August Newsletter 2021

Winter is nearly at a close and the sun is shining and we are excited for the arrival of spring.

We have been very busy this month with the upgrades happening in our playground. Our yarning circle, our new deck, our swings and also our new grass have all been completed, and our soccer pitch and new car track should be finished in the next day or two. We are so grateful that this looks wonderful and the children are having so much fun exploring our new spaces.

This week we have had the Henny Penny Hatching program at the centre all week and they will also be here next week. The children have learned so much about the life-cycle of a chicken, and have loved watching the little baby chicks hatch out of their shell. The children have learned so much in the many planned experiences. We have all be so excited watching the children arrive each morning to check if any new chicks have hatched. The children have also been able to learn how to care for the chicks in helping to provide clean water and food daily, as well as learning how to be gentle with the chickens. We have all been very lucky to also be able to take turns in holding the chicks, and talking about how they feel etc.

This week was also science week, and the children have also been participating in many science activities as well as doing some science experiments with their teachers and class mates. One of the classes put a bunch of white daisies in a vase of coloured water. It was so exciting watching the flowers change colours as they sat in the water for a few days. The children have embraced many of the learning opportunities this week and have been so excited to participate in the experiments.

Next week we will be celebrating book week and are very excited for the children and teachers to come dressed as their favourite book character. We are looking forward to sharing special books together, as well as looking forward to the preschool children doing a performance for the rest of our children about their favourite book.

During September, we will also be having a visit from Fun Smiles Dental van. We are all keen for their show, teaching us about oral hygiene. We look forward to learning about brushing our teeth, and also about healthy foods. Please see the email via EDUCA to see if your family are eligible to have a free examination from the dentist which will be scheduled in a few weeks.

I have added some photos of our new playground and are excited for the completion of our soccer pitch and bike track.

As spring creeps up on us, please remember to pack your child's hat daily, as well as a water bottle.