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Little Darlings News

We have had a very busy month here at little Darlings, and before you know it, it will be Christmas. We all had a wonderful time celebrating the Diwali Festival. Thank you very much to all the parents who came and supported this wonderful event. The children loved being involved in the play and the staff especially loved the dancing. Please take time to look at all the photos on the wall of our special evening.

We have started our summer menu, which I have emailed all the families. The menu is also displayed on the wall in the foyer and also in the rooms. Please feel free to have a look at our menu and any feedback is welcome.

Please ensure all families have returned their Re-enrolment Forms for 2019. We would love to have these forms back as soon as possible.

As the weather heats up, please ensure your child brings a hat and water bottle to school daily. Also, please ensure your child has a change of clothes, as often the children will enjoy water play.

A big hello to all our nursery families and welcome to our new children and their families - Kaley, Nate, Finley, Ari and Hunter have joined our happy family. They have settled in and are enjoying their new routines and friends. Some of our older children have been practising their nurturing skills with the new little ones by patting them gently, slowly bouncing the rockers and singing to them. Cameron has been slowly transitioning to the toddler room and is now a full-time toddler, joining some of his old mates Elijah, Simon and Jordan.

This month we have two birthday boys - Henry and Alfred, who are turning one. Halloween was a fun dress-up and sensory day. Our children are given the opportunities to challenge their sensory awareness, developing confidence along the way. Some of our favourite sensory play activities are water, shaving cream, slime, paint, sand and gluing.

We are excited with Christmas right around the corner.

Thank You - Sam and Jothi.

 Welcome to another fantastic month with the toddlers.

Firstly we would like to welcome Viaan, Evelyn, Honore and Myron. We have been working on dental health through activities and craft, also at group time we discuss why and how we brush our teeth, we have enjoyed painting with tooth brushes, we used the paint to represent the tooth paste and the white paper to signifies brushing out teeth day and night.

Using posters to learn about healthy meals and good oral hygiene, we sing songs about our teeth this way it encourages the children to brush their teeth, and reading books about the dentist.

We have been exploring and learning about different occupations, including nurses caring for the dolls, police roll play, posting letters, learning about different transport and numbers through books and flash cards.

Also we have been having more play time outside as the weather has been lovely, we have been practising out skills of walking, running kicking climbing and developing friendships, taking turns support each other, our waiting skills and laughing together.

We have been taking a particular interest in sensory play and have been experimenting with and exploring finger painting, shaving foam and rice play, shredded paper play.

Transition time we have been learning how to put our shoes and hats on to go outside, getting our own bottles before sitting at the table for morning tea, we are also encouraging the children to work together in groups and using our senses to explore. we as looking forward to Halloween and seeing every one's outfits, we are working on Halloween craft and activities as it gets closer to Halloween.

Just a friendly reminder to name all your children's belongings, and to not leave any plastic bags or medication in children's bags as it can cause suffocation and if a health risk.

Thank you!

Miss Kelly and Miss Bailee

 Welcome to another month in Junior Kindy room. We have had number of new children start in our room over the last months and we are so happy how they have settled into the room and routine. We love seeing them get more comfortable with their peers and us and seeing their wonderful personalities.

Junior Kindy love to explore new sensory materials. Recently, the children have been experimenting with paints, soil, sand, water, clay, rice, water beads, leaves, and scrap paper and play dough to stimulate their sensory skills. The children are learning through early exploration of the senses and are acquiring skills with problem solving, language development, cooperative and collaborative play as well as eye hand coordination.

We are also working with children to develop their self help skills which enables them to put their shoes on independently. We always ask them to try first and we are always there to help them out. The children are also learning to pick up their toys and to assist the educators in the daily transitions washing hands, packing away, putting their hats and water bottles away at the right spot. We also set up sunscreen station to encourage them to put sun screen on before transitioning outside. During group time sessions, I am also encouraging children to recognize their names from name cards and they are also motivated to point at their friends and tell their names so that they can recognize them who they are and also their friends.

During last term, we focused on sustainability namely recycling. The children have responded and have shown great interest in protecting their environment. To further our sustainable practices, we used the card board boxes for drawing and for making a train in which children had fun rides.

We would appreciate any feedback or parent input into our curriculum. Please feel free to speak with any our educators within the room if you have any suggestions.

Junior Kindy Educators: Shweta, Cece and Mymy.

Our senior Kindy children are having fun participating in many learning experiences that relate to summer. We have been creating a collage and doing lots of painting. We also learned about healthy and unhealthy foods. During group time we had lots if discussions about healthy and unhealthy foods. The children especially loved making a salad bowl with different fruits. 

With the hot weather coming we are planning lots water play. So far, we have enjoyed setting up different coloured containers with different animals. We will be teaching the children about sun safety by talking to the children about the importance of wearing sunscreen and to slip on a long sleeve top and always wear hat outside. We also will be teaching them the importance of drinking lots of water, so please ensure that every day, your child brings a water bottle.

We will also be exploring different sensory play through different activities like playdough, slime, etc. The children like to express their imagination through art and craft, so we will be extending their learning and giving them opportunity to express their imagination through different art activities.
It would be greatly appreciated, if you can share with us any natural resources like pine cones, medium stones, shells, etc.

Your input for the curriculum is welcome, so please pass any suggestions onto us and this we can use to extend children's existing learning.


November already and the weather gets warmer and warmer. As we come into the hot part of the year, I need to remind all parents to ensure you bring a hat and water for your children each day. This is for their own health and well-being as well as teaching them responsibility. We will also be exploring more and more water play and the children will be getting their clothes wet, can you please ensure you bring a change of season appropriate clothes or two for your child.

In the past few weeks we have been exploring nature and animals, after those few weeks of rain we discovered many critters out in the yard. The children have been actively looking for them in the garden. We found a large amount of baby snails and this became a focus of ours for a week or two, the children have been using microscopes to explore the snails and we watched a few videos on YouTube, we even saw a giant snail that was bigger than the persons hand. We crafted baby snails and drew many pictures using our own imagination. Since the snails, we have seen various spiders, grasshoppers and 'bugs'. Furthermore, the children are learning how to care for the animals by looking and not touching, thus ensuring that we see them again in the future.

As we get towards the end of the year, we continue with our prep readiness and begin exploring which schools our friends are attending. We have been looking at uniforms and seeing all the different colours each school has. We have been exploring room guidelines and discussing what happens at big school, they also have room guidelines that need to be followed. We are revising our shapes and colours each day and continuing to practice writing our names. Everyone is getting so good at writing and recognising their names.

That is all from us for now, we look forward to the next few weeks to see where our learning takes us. If you have any questions or concerns, please come and talk to us.

Miss Savannah and Miss Jasmine



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