March Newsletter

Firstly, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all new children and parents who have started with us this term. We hope you are settling in and starting to feel like our place is your place. It is wonderful to also see our families connecting and building relationships with each other and our educators at our Centre!

We're collecting for Easter!

Easter is nearly here! Can you believe it?
As part of our involvement in the community, we'd like to give a little back. We are planning to collect easter eggs and make donations to the children's Hospital.
We're asking our families to donate an Easter Egg…The Donations will be collected at the Office or to any staff.

Soon it will be Easter and we will begin learning about this and engaging in Easter activities and crafts. The children are really looking forward to our egg hunt and Easter bonnet parade. More details about this will be announced when it gets closer.

School holidays
The School holidays are fast approaching and if you know you will be away during the holidays, please let us know. As many of you may be aware Miss. Anu will be on holiday until the End of May. She has gone to India to visit her family.

Our centre will be closed on all public holidays. 

Good Friday - 15th April

Easter Monday - 18th April

Anzac Day - 25th April

Labour Day 2nd May

Appropriate Clothing
As the weather is unpredictable, I would like to encourage all parents to provide warmer/summer clothing for the children, and enclosed footwear is recommended. Hats and water bottles are still required daily. Can you please label all belongings as this will lessen confusion. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the program, please don't hesitate to ask us.


Hello and Welcome to the Nursery in April!

Wow…We have had minimal tears and all our friends seem to be settling in very well to their new environment. We strive to follow each child's routine as close as possible to what occurs at home, especially where the babies are concerned. As the children grow, their routines will change as well as what they eat and drink, so if your child has any changes to their routine or diet, it is important to inform staff of these changes.

This month our room had lots of fun exploring their senses and experimenting with a range of experiences to support their fine and gross motor skills. They will be exploring ice to see how it feels and encouraged to make sounds during their play. Also, they were "squish", "squash", "squeeze", "shake", "pour" as well as manipulating a range of sensory bags and bottles filled with different sensory-based items.


Miss.Jojo, Miss.Cece


Hello Families…

Toddler children are learning through play and the use of educational toys. They are engaging in social interactions which helps children to learn by observing others. As they play together, they feel a sense of belonging and play is an important aspect of a child's overall development as it improves their intelligence and sparks creative thinking. Our children are engaging in quality play experiences that keep them engaged and enhance their learning.

Our toddlers begin to identify and readily recognize basic shapes and colours by pronouncing the right name and pointing to the right shapes on the books placed in the room as a constant reminder of their knowledge.

There are some exciting things happening in the room so stay tuned.
Till then you have a great time.

Miss.Muditha, Miss.Mymy

Junior Kindy

What an amazing month in the classroom!

We have had some great feedback from parents regarding their children's developmental milestones. This information has been valuable for me to better establish where the child needs assistance in their growth and implement that information to build challenging individual plans. Then implement these activities into the daily workings of the room.

This month has been very busy for all Junior Kindy children. This month we focused on children's health and Hygiene. Children learned about healthy eating through various activities. This activity also helps them to be responsible for their own health and hygiene. Then our learning extended to children's inner bodies and learning about a healthy body. We talked about the importance of different healthy food. How different fruits and vegetables are important for particular body parts. Currently, we are in the process of learning the lifecycle of a butterfly.

Big hugs from your Junior Kindy room team

Miss.Krish, Miss.Balli & Miss.Raisa

Senior Kindy

What a term we have had!

It has been fantastic to see the focus in the room, and how we have learned in leaps and bounds. I am excited to welcome the rest of our older Junior Kindy cohort who moved up recently.

Over the last few weeks, we have been putting emphasis on teaching shapes and patterns to help our children to describe the world around them by sorting, classifying, and describing these noticeable attributes.

We have done a lot of work on social and emotional development, encouraging the children to work as a team, use words when talking to their peers, and share. This is the age to encourage appropriate language skills and use their words to communicate. Building on language skills and boundaries supports your child to become an independent and confident little person.

Looking ahead to maths, our focus is to have a comprehensive knowledge of the numbers 1-10. While I know all of the children can rote count to 10, having an understanding of the amount is a little trickier, but it is definitely a useful skill. We will also work towards smaller group times and individual learning to make sure your children are progressing as expected.

I also want to just take a moment to thank the wonderful families that have been in the room with me for the last three months. Teaching your children brings me joy, and your support and participation make it all the better.

You are all wonderful!



Hello families and welcome to another month.

I truly cannot believe we are in April already!

This month we explored volcanoes which were really cool. We discussed what volcanoes are and what makes them explode. The children made volcanoes in the sandpit. The children made volcanoes from playdough and then used vinegar, bi-carb soda, and some red food dye to make the volcanoes "explode". This then led to an interest in dinosaurs. Venturing into the world of dinosaurs the children discovered "Dinosaur Land". Here the children were able to explore an interactive play space. The room was set up as a play space where the children could engage with. Using the space, the children were introduced to a variety of fun and interesting activities including "We're Going on A Dinosaur Hunt", Dinosaur habitats and dinosaur shapes We discussed different types of dinosaurs and Miss April demonstrated to the children how the dinosaurs move through mime.

We have been working hard on the environment in our room, continually updating our learning wall and our learning spaces, all with the children's input and guidance, as I am a huge advocate and believer that the children are the centre of the curriculum, they drive the kindergarten program and I deliver it. This creates a sense of belonging and importance for the children which is vital for the children to be able to fully enjoy their learning environment.

Please remember that the Kindy door is always open, no question is too big or too small and the children would love to have you in the room if you have a spare morning.

Till Next Month,

Miss.April, Miss.Jothi