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August Newsletter

Firstly a huge welcome to all of our new families. We are very much looking forward to getting to know you all.

We have had some very exciting additions to our centre over the last month. The children are enjoying our new garden beds. Some of the children loved planting the seedlings, and each day many of the children enjoy watering them. We have some carrots and tomatoes, as well as basil, oregano and parsley. Thank you also to one of our families for bringing us some broccoli plants to add to our vegetable gardens. We have also started a worm farm. Each day the children have been collecting banana skins and feeding them to our worms.

We have had some amazing results in our survey we put out. We thank everyone for taking the time to do the short survey. We asked the question about whether you would like the centre to provide food for a small extra cost per day. Thus far, the results indicate that 75% of our parents would like us to provide food daily. The survey will close at the end of the week for everyone who has not yet completed it. Thank you also to everyone for your feed back. It is really important to us, so we can always improve and provide a better service to you and your families.

We are looking at creating a mud kitchen outside for the children. If anyone has any old pots and pans they are no longer using, we would love for you to donate them. Please no rust. We are holding a small fun competition for the children to guess how many lollies are in the jar. $3 guesses for $1. The person who guesses the exact number or the closest number, wins the lolly jar. The lolly jar will be on the front counter.

Our centre is also planning to have a community book drop. If anyone has any preloved children's books they are willing to donate, we would greatly appreciate them. The children love our new story telling area, and we are hoping to expand our library with kind donations.

Just a friendly reminder to all parents, in the mornings, please deliver your child to a staff member. It is essential to ensure staff are aware you are dropping off your child. This is also essential in the afternoon. Please ensure staff are made aware you are taking your child for the afternoon, as often there are messages which may need to be passed onto you. Your child's safety is paramount and we want to make sure all families understand this when dropping off and picking up children. 

Please don't forget to like us on Face book.

We would firstly like to welcome our new friends Imogen, Reuben and Jonathan to our Nursery room and we look forward to getting to know you and your families and especially the fun times ahead.

Our children in the Nursery have been very busy enjoying painting and collage. The finger painting was definitely the favourite, as well as sponge painting. We have been focusing on developing many skills throughout our program. For example self feeding, sitting, tummy time, and even some walking. We have also had to say goodbye to Lewis, who has recently moved up to the toddler room. We are very proud of him and wish him the best as he embarks on the next journey in the toddlers room.

Winter is in full swing with many chilly mornings and cold evenings. Please remember to pack warm clothes for your child.

Until next month,

Jothi and Cecilia 

Welcome to another fantastic month with the toddlers. Firstly we would like to welcome Amelia and Lewis who has transitioned from the nursery. We hope your time with us is enjoyable! (Identity -11.1 builds secure attachment one and one than more familiar educators, LO1.1children feel secure safe and sufforted.

Last month we showed a lots of interest in sea animals and enjoyed participating in lots of activities. Everyone enjoyed paintings, drawing and collaging all of the different sea animals. All the children joined in on the discussions about the animals. We were all good at being able to name the sea animals and then with help from our teachers we were able to learn some of other facts about them too.

In the toddlers room, our children have been having fun doing a balancing course which is setting the children to work on their gross motor skills as well as their balancing skills. After doing the balancing course, we encouaged the children in going for a run around the fort.

Also we will continuously encourage children learning of numbers as well as the alphabets for our numeracy and literacy part of the program LO4.2, LO4.3.

In our room, we have been doing lots of dancing and group activities as well.

A remainder to parents to spare pants and clothes the children.

Thanks for till next time.

Miss Kelly and Miss Bailee

Hello to all our junior kindy families. It's amazing we are already in August. Junior kindy welcomes some new friends – Jack, Sam, Luca and Ronan. We have also seen some of our friends move up to the senior kindy room. A big happy birthday goes out to Jude, Vivaan, Luca, Jack, Aleksa, Ari and Valerie. We hope you had a very special day.

At the moment, we have been focusing on counting from 0 – 10, shapes and colours. Our kindy children have also been doing a lot of cutting with scissors to further develop their fine motor and eye hand co ordination skills.

Our junior kindy room celebrated NAIDOC week with a variety of multicultural experiences. We loved using Miss Sam's Ramsticks as well as thunder musical instruments from the Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Culture.

Some very exciting news is that Miss Sam has added another pet to our room. His name is Mr mouse. He is a very cute little mouse. Our families will have the opportunity to take him home for the week end, and write a little story about your adventures with Mr Mouse. Please also take some photos and we can share your child's adventures with our friends.

Sam, Jasmine and Anu 

A big Hello from the Senior-Kindy room

I would like to extend a huge welcome to Miss Cecelia who has been working in our room with us, the children love having her friendly and familiar face around, especially the junior kindy children who have been transitioning into our class.

This past month we have seen our self-help skills progress enormously, most of us can now make our beds unassisted and show pride in the great efforts they have achieved. We have also seen the children show increasing respect for their environment and the world around them, by watering the gardens and cleaning up the sad around the sandpit.

As we are coming into Ekka season we will start to incorporate show games and farming into our program, as well as following on the interests of the children with the marble run, home corner cooking experiences, and arts & crafts.

Thanks for a great month

Miss Casey and Miss Ceceila 

Welcome to our next edition of the newsletter, I cannot believe it is August already. Firstly, I would like to welcome our new friends Brianna and Mia to preschool as well as Avy who has transitioned up, they have settled in well and are beginning to make great friendships. The pre-schoolers are doing well in welcoming their new friends and showing them the ropes.

Just a reminder to always ensure your child has a hat, jumper and water bottle every day, although it warms up during the day, some of the children still feel the cold and need a jumper for outside play. Hats are a must as we are promoting sun safety and setting the children up for a positive future in their health and safety.

Onto what we are learning, our current interest is Space. The children are showing great curiosity in learning what Space is all about, we have been exploring planet Earth (where we live) and the moon. We are discussing rockets that take off from Earth and fly through Space to various destinations. We have been learning about astronauts in Space, what they do, how they eat and go to the toilet, the children find this very interesting. Over the next week, we will explore this further by learning about stars, constellations, who or what lives out in Space and the various planets in our solar system.

We have continued to explore our numeracy though rote counting 1-10 but we have added a new interest where we count to 10 in English, Spanish and Farsi (the home language of one of our children). The children are taking to this very well and show confidence in repeating the words and learning the languages.

We continue to practise writing and tracing our names, some of the children are beginning to write their own names without any help so to extend and challenge them further, we are learning how to spell our names. We continue to explore activities relating to our letter of the week and the children are doing well in remembering which letter we are learning at any given time.

Lastly, we have enjoyed a visit from Jaydah's kittens, the children learned about how to take care of them and loved just having a pat and hold. We have also been feeding our worms banana skins and watching them eat. Miss Sam brought in her pet mouse for us to have a look at and hold, the children think the mouse is wonderful and on the 21st August, we will have the Henny Penny experience so the pre-schoolers will be learning about the life cycle of a chicken as well. Lots of activities coming up to explore and have fun with.

Thanks for another wonderful month.

Miss Savannah. 



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