May Newsletter 2021

It's getting COLDER!! Winter is nearly here, and we get to enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons.

Our Painting has finished and the centre looks amazing. We are also very excited to let everyone know that we will be renovating our outside yard! We are bursting with excitement at the amazing spaces which will be create in our refurbishment. All of the grass will be replaced and we will get a beautiful new surface. We will also be getting a new deck coming off our sandpit. A yarning circle will also be created in our space, as well as a new soccer pitch. New swings will be installed as well as all new soft fall around our existing forts.

Plans are in the process and I will share them as soon as they are complete. I will also be sharing our risk management plans, and all the answers to many of the questions you have. We will not at all compromise the safety of the children, and having such a huge yard, we will also be able to renovate in stages, which will also not compromise their outside play time. This project will not begin until mid July, after all planning is complete.

The children had a wonderful time preparing for our special mothers day afternoon tea celebration. Thank you very much to all our Mother's who were free to attend and share this special event with us all. The children loved baking treats, as well as creating their special gifts.

This week we will be celebrating Reconciliation week. We will all be learning and together celebrating Australia's first peoples. The children will be learning about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. We will be sharing stories, as well as doing different art activities together.

Please ensure that now the months are getting cooler and we are edging closer to winter, that each day you pack your child a jumper for the afternoons when it is cooler, and also pack a small blanket or rug for rest time. Please also ensure all items of clothing are named clearly!!

With the cooler months, colds and flus are also on the rise. Please ensure, that if your child is unwell, please do not send them to kindy. We need to keep all the children and staff safe as well as stop the spread of germs. Please exclude all children whom are unwell.