February Newsletter 2021

We would like to welcome all of our beautiful new families to our centre and hope you have settled in well. We are very excited that you have joined our family and are looking forward to getting to know your family better also. Please ensure that each morning and afternoon you sign your child in and out, as well as confirming any absences on the ipad on your return. Also please do not forget to accept the invitation to EDUCA which is our online app where each day our educators will post stories and photos about your child's day. They will also post learning stories, as well as important information from the office will also be posted here for all families.

By now, everyone has all be given their new code for our new security system. This is working well and we are very grateful for the upgrade.

Our biggest celebration this month was the Lunar new year celebrations which everyone become involved in and we had a wonderful time learning about different cultures and their celebrations. Many of the children made traditional decorations including fans and lanterns. The senior kindy room made scrumptious dumplings to share and Motoki loved making spring rolls for everyone for morning tea. A HUGE thank you goes to Mymy who spent many tireless hours decorating our centre with decorations she had brought from China, and also thank you again to Mymy for the special Luna New year gifts she made for the children on the day. The day was filled with celebrations, fun and laughter and we all had a great day.

We also want to thank the very talented author Kim Foale who came to our centre and read her new book "Adventures in Amelbria" to some of our children. Our senior kindy and preschool children loved listenng to the story telling and we are all so grateful to Kim for sharing her time with our children. If you would still like to order a copy of her book, please let me know.

In a week or so, you will start to notice some changes happening around our centre. We are having our centre painted which is very exciting. Gone will be the yellow walls and blue doors, which were definitely a modern in their time. You will notice that the staff will slowly be removing all the art work and everything from the walls of the centre. The painting will be going ahead on the weekends, so there will be no disruption to the care and daily routine of our day. The staff will move the furniture on a Friday afternoon, and it will all be back in its place Monday morning to start the week ahead.

Please don't forget each day to bring your child's hat, water bottle, sheets and spare clothes.

We are also continuing to offer extra-curricular activities at our centre.

This year we are continuing to offer Happy Feet dance and drama classes, as well as the Ginger Sport Soccer program.

Each of these classes are an extra fee of $12 per week. If you are interested in your child joining in on these classes or having a free trial, please let us know or go online to register.


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