June Newsletter 2021

Where have the last 6 month gone? Winter has definitely arrived and we have had some very chilli days. You may have noticed our winter routines are in full swing with our children spending the mornings inside when it is cooler and going outside when it warms up.

Please don't forget to pack a jumper for your children, as well as shoes and socks.

We are very excited about our upcoming renovations. The anticipated state date is the 12th July 2021. There will be 3 stages, which will each take approximately 1 week with the completion date being 3 weeks from commencement therefore the 30th July our playground should be completely renovated. We are having ALL of our surface upgraded with new artificial grass, along with all new soft fall pads underneath. We will be putting in a Yarning Circle, and are also very excited to see the addition of a soccer pitch. We will also be adding a new bike track, as well as having new swings which will replace the old ones. We are also very keen for the addition of a new deck which will be built alongside the sandpit. As all of our families are connected to the EDCUA site we will post updates on here as they are required. Due to the amount of yard that is being renovated we have had to implement Morning and Afternoon Routines that will be used to ensure all of the children still get allocated time outside during the renovations. These routines will be available on the room doors. Moving forward our Emergency Evacuation Procedure will need to change therefore with consultation with London Fire and Safe we have made changes to our Emergency Evacuation Procedure. Our Main Assembly Point will now be located in the carpark, previously the Assembly Point was on Hertford Street, however this has been identified as an area that is not practical during this period. Please familiarise yourselves with the new Emergency Evacuation Procedure that is located near all of our Exits throughout the Service. We are all so excited and would like to thank everyone ahead of time for your patience and understanding whilst this work is being completed.

Please ensure you have confirmed and updated your details have been updated with centrelink. If you got child care subsidy (CCS) for the 2018 – 19 or 2019-20 financial year, you must confirm your income. Most parents have already done this. If you haven't, please do it now. Wven if you have told the Australian Taxation Office you don't need to lodge, you still must confirm your income with centrelink.

June has also seen the start of our winter menu. Please have a look at the menu which is displayed in the foyer and also on Educa.

Dates to Remember :

Monday, 5 July – Friday, 9 July - NAIDOC Week (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) NAIDOC is a time to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements and is an opportunity to recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and society.

Monday 12th July – 30th July – Playground renovations

Friday, 23 July – Pyjama Day. Come dressed in your PJ's.

Monday, 26 July – Crazy Hair Day. Come in your crazy hairstyles.

Friday, 30 July - National Tree Day. The children will participate in gardening activities.