January 2021

Happy new year everybody. Welcome back to a brand new year full of wonderful new opportunities.

We wish everyone good health and happiness to you all and all your families, and a fabulous 2021.

We have had a great start to the new year and firstly wanted to wish a huge welcome to all the new families whom have joined us at little darlings.

Please make sure you have been signed up to EDUCA, and please let the staff know if you are having trouble seeing the stories daily when your child is at the centre.

We have started off our new year with installing our new security system. It is up and running and the transition has been very smooth which is great, however, I apologise if your number has not worked over the course of the transition. Thank you for everyone for your patience.

This is also the time of year many of our children transition to their new rooms for the year ahead. The teachers are very excited and are busy making new lockers and setting up their rooms.

Our teachers are also excited about their transitions to their new rooms and are just as keen for what lies ahead.

Sign in and out

It is ESSENTIAL that every morning and afternoon, you sign your child in and out. This is a legal requirement from the government and we ask that everyone, please continue to remember daily.

Room Educations for 2021

Nursery – Jothi and Cecilia

Toddlers – Kiran, Mymy and Muditha

Junior Kindy – Shweta, Balli and Jie

Senior Kindy – Jamie and Amu

Preschool – Charu, Anu and Bailee

Cook – Motoki

Float – Rinal, Raisa, Phuong, Suganya and Foram

What to bring every day

  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sheets
  • Spare clothes

Preschool Program

If your child is in the preschool room this year, and they are eligible for the Kindergarten approved program, please ensure you return the form the staff have handed out, as well as brought your child's birth certificate. If you have a Health CARE or Pension Concession card, please also show staff who will photocopy this for you. We need these forms, as we can apply for an extra discount from the government which will be deducted from your fees.

Extra Curricula activities

This year, we are continuing to offer Happy Feet dance and drama classes, as well as the Ginger sport soccer program each week.

Each of these classes are an extra fee, and if you are interested in having your child have a trial, please let us know and we will arrange this.

We are very excited for a fantastic year ahead and are looking forward to the many adventures together in 2021.


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