed activities where we focused on learning about respect and belonging and of course inclusion. The children loved doing many craft activities as well and learned through many stories, dancing and music. The most enjoyable day, was when all the staff and many children dressed in their traditional dress, and we all enjoyed dancing to music from different cultures.

Last weekend we celebrated Anzac Day and the children enjoyed learning and participating in many craft activities.

As the weather is changing, please be reminded to send along a jumper, shoes and socks, as well as a small blanket for your child each day.

Dates to remember:

Monday 2nd May : Public Holiday

Sunday 15th May : Mother's Day

Monday 16th May : Road safety week

Wednesday 8th June : Photo Day

I would like to also remind parents of our illness and exclusion policy which we have to keep all our children and staff healthy. Please do not bring your child to day care when they are unwell. If your child has any of the below symptoms, please keep them at home for at least 24 hours after their last symptoms.

This includes:

  • -a continuous runny nose or green mucus
  • -consistent cough
  • -Fever of 37.6 or above
  • -Vomiting
  • -Diarrhoea
  • -Unusually tired or lethargic
  • -Discharge from eyes

Please be aware that if your child presents to day care with these symptoms, they will be sent home as to keep other children from catching these germs and to keep all children and staff illness free. 

"Children, educators and other staff who are unwell should stay home from education and care services. Even if they do not have a condition that requires exclusion, the best place for an ill child to rest and recover is with someone who cares for them.[3]"