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August newsletter

We have had a very busy and exciting few weeks at kindy. The children have absolutely loved helping the staff create our vegetable and herb garden. The children helped dig the soil and plant the seedlings, and now the children are learning and watching the plants grow as they take care of them.

Thank you to all the Fathers and special friends who came yesterday and enjoyed celebrating father's day with us. This was a very special afternoon for the children sharing stories and having afternoon tea with their special guests. This was such a fun afternoon and we thank you again for sharing it with us.

This week and next week, we have such a wonderful opportunity in that we have the Henny Penny Hatching Program. Today the children learned what 'Pipping' is. This is when the chick inside the egg starts to crack the egg and starts to break the shell to hatch and then some of the children saw a little chick hatch from it's shell. This was such a wonderful learning experience for the children which inspired many questions and discussions.

 Nursery Newsletter 

Children: A Precious Trust

As Educators, we try and have a learning environment that is stimulating for all children in our care. The month of august was no exception with many different experiences enjoyed by our Nursery class. They have experienced many different art activities, which included painting, drawing, and exploring with different sensory items also working on their fine and gross motor skills.

Our Nursery friends are beginning to use their imagination in play in the home corner. This month we had dolls in the home corner, we added more utensils in the home corner. Nursery friends pretending to cook up with the help of the educators, they are spending more time in the home corner.

This month we have 2 new babies started in the nursery; we are trying to build secure relationship with them through play. We are also building relationship with the parents, asking them to be involved in the learning. Some parents are providing the information's about what they did over the weekend or what their children's like and dislike so we can add into our programming.

We are setting up more sensory experience to explored senses, so the children can be familiar with different texture through play. Also setting up experiences to work on their fine motor skills like building blocks, playing with puzzles and shapes sorter experiences.

In the nursery we are encouraging children to be independent this young age, we are encouraging them to feed themselves, hold milk bottles and hold drink water. The children who are more than one year, we are encouraging them to work on their gross motor skills so they can learn to walk.


One of our virtues at Little Darling is encouraging all children to have confidence. Whether it be digging in the sandpit, climbing over the obstacle course, working on gross or fine motor skills, building relationship with peers, or using imagination play in home corner.

Confidence also plays a big part in using their self- help skills -: to feed themselves and washing hands independently. Most of our friends showing confidence and curiosity to learn new things.

Confidence is a big part of learning to converse with peers. I am so lucky to have wonderful educator in Nursery, to help the children learn different ways of communicating. We are singing songs and reading books everyday to help our friends learn these skills.

Thank you so much.

Miss Muditha and Miss Sharan

 In our toddler room, we have been very busy growing and learning. We would like to welcome our new families in to the room we are very excited to have you all join us in our toddlers room. We have been particularly interested in sensory play and have been experimenting with and exploring goop, shaving foam and finger painting, water beads and playdough. This has given the children an opportunity to use their senses as we have explored the different textures.

The children have been spending a bit more time outside with the weather being so beautiful. We have been setting up the outside play area where we have been practicing our gross motor skills. We have loved running, kicking and also climbing. The children have also been developing their spatial awareness.

We have loved exploring our outdoor learning space especially the children have also been involved in caring for our new vegetable garden. They love watering the plants daily. We have embedded this into our daily practise so that the children are getting familiar and staying in touch with nature.

The children are developing bonds with their friends and these friendships are developing as they grow and learn together. The children have been practising taking turns, supporting each other and of course waiting.

A reminder to parents to bring spare clothes for the children.

Thanks you

Miss kelly and Miss Jessie.

Hi to all our families and carers. We are happy to give you update about what has been happening here in the Junior Kindy Room!

This month we welcomed two new friends: Katrina, Hrisha, Hannah and Elena who have been doing great in their first few weeks in our room.

This month of August we have started on our book theme with "Dear Zoo" book activities and we have enjoyed learning all about the zoo animals we may find in the zoo through art and craft and creating the zoo scenario with natural resources. The children have loved exploring the zoo and we have many more exciting activities planned for the rest of the month!

Parents have also given a tremendous response in sharing their child's favourite book with us. Thanks parents for the inputs as we are choosing these books to read with children during group time.

Dramatic play is also very popular in the room as they can express their feeling and emotions through it. The Children have also taken an interest in our sensory activities where they can enjoy and explore the different texture and getting their hands dirty.

In Junior Kindy Room, children are hard at work learning important social skills as it helps them make friends, learn from others and develop hobbies and interests. Social skills give them a sense of belonging and can improve your child's mental health and overall quality of life. Each new skill lets them progress to the next one, building on a foundation that leads to more complicated tasks. They always want to do more, which can motivate them to keep trying until they acquire a new skill, no matter what it takes.

We are very happy to share that many of our children have started toilet training or showing interest in sitting on the toilet when their peers do! We have found this to be a great way to encourage toilet training - if they are sitting next to their friends on the loo.

The room has now been set up into different sections where the children have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities. If your child has any particular interests, please write it on the Parent Input board or discuss it with a staff member in the room so we can put these into our curriculum.

If you have any questions or queries about your child, please do not hesitate to speak to one of your educators.

Kind regards, 

 Hi parents

Hard to believe we are passed the halfway mark of the year. Senior Kindy have been very busy this month with a variety of learning activities. They have been engaging in the loose parts natural area. Where they have displayed very creative sides when using the natural loose parts to create pictures. Since moving home corner area, the children have been enjoying having more room to role play in where we also added multicultural costumes for them to explore. The children have enjoyed their outside time engaging in hide and seek with Miss Abbi and Miss Kiran. This has been a great learning opportunity for the children to work on their number and counting skills, though I do believe that some of them have been peeking as we go and hide.

We have set up a writing area in the room where the children will be encouraged to explore. Miss Kiran and I will be discussing a letter each week, and this will be incorporated in the writing area. We ask if you can assist your child in finding something they can bring in and share with the class that starts with the letter of the week. Welcome to Leo who has moved up to Senior Kindy.

Parents can we ensure your child has a hat, water bottle and a fitted and top sheet everyday and that these are all labelled.

Thank you, Miss Abbi and Miss Kiran from Senior Kindy.

At preschool we celebrated NAIDOC week with full zeal. The children were offered a range of learning activities to support children's understanding of NAIDOC week, and why it is celebrated each year with a different theme. We read books, danced to vibrant aboriginal music and did art and craft activities at preschool throughout the week. We all painted our own Aboriginal flags and got to understand the meaning and significance of its different colours. We also did some aboriginal patterning using the sand trays and glass crystals, as children made the patterns of a river, fish and snake.

Children in preschool engaged and enjoyed in their choice of learning activities extending their understanding of then rich cultural heritage of beautiful country Australia.

Literacy especially writing is the current interest of most of the children in the preschool space. It all started with children making plant name tags and extending to writing name tags for the water trolleys. We are researching and identifying with the children the areas/spaces and things where we can write name tags for everyone to read. This is another great opportunity to support children's literacy skills by connecting it their real world.

Lately we also introduced children's sign in sheets, giving them an opportunity to identify and write their names.

Another area of pre-schoolers learning interest has been continents, it started with the new world map puzzle. Pre-schoolers take turns work independently or in groups on this puzzle. The Educators are extending on it with a range of learning activities from exploring different animals on continents, educational videos and books. This will support children's understanding of the world they live in, to help build a strong identity and respect of diversity. 

Thank you Preschool Team

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