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March Newsletter 2020

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What a crazy month we have just had. Firstly thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and encouragement daily. Our staff are working very hard and we can assure you that we doing our very best to ensure the health and safety of all the children at our centre. Thank you to all the parents who are  helping us to prevent any spread of infections, by following our new safety precautions. Also thank you also to the parents who are abiding by the rules of not bringing sick children to our centre. Please also keep checking your EDUCA for updates and information as we get it from either the QLD education department or the Health Department. If you cannot access your EDUCA, please let me know immediately as this is a great tool for up to date information.  

Please be aware that day to day, we are getting new information and also finding new restrictions on many things we took for granted. Sometimes our menu will have to change due to items we are unable to source. The menu is always up in the foyer and any changes are always displayed. Also we are limiting the amount of time you stay at drop off and pick ups, as well as where parents stand in the foyer when lining up to sign in and out for the day. Also please ensure you are using the hand sanitizer on arrival and departure.

We offer vacation care at our centre, so if there are any families who are in need of extra support or care during the holidays, please  let us know and we would be happy to help you out. 

With Easter just around the corner, our children are very excited for a week of fun Easter activities. Our centre will be closed on all public holidays.

As you have probably already heard by now, on Thursday 2nd April the Australian Government introduced some new changes to help families. Our services are available at no charge from Monday 6th April 2020. This is because parents will no longer need to pay a gap fee from this date until further advised by the Federal Government. Please call me if you have any questions regarding these new changes.

If anyone is needing support of any kind, please let us know as we are always here to help our beautiful families.

First of all, I would like to thank all the families to help us in this situation appreciating to keep enrolling. The World Health Organization has announced that COVID-19 is a pandemic. We can all help slow the spread of COVID-19 in Australia.

To protect others you must:

practise good hygiene

practise social distancing

follow the limits for public gatherings

understand how to self-isolate if you need to

We changed our room around to make more space in the room; we created a jungle area with animals, wooden logs and fake grass. Outside in the verandah, we set up the home corner and set up more activities to demonstrate gross motor skills. The children were delighted and excited to see new toys.

I value and appreciate all the families who contributed to their ideas in the learning. The first project that the children have been learning about shapes this term. The children have been busy learning about the different types of shapes through different activities.

The children showed an interest in reading books and singing songs, they are also learning to sit in the group.

 also going to start another music project to see their interest in music; they love to play with musical toys. I am also trying to involve parents; I am always trying to talk to the parents if the can give me many ideas to improve and participate in our learning.

I am talking to parents about how I can improve in the Nursery. Also, I am getting information whats their likes and dislikes.

We will make sure, we are providing the best care in our centre, we build a relationship with families and children. I would like to thank our lovely management for having faith in me also everything they do for this centre.

Thank you, Chrisanne for being and being so kind and supportive.

Sharandeep Sahota. 

 Good morning everyone.

I'm Phuong and am the newest Toddler Group Leader and Bailee is my assistant. During these tough times I hope that all families are staying safe and healthy. We are exercising high levels of hygiene as well keeping our room fun and still providing educational programs for the Toddlers. In the last few weeks, the Toddlers have been enjoying learning about the body parts and we have especially been focusing on how we can cough in our elbow.

This month, the children were also learning about worms. The toddlers loved to visit and feed the worms, and they were also enjoying learning to look after the garden by watering our plants.

The toddlers love food, and this last month, during morning tea times, the children were learning about Nutrition. We have a great time focusing on fruit and healthy foods. The toddlers even helped prepare the morning tea, by using the plastic knife to cut the watermelon and pears for their morning tea. It was so good that they all were saying "thank you or please" when they were asking something from others. This also was a great learning opportunity to take turns and share.

From Phuong and Bailee 

Hello, Little Darlings families and friends. Wow, what a crazy few weeks we have had! Our children have been very busy out in the garden watering plants and vegetable garden in the morning and exploring the environment, searching for bugs in the garden, creating masterpieces of art while enjoying water painting and playing role play games with each other.

Junior Kindy has also been working hard on their colours and shapes recognition during the past few weeks. I have introduced a memory game for the children where we used flash cards at group time which not only encourages children to label and recognize the colours and shapes but also develop their recall memory skills. We have also practised our fine motor skills through colour sorting activity using tongs to pick up the coloured pom poms. Children were also exposed to different types of shapes through various art & craft and painting activities.

Children were engaged in another source of great enjoyment and that is building with different types of blocks. Our children love to build with blocks and create different objects with their friends and teachers. Blocks are open-ended play materials as there is no right or wrong way to build with them. Sometimes children start with an idea of what they want to make. The creations built in blocks are often reminiscent of things they have seen, and so they will begin to name what they build: a house, road or railway train.

We are also focusing on developing children's health and physical well-being by teaching them the proper way to wash hands and discuss healthy foods too.

Just a friendly reminder to all parents to please make sure that you to pack sheets, hat, drink bottles and spare clothes with their names on it.

Thanks, Junior Kindy Staff. 

March 2020

Senior Kindy

Hello to all of our families

The weeks are passing by so quickly at the moment and it has been lovely to see that the children are interacting well and building friendships with others. On a daily basis we see children sharing and taking turns, negotiating roles, expressing their ideas and rules of play, showing empathy for a friend who may be upset by something or who may have hurt themselves, offering assistance to someone, organizing a home corner play for their friends and so forth.

Various activities are associated with many benefits, one of which is developing their skills and abilities through play. Our children improved their capabilities in co-operation, communication, and problem-solving when they were playing in different learning spaces. Moreover, the children have provided the opportunity to enhance their understandings of Aboriginal arts and culture by making Aboriginal style symbols on the sand tray. It allowed our children to build upon their respect for diversity and understanding of cultural differences. They improved their imagination and fine motor skills when they were using different materials to create their artworks.

Also, the children have explored their knowledge and experience of science by doing a few experiments at group time. Since children are hands-on learners, and the world around them provides so many natural opportunities, interacting with their environment can support their intellectual development. During the experiments, the children considered questions and made predictions for the results. They were able to talk with their peers about what they are thinking and why do they think so. It was a great time for the kids to practice their abilities to express their thoughts as well as listening to each other. All children were active and excited to have a turn for expressing their ideas and doing the experiment. Therefore, doing different engaging science activities that are related to literacy and numeracy will be provided for our children to discover and learn in the following month.

We are looking forward to an exciting April at Little Darlings, with lots of activities already planned.

Senior Kindy

Ms Jamie & Ms Kiran

 Hello Everyone! At preschool we have been busy developing our literacy skills as pre-schoolers are demonstrating a huge interest in writing their names. We have been trying writing letters on paper with pencils, tracing on sand trays and even with playdough. We will keep exploring literacy through different mediums.

We are also learning skills at holding and cutting using scissors as we cut out different shapes and pictures from old discarded magazines. Pre-schoolers love dancing we explored new songs for dancing such 'Freeze' 'Tooty tata' to add to their joy.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation we didn't get to see many of our friends as they are keeping safe with their families at home. However, it doesn't mean we missed out on our fun. We have been having outdoors picnic with our friends from different rooms at Little Darlings. We have been practicing skills to keep ourselves and others safe by practicing correct method of washing hands, catching our coughs and sneezes with our elbow or a tissue and discarding the tissue.

The children have been inquisitive about what viruses are and how they effect our health, we will be exploring more about them during the coming days with fun activities. We also learnt a new song on "Washing our hands". 



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