From The Director

Χαίρετε Families!!

Our months are flying by and we are already in March. I would like to thank all families for their patience over the last month with the work done at the centre and for helping your children to transition into their new rooms. Your educators have now settled into their classes and are eagerly getting to know your child/ren in their uniqueness. A huge welcome to all of the new families joining us and we are immensely proud of the children who have moved rooms and settled into their new environment with their teachers. A big thank you to all the educators for helping the transitions run as smoothly as possible.


Please ensure that you have all created a log in for Educa. If you have not, please ask me to re send you an invite. It is a really important platform for communication and where we will inform you of important events. You will receive daily stories of what your child has done for the day.

Water Bottle and HAT

Please send with your child a named water bottle and a hat daily.

We would love to hear your feedback Review
A huge thank you to those who have already given a Facebook and Google review. For those who haven't and would like to, we would love to have one. Make sure you like our Facebook page to see all our updates.

Training for our Educators

Our Educators have undergone a training in February on "Quality Area 1", which focuses on ensuring the educational program and practice for children in early childhood settings is stimulating and engaging resulting in enhancing Child's learning and development. Here at Little Darlings, we implement it in many ways, such as providing exciting experiences, individual reflections (allowing us to ensure continual improvement) etc. enabling your child to get the most out of their days in kindy.


Nǐ hǎo, Nursery parents!!

We welcome Levi and Maynard to our Room. Our babies have been exploring "Curiosity Approach" based activities. We have been exploring our sensory development through a variety of fantastic
experiences. They have been testing themselves physically with all kinds of climbing challenges, which has sometimes been a challenge for our teachers as well. Group activities such as peek a boo, water play, bubble play and nature play, were our main success where the children actively participated in these activities with lots of positive interactions and social skills.

Sachi has been working through her transition process into the Toddler room, it won't be long until she has established her bond with the teachers and peers.

Your say will help us enhance your child's learning. Any input that
you think will benefit your child, please let us know so we can incorporate it into our planning/curriculum model.


Namaste Toddler Parents!!

February is over and what an existing time we all had settling into
our routines and getting to know each other. Our toddlers are also doing so well in outdoors, where they are learning to keep their hats on and water bottles in the trolley. OUR MISSION IS ONGOING…

Firstly, we welcome Ellahi and Lilly into our room. They are settling
into our routine and are getting familiar with the educators, children and
environment. Our learning theme this month is focussing on shapes. You would have already seen our progress so far including the types of shapes we are currently exploring. Children are very excited each day passing by since we are we are now piecing together our big activity display. We can't wait to show everyone at the end of this month what we have been able to create.

Junior Kindy

Ayubovan Junior Kindy Parents!!

Although we had a few tears to start off the year, I am happy to say that the children have really started to settle in and make attachments with their Educators. The children have been able to pick up the room routines with ease and are transitioning well between activities. Over the last month we have spent our time focussing on self-identity, dental hygiene and transport. During this time, we have been able to get to know each child better, as we start to figure out their interests in order for us to design a program that works well for each child.

This month we have welcomed our new friends Harry, Sieana and Gurmaan to the Junior Kindy room. Over the next month, we will be engaging with a number of stories, dissecting and using them to inspire further learning. There will be lots of artwork, discussion and investigation, as we explore all elements of literacy.

Senior Kindy

Sata sri akala Senior Kindy Parents!!

We have been off to a flying start in Senior Kindy for 2022! It's great to see that all the children have settled in their new environment smoothly. We have enjoyed getting to know your child and finding out their interests and individual needs, as well as establishing goals with your family. Family partnerships are important to us, so please feel free to come and have a chat with Zam or I for anything relating to your child.

In Senior Kindy, a big focus has been on personal hygiene and self-care/help skills. We have been understanding the importance and correct methods of washing hands and brushing our teeth with a range of learning activities.

The children are also practicing making their own beds and putting on shoes with the focus of becoming more confident and independent.

Our Children have had a huge interest in insects and have been busy working together to catch bugs and spiders and observe them. We have seen some strong science concepts from a butterfly's lifecycle to exploring physics through experimenting with ramps and wheels. Children have learnt their healthy eating habits through "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" theme. We have been exploring our sensory development through a variety of fantastic experiences!


Kumusta Preschool Families!!

As always Preschool is a busy place, full of exciting learning. Over the past month we have seen some awesome literacy and mathematics work produced in the classroom. We would like to thank all of the lovely parents who contributed their inputs to make our program such a success.

This month we have been investigating under the context of "Self – identity" and "Insects". We will continue with this context of
learning throughout this month, incorporating a range of experiences and activities to reach this learning objective.

Our project started with the children looking at their names. We have been doing this daily in a range of different ways. We have used our names as a transitioning tool. We have painted, constructed our names using connectors and used name identification at group. It's so fantastic to see that in only a matter of weeks, children who didn't initially recognise their name are now very familiar with it. We also try to incorporate a range of early writing experiences, so that the children build strength in their fine motor skills and are able to practice holding their pencils to assist them in the writing process.

Few Reminders:

  • Water bottles and hats are a MUST for every day. Please ensure that you are sending your child with these each day and that they have been named.
  • Each child requires a sheet for sleep time regardless whether they sleep or not. Every child needs to rest to recharge their bodies.
  • We would welcome any pictures of your child with their important people in their lives to share with us to extend our learning.

Staff Profile:

Preschool Assistant: My name is Jothi Suresh. I have two kids, Rakesh 19 and Annam 14. We migrated from India in 2005 and have been living in Brisbane since then. I started working in childcare industry 9 years ago and I find my work extremely rewarding.

Junior Kindy Assistant: My name is Raisa and I'm in Australia since 2008. Though I have done my engineering I started to work in childcare as I enjoy working with kids. I have been working as a childcare educator since 2009. I hold a diploma in childcare and have completed 03 years at Little Darlings. I am a mother of 03 boys.

Nursery Assistant: I am Cecilia, migrated to Australia in 2011. I have two kids aged 06 and 03. I have been working at Little Darlings since 2012. My mother tongue is Mandarin and my kids are able to converse both in English and Mandarin.